Asif Raza Mir

Asif Raza Mir

Asif Raza Mir

Asif Raza Mir is a well-known name in the Pakistani showbiz industry. He ruled the hearts of his viewers for a long time. Calm Accenture and facial expressions are the features of his acting. Now one of his son Ahad Raza Mir has become the center of attention with her versatile acting. This article has all the information about Asif, including Asif Raza Mir Biography and Asif Raza Mir Family.

Name:Asif Raza Mir
In Urdu:آصف رضا میر
Famous As:Actor
Education:Under Graduate
Profession:Actor and Producer
Years Active:1980s-present
Height:5 ft 11 inches
Awards :He Bagged Various Awards
Date:28th September 1959
Spouse:Samra Mir
Children:Ahad Raza Mir and Adnan Raza Mir
Parents:Raza Mir
Relatives:Sajal Ali (Daughter in law)

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Asif Raza Mir Biography

Asif Raza is a valuable asset to our showbiz industry. In his youth period, he made his mark in the showbiz industry as an actor, and now he is serving the industry as a senior producer. The skill of keeping yourself fit at all ages can be learned from Asif. His demand for mature roles is still high. He is living a happy marital life. He knows very well how to keep a balance between his married life and his work. Mir is also running a TV production house, A and B entertainment in Pakistan. In addition to working in the field of acting, he is also running a business. But he admits that he fails to balance between business life and showbiz life.

Asif date of birth

Asif was born on 26th September 1959 in Karachi. Asif has lived in Canada for a long time where he likewise did business. He used to come back to Pakistan for shooting. Currently, Mir is residing in Karachi with his family.

Education of Mir

Asif completed his undergraduate degree from Karachi.

Asif Raza Mir Family

Asif Raza is the son of Raza Mir, who was a film director. The cinematography of 1st Pakistani flick ‘Teri Yad’ was also done by Raza Mir. Asif ‘s spouse Samra Mir is an ideal wife and mother. The couple has two sons Ahad and Adnan. Ahad Raza Mir has also adopted the profession of acting. In A Hum TV drama, ‘Sammi’ Ahad did a supporting role, which proved to be a boost to Ahad’s acting career. Like his father, Ahad is ruling the hearts of his viewers. He was awarded ‘Betty Mitchell Award’ for his outstanding performance in a Canadian play ‘Hamlet’. Asif’s daughter in law Sajal Ali doesn’t need any introduction. She is indeed one of the most cherished celebrities of Pakistan.

Showbiz Career

  • Asif Mir started acting at the age of 17. 1980 was the peak year of Asif’s career. ‘Mere Apnay’ ‘Sathi’ ‘Daman’ ‘Playboy’ ‘Badlte Mosam’  and ‘Hye ye Shohar’ are his popular projects of the 1980s. His showbiz activities were limited in 1990. In 2000 he became active again in showbiz. Mir also acted in many TV dramas. His brilliant performance in ‘Tanhaiyan’ has brought him to fame. His performance in ‘Sumundar’ was also remarkable. He appeared in Anwar Maqsood’s popular serial ‘Anghan Tairha’ as a thief. 
  • His role in drama serial ‘Tansen’ received praise and criticism together. He is such an actor who performs both positive and negative roles brilliantly. Asif’s role as a helpless father in ‘Rog’ drama created a soft corner for him in the hearts of viewers. While in drama serial ‘Muqaabil,’ he played the role of child abuser so well that people were forced to hate him.  On 18th April 2019, news of Asif’s contract with HBO was published in Daily Times. He is shooting a TV series ‘Gangs of London’ in London and will be seen with English actors David Bradley and Ray Pathaki. He is shooting a TV series ‘Gangs of London’ in London. This series consists of ten episodes.

Asif Raza Mir Dramas

  1. Darwaza
  2. Samundar
  3. Dasht-e-Tanhae
  4. Abhi Abhi
  5. Choti Choti Batain
  6. Tanhaiyan
  7. Nishaan-e Haider
  8. Amawas
  9. Aangan Terhaa
  10. Tansen
  11. Meray Dard Ko Jo Zubaan Milay
  12. Baadlon Per Baseera
  13. Sarkar Sahib
  14. Tere Liye
  15. Barish Ka Ansoo
  16. Asman Choonay Do
  17. Anokhaa Bandhan
  18. Agr Tm Na Hote
  19. Abi Door Hai Kinaara
  20. Ishq Gumshuda
  21. Dil Hai Chotaa Sa
  22. The Ghost
  23. Mjhe Apnaa Bna Lo
  24. Kese Hain Dooriyan
  25. Din Dhalay
  26. Roag
  27. Shehr-e-Dil Kay Darwaze
  28. Haal-e-Dil
  29. Qisa Char Darwesh
  30. Diya jalay
  31. Qaid-e-Tanhae
  32. Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon
  33. Tanhai
  34. Siskiyan
  35. Muqabil
  36. Moray Saiyan
  37. Kitne Girhain Baqii Hain
  38. Parchaye
  39. Nibaah
  40. Khalish

List of Movies

  1. Daaman
  2. Badalte Mosam
  3. Kainat
  4. Sathi
  5. Playboy
  6. Meray Apnay
  7. Hye Ye Shohar
  8. Maan Jaoo Naa
  9. Parwaz Hai Janoon

Social Media Handles

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