Faraz Inam

Faraz Inam

Faraz Inam

Faraz Inam is a handsome and consummate Pakistani actor who is ruling the hearts of millions of people with his 2 characters as Captain Faraz. He currently resides in Dubai yet surprised everyone with his comeback in drama serial ‘Ehd e Wafa’ in 2019. This article contains all the information about him including Faraz Inam Biography, Faraz Inam Family and Faraz Inam Dramas.

Name:Faraz Inam
In Urdu:فراز انعام
Famous As:Actor
Alma Mater:LUMS
Debut Drama:Sunehray Din
Height:6 ft 1 inch
Awards :None
Date:9th October 1970
Spouse:Mariam Inam
Children:1 daughter 1 son
Parents:His father was PAF fighter pilot
Siblings :3 sisters

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Faraz Inam Biography

Faraz is one of those names from the Showbiz Industry that is hard to be forgotten. He is a Pakistani actor who just by playing 2 characters has made everyone his fan with his grace and charismatic personality for a lifetime. A 22 years old handsome man who never thought of joining Showbiz ever has given masterpieces to the people of every age group in the form of ‘Sunehrai Din’ and ‘Alpha Bravo Charle’. He fulfilled his dream of joining PAF by playing such characters in his series.

Faraz date of birth

He was born on 9th October 1970 in Rawalpindi. He grew up in various cities including Abu Dhabi, Karachi due to his father’s job who was in PAF. Currently, he lives in Dubai with his family and visits Pakistan once in a year.

Education of Faraz

Being the eldest child he was sensible since his childhood. He did his schooling from different cities of the world and ended his school from Pakistani School in Abu Dhabi in 1986. He had a dream of Joining PAF as an engineering cadet but due to his weak eyesight he couldn’t make her dream come true. Later he completed his B.com in 1991 and took admission to the university of central Punjab, Lahore and did his MBA by securing 2nd position. Afterward he did his 2nd MBA from LUMS university and got a job in Bank that he never thought about.

Faraz Inam Family

He was born into the house of fighter Pilot due to which he became more passionate about PAF. Being the only son and elder brother of 3 younger sisters he had the sense of maturity in him that became him very curious about his career choices. In 1998 he got married to Marium and went to Dubai and started a life there. The couple is blessed with a daughter and a son.


  • In 1992 during his studies, he got a role offer for the drama serial ‘Sunehr e din’ which he couldn’t say no because of his affection towards Armed forces. Despite his conservative family background his parents fully supported him until his studies get affected. With a single serial he got immense popularity and appreciation from everyone. After a few years he got a chance to play a role in another masterpiece ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ that was based on ISPR. The acknowledgment that he got with this role is for lifetime and people still remember him as Captian Faraz.
  • After this play he suddenly disappeared from the limelight and went to Dubai and started working in a firm as a banker but he made everyone impossible to forget him after his remarkable performance as captain Faraz. After 20 years in 2019 he is again back on the small screen in another pre-eminent role in drama serial ‘Ehd e wafa’ that is yet again a serial of ISPR and people are loving to see him back on screens after ages.

Faraz Inam Dramas

  1. Sunehre Din
  2. Alpha Bravo Charlie
  3. Ehd e Wafa