Ghayyur Akhtar

Ghayyur Akhtar

Ghayyur Akhtar

Ghayyur Akhtar was a Lahore based theater, radio, TV, and film actor who started his artistic career in the 70s’ and worked on PTV for more than 30 years. Before his death, he was hosting a program ‘Lahore Lahore Hai’ from Radio Pakistan Lahore while his famous stage drama ‘Kut Katarian’ was being shown in Al-Hamra Hall. This article has everything about him, including Ghayyur Akhtar Biography.

Name:Ghayyur Akhtar
In Urdu:غیور اختر
Native Name :Ghayyur
Famous As:Actor
Profession:Actor, producer, director, screenwriter
Date:5th October 1945
Children:Usama Ghayyur Akhtar & Humza Ghayyur Akhtar
Date:7th February 2014
Cause of Death:Paralysis attack
Rest Place:Lahore
Occupation(s):Actor, Producer, Director
Award :Pride of Performance Award
Country:Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Presented by :Asif Ali Zardari
Other Award :Tamgha-e-Imtiaz Award
Country:Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Presented by :Prevez Musharraf
Started acting career:1964

Ghayyur Akhtar Biography

Due to his natural acting, he left an indelible mark of his art. He acted brilliantly in countless stage, radio, TV dramas and films. Because of his negative and aggressive roles, the audience gave him the title ‘Chaudary.’  He was a man with multiple skills and showed his skills in many art fields, including comparing, hosting, and acting.

In recognition of his artistic talent, the Government of Pakistan awarded him the Presidential Medal of Excellence on August 14, 2008.

Ghayyur Date of Birth

He was born on October 5, 1945, in Lahore.

Ghayyur Akhtar Family

His brother Zal Subhan was also a renowned artist, and his son Hamza Ghayyur is also trying to establish him in the world of entertainment.


Initial Career

His elder brother Zal Subhan introduced him to the theater, and he first appeared in a play by director Iqbal Affandi in 1970. However, the PTV drama serial Sona Chandi rose him to fame. In this drama, his dialogue Oho became famous.

Radio Career

In 1968 he started his career on radio and worked in different radio sections, including drama, documentaries. , comparing, and propaganda. He did compare a hit program ‘Sohni Dharti.’ In recognition of his radio services, he was declared as Radio Pakistan’s outstanding artist in 1998. He was the only artist who enjoyed rating in comparing and drama simultaneously.

Popular Dramas

His popular dramas include ‘Waris,’ ‘Bao Train,’ ‘Sona Chandi,’ ‘Khawaja & Son,’ ‘Rahain,’ ‘Pat Jhar,’ ‘Free Hit,’ ‘Ainak Wala Jin,’ ‘Jhak Sial,’ ‘Hawa Pe Raqs’ and ‘Afsar Bekar Khas.’

Film Career

He was also cast in several films by the late Shabab Kiranvi, but Akhtar soon returned to theater and TV dramas. His role as a jailer in the movie ‘Direct Hawaldar’ was well received.

Ghayyur Akhtar Death

He spent a paralyzed life for three years, and then one day on the sudden deterioration of his condition, he immediately admitted to the hospital. He was buried in Mian Mir Cemetery in the presence of hundreds of mourners. A widow and two sons survive him.

List of Stage Plays

  • Ab Kia Ho Ga
  • Aik Bili Teen Kabuttar
  • Aik Th Bilo
  • Ainakk waala Jinn
  • Andar Aana Mana Hei
  • Bat Samajh Mein a Gae
  • Best of Luck
  • Buddha, Trank Aur Boskii
  • Changaaiz Khan in Lahore
  • Dard Na Jaanay Koi
  • Dulhaa Yahaan Dulhan Kahan
  • Ganjjay Farishtay
  • Ham Sey Bhar Ker Kon
  • Hawwa Ke Betii
  • Hello Uncle
  • High Jump
  • Huqa Pag Tey Restaurant
  • Jahill Family Tey Mein 8th Pass
  • Janam Janam Ke Mailli Chadar
  • Junoon
  • Khataara 440 Watt
  • Qisa Aik Muhabbat Ka
  • Kut-Kutaarian
  • Laddan Pati
  • Lalay De Jan
  • Lotay Aur Lifaafay
  • Mein Khobsurat Hun
  • Mirza Ghalib Band Road Par
  • Muhabbat Iss Ko Kehte Hein
  • Mr. Bazigar
  • Naam Kay Nawab
  • Naya Makaan
  • No Chance
  • No Lift
  • Paisa Bolta Hei
  • Ratain Jaagti Hein
  • Shohar Bechaara
  • Suzi and Sandow
  • Tera Mundaa Bigaraa Jae
  • Thori Se Shararat
  • Tota Toop Chalaaye Ga
  • Waiting Room
  • Wife Taih Wohti
  • Ye bechaaray Log
  • Zarorat Rishta

List of TV Plays

  • Afsar Bekar E Khas
  • Ainak Wala Jin
  • Alif Lailaa
  • Ambar Maria
  • Bao Train
  • Bholaa Khanjjar
  • Chaan Buraa
  • Chacha Chauhdary Plus
  • Comedy Theatre
  • Din
  • Do Tokk
  • Double Sawaari
  • Farraib
  • Ghar Aya Mera Pardaisi
  • Gharaana
  • Hawaa Pey Raqqs
  • Inkaar
  • Jazaa Sazaa
  • Jheel
  • Khair Khawah
  • Khawwab Azab
  • Khawaja and Sons
  • Manzil
  • Munu Ke Kahaani
  • Muskuraahat
  • Nigaah
  • Pappu Plaza
  • Parwaaz
  • Pathjhar
  • Piyaas
  • Raahain
  • Ranjish
  • Saray Gamay
  • Sohail Clinic
  • Sona Chandi
  • Tarair
  • Waqat
  • Waris
  • Zanjeer
  • Zehar Baad

List of Shows

  • Sohni Dhartii
  • Lahore Lahore Aey
  • Punjab Rang
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