Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen

Abida Parveen is a Pakistani musician, composer, entrepreneur, a singer who is considered one of the greatest Sufi singers in the world and is one of the prominent figures in Sufi music. There is no name bigger than Abida in the entire subcontinent for spreading Sufism through singing. The multi-talented singer mainly sings ghazal and possesses the talent to sing in many dialects, including Punjabi, Sindhi, Urdu, and Seraiki. This article has all the information about Parveen, including Abida Parveen Biography and Abida Parveen Songs.

Name:Abida Parveen
In Urdu:عابدہ پروین
Famous As:Sufi Singer
Profession:Singer, Musician and Entrepreneur
Years Active:1973-present
Labels:Coke Studio, PTV etc
Instruments:Vocals, Harmonium and Percussions
Awards :She bagged various awards
Date:20th February 1954
Spouse:Ghulam Hussain Sheikh
Children:Pereha Ikram, Saranj Hussain and Marium Hussain
Parents:Ustad Ghulam Haider
Siblings :Not Known

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Abida Parveen Biography


  • By taking mystic music to a novel level, she got fame not only in Pakistan but also around the globe. She won the title of indisputable Queen of Sufi music. She has been credited with bringing Sufi music to popularity on the international stage. Abida’s dressing style is peculiar, with round neck shirts and Ajrak around shoulders. She never ties her frizzy hair. Her mega-hit songs include “Yar Koo Humne” from the collection ‘Yar Ko Humne’ and ‘Teri Ishq Nachaya,’ which are a sample of Bulhay Shah’s poetry.
  • In 2007 SAARC appointed her ‘Peace Ambassador.’ She was awarded the ‘Pride of Performance’ by the President of Pakistan in 1984. In the same year, she received the ‘Gold Laal Shahbaaz Qalandar Medal.’ In addition to these, she is a recipient of many laurels.

Abida date of birth

This Sufi Queen opened her eyes on 20th February 1954 in Muhalla Goharabad of Larkana.

Education of Parveen

At the age of three, she expressed her fondness for music and began singing at such an early age. Ustaad Ghulam Haider selected her daughter as his musical successor instead of two sons after realizing her devotion and passion for music. For initial music training, she joined her father’s music school, and Ustaad Salamat Ali of the Sham Chaurasia family tutored her. Besides music education, she also secured a Master’s degree.

Abida Parveen Family

Abida belongs to a family that is rich in musical heritage.  Ustaad Ghulam Haider, her father, is a well-known mystic singer who established a music school. Perveen’s father acquainted her with music and Sufism at an early age. When she grew up, she regularly performed with her father at the shrines of Sufi saints. Abida married Radio Pakistan’s senior producer Ghulam Hussain Sheikh in 1975. The couple has three children. Her husband died of a heart attack in the early 2000s.

Music Career


Initial Career

In 1970 she began to perform on death anniversaries of saints, and in 1973 she joined Hyderabad’s Radio station for singing. Through this platform, her voice was introduced to a vast audience. She sang a Sindhi song ‘Tamhanje Zulfaan Jaay Band Kamaand Wadha,’ which turned out to be her 1st mega-hit song. In 1977 she was recognized as the official vocalist of -Pakistani Radio.

Career Peak

As a ghazal and Sufi music singer, Parveen helped revive the genre and make it popular with audiences beyond Pakistan. Her international prominence grew exponentially during the 1980s. During this time, she started performing at the international level. Her trips to France and the United States turned out to be a great success. After the success of these trips, she toured many states to spread the message of mysticism, harmony, and God via her music.

Live Performance

In 1988 she performed in a live music show in Chicago. Hazrat Ameer Khosrow’s society of Art & Culture recorded this performance. The following year, her show was recorded by the British Broadcasting Corporation at Wembley Conference Hall in London and aired for one hour.

Collaboration With Shehzad Roy

She collaborated with Shehzad Rai on a children’s song, Zindagi, about social issues, and performed in 2008 at the Sufi Festival in New York to further Pakistani heritage and mutual harmony.

TV Shows

In recent years, Perveen has appeared in many shows on television, including ‘Shehr-e-Zaat,’ ‘Jhalak Dakhla Ja,’ ‘Pakistan Idol,’ ‘Samaa E Ishq.’ She was also appointed as a judge in the music competition ‘Sur kshetra’ of Pakistan and India.

Arts Gallery By Abida

She takes a keen interest in arts and has made her gallery with the name Abida Parveen Gallery. This gallery features paintings, music CDs, garments, awards zone, and jewelry. Her daughters run this gallery.

Abida Parveen Sons


In Movies


  1. Sajjaan Day Haath
  2. Ishaq Khudaa Title Song
  3. Sufiyay Baa Safaa Manam
  4. Mola Mola
  5. Phool Khill Jaein

List of Qawwalis


  1. Yar Ko Ham Ne Jaa Ba Jaa Dekha
  2. Arey Logon Tumhaara Kiya
  3. Jb Sey Tunay Mjhe Deewaana Banaa Rakhaaa Hai
  4. Narayee Mastaana
  5. Terey Ishq Nachaaya
  6. Alif Allah Chambaay Di Bootii
  7. Dhondo Gay Agar
  8. Chaap Tilakk Sub Cheeni
  9. Aik Nuktay Wichh Gal Mukdii
  10. Dil Lag Gaya Bey Parwaah Dey Naal
  11. Kithay Mehar Ali
  12. Tu Ney Deewaana Banaaya Tu
  13. Ye Arzu Thii Tujhe Gul Kay Rubaru
  14. O Des Say Aanay Walay Bata
  15. Chaap Tilakk Sb Cheeni
  16. Daman Lagyaan Molaan Tu
  17. Mein Sufi Hun
  18. Noor-e-Ilaahi
  19. Mast Qalandar
  20. Main Hosh Mein Hun
  21. Yun Sajjaa Chaand
  22. List of Ghazals
  23. Kal Chaudhavein Ke Raat
  24. Aey Dil Nasheen
  25. Haq Mola
  26. Sufiaana and Arfaana Kalaam
  27. Joo Rang Rangeyaa
  28. Meraa Sohnaa Sajann
  29. Preetam Matt Pardais
  30. Sham E Firaaq
  31. Sheher Sunsan Hei
  32. Terey Gham Koo
  33. Wo Jo Ham Mein
  34. Ye Jafa E Gham Kaa Charaa
  35. Aadmii Aadmii Say Miltaa Hey
  36. Ajab Naiin Terey
  37. Gul Hui Jaatii Hain
  38. Ham Ne Sb Sheher Main
  39. Hum Koo Pasand Yar Kii
  40. Soz E Ishq
  41. Bedaam Shah Warsi’s ‘Khudaa Jaany kahaan se
  42. Muje Bekhudii
  43. Ji Chaahe To Sheeshaa Banja
  44. Ishq Main Terey
  45. Hm ko Yan Dar Dar Phirayaa Yaar ne
  46. Hairaan Huaa
  47. Aik Tonrain Chambraa Gawaan
  48. Har Taranum Mein Milii Hai
  49. Andar Hun Tey Baahar Hun
  50. Chalo Rii Saiyaan Charcha
  51. Ho Hi Mauula
  52. Medaa Raanjhan Rawal Mangay
  53. Mere Bukall De Vicch
  54. Rabba Merey Haal Daa
  55. Rajiye Nal Dey Sajan Rahiye
  56. Sanon Ishq Lagaa Hai
  57.  Aa Was Mandraay Koll
  58. Baar Saudaagar Ladd Gaye Nii
  59. Jhok ladaae Veen Yaar Deewaney
  60. Ab Lagaan Lagi Kii Kariye
  61. Mann Kuntoo Maulaa
  62. Ranjhaa Shah Hazaar
  63. Aik Nukte Wich
  64. Bulleh Nuu Samjhaavan
  65. Mose Boloo Na
  66. Chashm-e-Mastii
  67. Torii Surat Key Balhaari
  68. Ishq Dey Pichche Banay Faqeer Ashiq
  69. La Makaan Main Ghar
  70. Medaa dil Ranjhaan
  71. Assaan Ishq Namaz Jadon Neeti Aey
  72. Ali Maulaa
  73. Medhaa Ishq
  74. Ho Jamaloo
  75. Naina Milaii Key

List of Albums


  1. Laal Ki Chaddar
  2. Khazzanaa
  3. Mahi Yar De Gharolii Bhar De
  4. Kaafiaan Bulleh Shah
  5. Jeeway Saiyaan
  6. Meraa Ruthraa Yar Nae Mandaa
  7. Golden Collection
  8. Rohanii Kaifiyatt

Social Media Handles

Her social media accounts include