Fazalur Rehman

Fazalur Rehman

Fazalur Rehman

Fazalur Rehman is a former civil servant who worked as Sindh’s Chief Secretary and chairperson of the Trading Company of Pakistan. Presently, he is functioning as caretaker CM of province Sindh. The former CM of Sindh and opposition leader approved his name. This article has everything about him, including Fazalur Rehman Biography.

Name:Fazalur Rehman
In Urdu:فضل الرحمٰن
Famous As:Beaurocrate BPS-22 grade
Profession:Former Bureaucrat
Served in GOVT DC:Karachi West and Jacobabad
Finance Department:As Finance Secretary
Sindh Chief Secretary to 2010:From 2005 to 2007
As Chief Minister of Sindh:2nd June 2018
Governer:Muhammad Zubair
Proceded By:Syed Murad Ali Shah
Date:1st Dec 1950

Fazalur Rehman Biography

Fazalur Rehman Biography

Fazal is a retired BPS-22 grade bureaucrat who previously worked as Chief Secretary of Sindh and Chairman of Pakistan’s Trade Corporation. He was appointed caretaker CM of the Government of Sindh for general elections 2018. He performed his duties efficiently at all positions.

Fazal Date of Birth

He was born on December 1 1950.


Initial Career

In 1982, he entered the bureaucracy as a PAS officer. He got appointed as Warrah (Sindh) Assistant Commissioner. He also worked as Deputy Commissioner West from 1992-1994 and Deputy Commissioner Jacobabad until 1996. Moreover, he had been offered the post of caretaker of Sindh Cheif Minister in 2013, an opportunity that he didn’t accept.

Chief Secretary

He served as chief secretary Sindh twice between 2005-2007 and from 2007- 2010. He had done an excellent job of rehabilitating people affected by floods in the province during the 2010 worst floods in history.

Provincial Secretaries

He had served as regional secretaries for the Excise Dept, as finance secretary of the Finance Dept and other provincial departments.

Accountant General

He also performed as Accountant General of the Sindh.

Member of Selection Committee

He was a part of the committee set up to select the VC (Vice-Chancellors) of public universities in Sindh.

Oath as a Caretaker CM

Ex-Chief Secretary Sindh Rehman was sworn in as Sindh’s caretaker at the Governor Palace in Karachi on June 2 2018. Governor Mohammad Zubair supervised this oath according to the constitution’s Article 224. The provincial government and the leader of the opposition took this decision to name Rehman as caretaker CM.