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Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia

Bano Qudsia was a Pakistani playwright, intellectual, spiritualist, and writer who wrote about 27 novels, collections of stories, and several plays for TV and radio. Her primary reference in fiction is ‘Raja Gadh’ because a new style of literature was born in Pakistan. The novel also contributed to her global fame. When a global encyclopedia was compiled in the United States covering local literature from all over the world, it contained only two names of Urdu literature, one of which was ‘Bano Qudsia.’ This article has all the information about Qudsia, including Bano Qudsia Biography.

Name:Bano Qudsia
In Urdu:بانو قدسیہ‎
Native Name :Qudsia Chattha
In Urdu:قدسیہ چٹھہ
Famous As:Writer
Alma Mater:Government College Lahore
Profession:Writer, Playwright and Intellectual
Awards :She bagged various awards
Date:28th November 1928
Place:Firozpur, Punjab, British India
Spouse:Ashfaq Ahmed
Children:Aneeq Ahmed Khan, Anees Ahmed Khan, Aseer Ahmed Khan
Parents:Her Father was a landlord
Date:4th February 2017
Rest Place:Lahore

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Bano Qudsia Biography

  • In her writings, where there is a depth of thought, there is a depth of philosophy. Her husband, the well-known author Ashfaq Ahmed, had a mystical, simple, and charming style. At the same time, Qudsia was known for her unique identity in keeping with her thoughtful, intellectual, and profound philosophical style. She was not only a writer but also an intellectual and the pulse of society. 
  • Such people are the brains of any community who take a more in-depth look at their surroundings than the ordinary people and not only present an accurate picture of the present but also reveal the premature perception of the future situation to the readers. For her literary services, she was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan in 2003 and Hilal-e-Imtiaz in 2010.

Qudsia date of Birth

She was born in a landlord family of Ferozepur on November 28, 1928. Later she moved to Lahore and till her death lived there.

Education of Qudsia

She used to write plays for her school events as a student. But she did not start writing regularly apart from these school plays. Partition riots broke out when she was studying at Kinnaird College, Lahore. When her family migrated from Gordaspor to Lahore after independence, her BA result had come. She enrolled in Government College, Lahore, for MA in Urdu in 1967.

Bano Qudsia Family

  • She belongs to the Chatha branch of the Jutt family, most of whom belonged to the farming and landlord occupations. Her father’s name was Badr-ul-Zaman, who, after obtaining a BSc degree in Agriculture, took up a government job and rose to Director’s position in Hisar District, Muttahida Punjab. He was fond of horse riding, and besides football, he was also an excellent tennis player. 
  • Bano was in her early fourth year when her father died in 1932. Zakira Begum, who was also a highly educated woman, took care of her children’s higher education despite the death of her husband at a young age. Literary inclinations and mental harmony tied Ashfaq Ahmed, and Bano Qudsia in love marriage and the couple gave Urdu literature exemplary dramas, fiction, and novels. They have three sons Dr. Aniq Ahmed Khan, Anis Ahmed Khan, and Athir Ahmed Khan. 


Initial Career

In Government College Lahore, well-known writer Ashfaq Ahmed was her classmate. By that time, he made his mark in the world of literature. When he saw the creativity in Bano he encouraged her to start writing regularly. She started writing in 1947 after independence. Migration from Gurdaspur to Pakistan had a profound effect on her mind.

Services for TV

When television came to the country, she started writing for it. She have shown her skills on radio and TV for more than half a century. Her first drama serial on TV was ‘Sudhraan.’ Qudsia’s experience of writing in Punjabi dates back to the time of the radio. She wrote on the radio until 1965, then TV kept her very busy. Qudsia has written several TV serials and long dramas, including ‘Dhoop Jalli,’ ‘Khana Badosh,’ ‘Klu,’ and ‘Piya Nam Ka Diya.’ Her drama ‘Aadhi Baat’ got the status of a classic.

Work For Urdu Literature

She appeared in Urdu literature when Urdu fiction reached some milestones in its artistic evolution. When her novel ‘Wamandgi Shoq’ published in the monthly ‘Adab Latif,’ it announced the rise of a new star in the sky of fiction. One of the reasons this novel attracted so much readers’ attention was that it was written by a girl who was an MA (Urdu) student.

Popularity via Raja Gidh

Her real fame and literary position came from her novel ‘Raja Gidh.’ The novel published in 1981. Raja Gadh is one of the prominent and best novels in Urdu literature. The eternal characters of Qayyum, Aftab, and Sami still inform the readers about the difference between halal and haraam, madness, and the implications of haraam. Raja Gidh became so popular with readers that fourteen editions have been published so far.

Other Popular Novels

In addition to Raja Gidh, many of her novels, dramas, and fictions, have gained a unique place and accepted status in the higher literature. ‘Hasil Ghat,’ ‘Mard Abraisham,’ ‘Foot Path Ki Ghaas,’ ‘Parvah,’ ‘Moum Ke Galiyan,’ ‘Amber Bail’ are her famous works.

Completion of Ashfaq Ahmads Autobiography

  • Ashfaq Ahmad was writing his autobiography with the name ‘Baba Saheba,’ but death didn’t allow him to complete it. Bano completed it, and its 2nd part issued as ‘Rah E Rawaan.’ The disparity in the writing style of this couple is crystal clear in these two publications; 1st part is entrancing, provoking, and lucid, the 2nd part has sad feelings. In 2011 ‘Rah E Rawaan’ was published. 
  • It portrays Ashfaq’s philosophical thoughts and its possible relation to different aspects of life. Her attempt to write her husband’s biography took her to write on his ancestors, uncles, sisters, grandfather, and brothers to understand Ashfaq completely. 

Bano Qudsia Death

Famous writer, wife of eminent intellectual Ashfaq Ahmed, and prominent novelist Apa bano passed away on February 4, 2017, at the age of 88 years. She has made a permanent place in the hearts of her loved ones with her writings.

Bano Qudsia Dramas

  1. Chotaa Shehar Baraay Log  
  2. Phr Achaanak Yun Hwa  
  3. Lagann Apne Apne  
  4. Aadhi Bat  
  5. Foot Path Ke Ghas  
  6. Aasay Pasaay
  7. Tamasel
  8. Hawaa Key Nam
  9. Doosra Qadam
  10. Sidhraan
  11. Suraj Mukhii
  12. Piya Naam kaa Diyaa

List of Novels

  1. Parwah
  2. Moum Ke Galiyaan
  3. Shehr E Bemisal
  4. Tauba Shikann
  5. Raja Gidh  
  6. Aiik Din  
  7. Hasil Ghaat  
  8. Shehr E La Zawaal – Abad Weraanay

List of Short Stories

  1. Hijratoon Key Darmiyaan  
  2. Dast Basta  
  3. Aatish E Zeer Paa
  4. Amar Bail
  5. Doosra Darwaaza
  6. Baaz Gasht
  7. Naa Qabil E Zikar
  8. Saman E Wajud
  9. Tawajaa Ke Talib
  10. Kuch Or Nahe


  1. Raah E Rawan  
  2. Mard E Abresham

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