Sarah Ahmad

Sarah Ahmad

Sarah Ahmad

Sarah Ahmad hails from Lahore is a dedicated Pakistani Politician who is associated with Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf since 2009 and is currently serving as a Chairperson at the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau which is an organization developed for the child abuse victims, Child beggars and lost children. This article contains a blend of information about her including Sarah Ahmad Biography.

Name:Sarah Ahmad
In Urdu:سارہ احمد
Famous As:Politician
Alma Mater:Institute of business management
Date:18th November
Spouse:Umair Zaka
Parents:Not known
Political Party:Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf
Serve As:Chairperson at Child Protection and Welfare Bureau
Time Period :Feb 2019-present
Old Political Affiliations:Deputy Information Secretary

Sarah Ahmad BiographySarah Ahmad with her familySarah Ahmad with PM Imran KhanSarah Khan appointed as Chairperson at the Child Protection and Welfare BureauSarah Ahmad in Mazak Raat

Sarah Ahmad Biography

Sarah is a Pakistani Politician who is a part of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf since 2009 and has proved herself as one of the most dedicated, diligent and industrious politicians. She is working hard along with other members to achieve the vision of Naya Pakistan which was glimpsed by the PTI government and Prime Minister Imran Khan. She is currently functioning as a Chairperson at the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau.

Sarah date of birth

She was born on 18th November in Karachi where she spent all her life. Currently, she resides in Lahore with her family.

Education of Sarah

She holds the degree of MBA which she attained from the Institute of Business Management.

Political Career

  • She started her political career in 2009 when she decided to join Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and stick to it as a loyal member for forever. She remained a member of the women wing for a long time. She has served as a Women Coordinator Punjab and Secretary Media Affairs Sindh, Pakistan. She is one of the most confident and committed politicians we have seen who stood with the party and its leader through thick and thin. She has also functioned as Deputy Information Secretary at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.
  • Before Pakistan General Elections 2018 she did door to door campaigns and gave people confidence for a better future and for Naya Pakistan which everyone was hoping.  In Feb 2019 she was inducted as a Chairperson at Child Protection and Welfare Bureau which promises to give shelter and complete protection to all the orphans. This organization does campaign against Child abuse and Beggary in South Punjab. Within a few months a large number of child beggars and child abuse victims have been rescued, Child protection Policy draft has been prepared, Many lost children have been handover to their parents and many more.  

Social Media Handles

Her social media accounts incorporate