Asad Junejo
Asad Junejo
Asad Junejo

Asad Junejo is a Pakistan based political figure who is serving as a Senate member since 2018. His father was an agriculturist and politician and served as PM Pakistan. Firstly Asad remained part of PML-Q but then in 2017 left PML-Q and became a part of PML-N. This article contains every info about him, including Asad Junejo Biography.

Name:Asad Junejo
In Urdu:اسد جونیجو
Famous As:Politician
Residence:Sindh Pakistan
Province :Sindh
Old Political partyPML-Q
Current Political Party:PML-N
Join PML-N:25th Aug 2017
Serve As:Senator
Parents:Muhammad Khan Junejo
Political Party:Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Serve As:Condidate

Asad Junejo Biography

Asad Junejo Biography

He is a son of a true leader, a patriot, and an ex-PM of Pakistan Muhammad Khan Junejo. He started his political career by being a member of PML-Q, but later in 2017, he left this party and associated himself with PML-N. For the 2018 Senate election, PML-N nominated him, but according to the Supreme court’s notifications, ECP made all PML-N contestant independent candidates.

Family of Asad

His father, Muhammad Khan Junejo, was also a politician and also an agriculturist. He served as PM Pakistan.

Political Career

Initial Career

In 2015 PML-Q Sindh made him its president. After serving as a president, In 2017, he parted his ways from PML-Q and joined PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz).

2018 Senate Election

His party PML-N nominated him for senate election 2018. However, ECP (Election Commission of Pakistan) all candidates of PML-N as independent candidates for Senate election after the ruling of Pakistan Supreme Court.

He got elected to Pakistan’s Senate as an independent contestant on general-seat from ISB in the Senate election. On 12th March 2018, he was sworn in as Senator.

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