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Dalda Foundation

Dalda Foundation History

Let us first discuss what Dalda is and how it was first founded. Have you heard of vegetable oil? Well, Dalda is its brand and is popular in South Asia. Before the 1930s, there was an individual whose name was Kassim Dada, and he used to import vanaspati ghee from a Dutch company. Vanaspati Ghee used to be an affordable alternative for desi ghee.

Kassim Dada used to import hydrogenated vegetable oil from India, and the company created a new category of hydrogenated oil under the brand name of Dalda. Thus, it was introduced in 1937, and since then, it has been one of the top running brands in Pakistan and India.

Unilever Pakistan was offered 1.33 billion Pakistani rupees to sell this brand to a newly built company called Dalda Foods (Pvt.) Limited so, the brand started its first sales in Pakistan in 2004. Now, let us talk about the Dalda Foundation.

                     Title                          Description
Name:Dalda Foundation
Serves:All over Pakistan
Part Of:Dalda foods limited company
Type:Non-profit organization
Categories:Health and Education
Minimum Age for Scholarship:17 Years

Dalda Foundation Trust

What is Dalda Foundation

The Dalda Foundation is an organization working independently to provide people with health and education. Dalda Foundation is a part of the Dalda Foods (private) Limited company. Moreover, this non-profit organization supports and initiates the projects that are helpful in two categories;

  1. Health
  2. Education

By providing their products and services, Dalda Foundation makes a positive difference in the lives of people. They aim to make the people educated and healthier in this world. Furthermore, the Dalda Foundation Trust motivates and enables significant innovation to address the current healthcare dynamics through training, reports, communication, education, and research.

Like any other strong business, it is also built of trust and an environment that helps people reach their full potential.

Dalda helps students who are brilliant in their studies but cannot pursue their education due to a lack of resources. Moreover, they have put a lot of effort into making the lives of people better in terms of education and health. It also aims to take care of the families, and their slogan is “Jaha Maamta Waha Dalda” which shows their dedication.

Dalda Foundation Scholarship

Dalda Foundation also announces scholarships for brilliant students and offers them admission to prestigious colleges and universities on merit. The requirements for the merit scholarship scheme for 2018-2019 was as follows;

1- Eligibility criteria

The students studying in the first year through the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi or any other board of intermediate and secondary education or board of technical education affiliated with government colleges were eligible to apply for the scholarship. Furthermore, it also allowed the students of private colleges to avail this opportunity.

2- Courses of Studies

The program also included the students of pre-engineering, pre-medical, commerce, general science, arts, home economics, DAE, or ICS to avail of this offer.

3- Terms for eligibility

The applicant applying for the scholarship program must be a citizen of Pakistan residing permanently in any city of the five provinces of Pakistan. Since this program was announced in 2018-2019, the age of the applicant should not exceed 17 years at the time of applying on 1st October 2018.

The students applying for this scheme should pass their matric with the following percentages for all the disciplines,

  • 80% or more for the students of Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, and General Sciences
  • 75% or more for the students of Commerce
  • 70% or more for the students of ICS, Arts, Home Economics, and DAE

dalda foundation scholarship 2021

Moreover, the program stated that the monthly income of the student’s parent or guardian should not be more than 20,000 Pakistani Rupees. Since this program was for underprivileged students who had the potential but did not occupy enough resources for their growth opportunities, they restricted the students who resided in houses or flats that were bigger than 1080 square feet.

Apart from that, students who completed their O’Levels under the Cambridge system were not allowed to apply for this program. The scholarship was subjected to be canceled if the scholarship holder failed to pass the next exam, for which he was granted the scholarship or failed to show the required percentage to retain the scholarship.

Dalda Foundation made sure that the students applying for their scholarship scheme were already lacking in resources. Because they were intelligent, the scheme included a written test that every applicant had to pass. Their guardians were to be interviewed for the students to avail themselves of the opportunity.

Dalda Foundation Scholarship 2021

Once again, Dalda Foundation continues providing underprivileged to carry their educational journey without any obstacles through their scholarship program. This Scholarship Program was initiated to fulfill the needs and requirements of students with financial issues.

The last date to apply for the Dalda Scholarship 2021 is 30th October 2021. The application forms can also be downloaded from their official website at https://dalda.foundation/scholarship.html the program is offered for matric and intermediate students in any field of study on a merit base.

The requirements for the scholarship

  • The age of the student must not exceed 17
  • The guardian or parent should not have a monthly income above 20,000 PKR
  • Only a Pakistani permanent resident is allowed to submit the application form
  • Students that have passed their O levels from the Cambridge system can also apply for the program

Dalda is offering the same required percentage of marks that they published for the 2018-2019 period, which means that all students studying under the BISE Punjab, FBISE, Karachi, or any governing board of Pakistan can apply for the program only if they get the following marks;

  • 80% or more for the students of Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, and General Sciences
  • 75% or more for the students of Commerce
  • 70% or more for the students of ICS, Arts, Home Economics, and DAE

dalda foundation contact number

The application form for the scholarship program

In order to apply for the Dalda Foundation Scholarship 2021, the student needs to download the application form from the website. The documents and information required in the form will be as follows:

  • Applicant Name
  • His Father and Mothers’ Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address of the student
  • There will be an option to upload the IMAGE of the fathers’ CNIC
  • Gender
  • Two Contact numbers of the parents
  • Address

After the basic information, the student will be asked to provide their academic details;

  • The name of the Matric Board
  • Name of the Inter Board
  • A group that includes the field of study, e.g., Pre-Medical/Engineering
  • Exam type either annual or supplementary
  • Marks obtained in Matric Exam
  • Total Marks Obtained and the percentage in Matric Exam
  • The year in which matric was cleared

The student will also need to upload their matric mark sheet. After the second page of the form, the student will have to submit college details such as name, address, principal name, contact number, and the college’s email address. Moreover, the student will have to provide two references and personal details such as address and contact information.

For the last step of the application form, the student will have to fill out his details such as;

  • Quantity of people living in his house
  • Total monthly income of the family
  • The total area of the house or flat
  • Source of income of the guardian

Further Details

Last but not least, the form will include your bank details and the reason why you would want to be given this scholarship program. Furthermore, the applicant will need to get his mark sheet attested and photocopied along with their fathers’ CNIC photocopy. Furthermore, if you want to submit the documents and the form by hand, you can send them to the following address;

Dalda Foundation District, P.O. Box 17654, Gulshane Iqbal NIPA, Chorangi, Karachi

Don’t worry; the extensive information that they ask for is to ensure that only the needy students avail of the offer. What would be the point of giving scholarships to students that can already afford the education? Well, sometimes, even the financially stable ones need a scholarship.

Dalda Foundation Program

Dalda Foundation Contact information

The information is as follows;

Contact number: 0313-8894447

Email Address: [email protected]

Address: Dalda Foundation Trust plot 66C/1, first floor, 13th commercial lane phase II extension DHA Karachi

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is Dalda Foundation Scholarship 2021 deadline?

A: The deadline for the submission of applications for the scholarship program is 30th October 2021.

Q: What is the Minimum age to apply for the Dalda Scholarship program?

A: The age of the applicant should not exceed 17 years to apply for the program.

Q: What is Dalda Foundation scholarship contact number?

A: The contact number is 0313-8894447.

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