Nadeem Baig

Nadeem Baig

Nadeem Baig

Nadeem Baig is a pre-eminent personality who is a part of the Showbiz industry for the last many decades. Hundreds of actors came after him, yet no one could beat him in acting and personality. He is married to the daughter of one of his directors with whom he worked at the start of his career. This article has all the information about him, incorporating Nadeem Baig Movies and Nadeem Baig Biography.

Name:Nadeem Baig
In Urdu:ندیم بیگ
Famous As:Actor
Alma Mater:Islamia College
Profession:Film actor, Producer, Singer
Awards :He Bagged Various Awards
Date:19th July 1941
Children:Farhan and Faisal
Parents:Mirza Abbas Baig
Siblings :Not Known
Relatives:Captain Ehtesham (Father in law)

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Nadeem Baig Biography

Nadeem Sahab is a legendary Pakistani television and film star who has given a significant part of his life to the Showbiz Industry. He is inevitably one of the best things that ever happened to Pakistan. Despite several years, his screen appearance is still mesmerizing. People from every age group are his fans who adore to see him on the screen. Though he has limited his presence on the screen yet people rewatch his movies in which he worked. Apart from an actor, he is likewise a producer and a singer who has sung various songs. Like many honorable actors, Nadeem Sahab will always be remembered as one of the film industry’s unforgettable stars.

Nadeem date of birth

He was born on 19th July 1941 in Vijayawada, Madras Presidency, British India. Later his family moved to Pakistan. Currently, he is living in Karachi.

Education of Nadeem

He has completed his Graduation from Islamia College, Karachi.

Nadeem Baig Family

He opened his eyes to a conventional family. Nadeem Sahab got married to Farzana Ehtisham and blessed with 2 Sons. His father in law Muhammad Ehtesham ul Haq was also associated with the Showbiz industry. He served as one of the notable directors of the 1960s.

Showbiz Career

As an Actor

  • The industry produced Nadeem Sahab in the 1960s along with other legendary stars, including Talat Hussain. He has served many years and is still serving with excellence by portraying his skills and talent for which he awarded many notable Awards, including Pride of Performance. He remarkably achieved a lot throughout his career with his consistency and dedication. It wouldn’t be wrong to call him one of the legends who is one in the millions. After the Nadeem Sahab, the film industry has not produced any star who would match his level.
  • His success started in 1967 when he appeared for the first time as the main lead in the film ‘Chakori’ opposite Shabana. The film was directed by his father in law who later got married to one of his daughters. Later he gave various blockbusters including Talash, Aina, Anari, Deewanay tere Pyar kai, Dil Lagi, Jeeva, and many more. Interchanging the landmark of Diamond Jubilee by two movies in a year on two occasions is an unmatched symbol of victory, and Nadeem Sahab is a perfect example of it.
  • In the 1990s, the trend of releasing Urdu movies totally collapsed, and even filmmakers stopped making movies in Urdu. In that critical time, his movie ‘Insaniat kai Dushman,’ which was entirely in the Urdu language, did wonders and declared one of the superhits. Apart from that, his other Urdu movies released and ruled the box office. In 1980 when his career was at the peak, he won numerous awards, including National Film Awards, for his exceptional performances in different films. He is one of those stars who have thoroughly enjoyed the taste of success.
  • In the early 2000s, he stopped working in movies when he found the storyline baseless. Soon after he quit the film industry, the drama producer offered him plays on which he agreed. Nadeem Baig has worked in a few dramas, including Bisaat, Ambulance, Ek Safar Tanha hi, and a few more. However, soon he joined the film industry again. In 2019 his 2 movies ‘Superstar’ and ‘Paray Hut Love’ released and earned a massive response.

As a Singer

He is likewise blessed with a fantastic voice. He has worked as a playback singer and is usually seen working with Ahmed Rushdi.

Nadeem Baig Movies

  1. Chakoori
  2. Diya Aur Tofan
  3. Dil Lagi
  4. Aina
  5. Pehchan
  6. Bandish
  7. Daagh
  8. Daman Aur Chinghari
  9. Anhoni
  10. Anari
  11. Umang
  12. Jeeva
  13. Chotai Sahab
  14. Mukhra
  15. Sargam
  16. Umar Mukhtar
  17. Jo Darr Gaya Wo Marr Gaya
  18. Dupatta Jal Raha hai
  19. Love Mein Ghum
  20. Mein Ek Din Laut kai Aon Ga
  21. Main Hoon Shahid Afridi
  22. Koi Tujh Sa Kahan
  23. Hijrat
  24. The System
  25. Sikandar
  26. Superstar
  27. Paray Hut Love
  28. Shaan-e-Ishq

List of Dramas

  1. Riyasat
  2. Mol
  3. Saheli
  4. Jaan Hatheli Par
  5. Tum Yaad Aye
  6. Rishta Hai Jaisai Khuwab Sa

Social Media Handles

His social media accounts include

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