Bilal Rehman
Bilal Rehman

Bilal Rehman is a Pakistani Politician who had been the member of National assembly of Pakistan for many years and has recently joined Pakistan Muslim League. He has been nominated in Senate Elections 2018

Name:Malik Bilal Rehman
In Urdu: بلال رحمان
Famous As:Politician
Date:23 February 1982
Political Party:Pakistan Muslim League
Serve As:Experienced Campaigner


Bilal Rehman is one of the members who recently joined Pakistan Muslim League N and as an experienced campaigner he is well regarded in the party and respected among the party members. He was born on 23rf Feb 1982.

Political Career

Malik Bilal Rehman career in politics began when he decided to contest in the elections of 2008. Being his first experience in the elections, he was remarkably able to win by beating his Peoples Party rival and thus became a member of National assembly from NA-32. In the next elections, in 2013, it came as no surprise when he was given the ticket to contest in the election. His supporters wasn’t disappointed this time around either as he was able to defeat his PTI rival this time around and secured his place in the National assembly. With both the victories, one thing is for sure that his presence in the region is of huge importance and he has strong support of the voters behind him. This was proven when he won the election despite changing his political party. [1] Political career

FATA Reforms

FATA parliamentarians held a press conference  to demand that IDPs be returned to cleared areas, an end to corruption in FATA administration, more direct involvement in the work of the FATA Reforms Commission, an oversight role in the FATA Secretariat, economic incentives, more education opportunities, health institutions, and extension of the High Court and Supreme Court jurisdiction to FATA. he press conference held at the Islamabad Press Club was attended by many MNAs and MPAs including Bilal Rehman. [2] FATA Reforms

Senate Elections

MNA Bilal Rehman has been nominated for the Senate Elections 2018

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