Annie Rupani

Annie Rupani

Annie Rupani

Annie Rupani is a South Asian beauty carrying her career as a model, actress, chocolatier, and social activist. She has traveled the world, and these tours led her to the interest of chocolate manufacturing. She loves traveling and laughing and aims to serve as Pakistan’s ambassador and as an ideal for girls. This article has all the information about her, including Annie Rupani Biography.

Name:Annie Rupani
In Urdu:عيني روپاڻِي‎
Famous As:Miss Pakistan World 2010, “Ramadan Queen,”
Residence:Houston, Texas, USA
Education:Masters in Political Science
Profession:Entrepreneur and Model
Height:5 ft 7 inches
Date:9th April 1989
Siblings :Mona and Natasha

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Annie Rupani Biography

Annie is a young and enthusiastic Pakistani model and entrepreneur who is devoted to resolving the issues that affect her country Pakistan. Through her participation in ‘Miss Pakistan World,’ she presented the country’s lighter and soft image. She aims to empower and strengthen women so they may follow their dreams by surpassing all conventional stereotypes. She is struggling to bring awareness about Pakistan in the world through the platform of beauty pageants, its needs, qualities, and positive side.

Annie date of Birth

She was born on 9th April 1989, in Austin, Texas, and grew up in Sugar Land.

Education of Annie

She completed her graduation with the subjects of Religion and Anthropology. After graduation, she began preparing for the admission exam of   Law school. During this time she kept reading different books about chocolatiers.

Annie Rupani Family

She has two sisters Mona and Natasha. Their parents were residents of Karachi and then settled in the USA.


As a Chocolatier

Her visits to different countries led her to develop an interest in culinary arts. She started reading books on chocolate manufacturing, and this reading habit took her to order a small tempering machine, coverture chocolate, and a kitchen. After three days of giving the test, she moved to Pakistan and stayed there for six months and worked on the foundation of her family. She continuously had chocolates in her thoughts and took admission to Malaysia’s pastry school to attend a weekly chocolatier course. Now she is running her chocolate company with the name ‘Cacao and Cardamom.’ She serves a mixture of chocolate and spices from different parts of the world, including Pakistan, as a specialty dish.

Miss Pakistan World 2010

After winning the title of Miss Perfect Ten’ for an ideal physique as well as ‘Miss Pakistan World’ in 2010, she got a nickname ‘Ramadan Queen’ because pageant was held in Ramadan.

Miss Intercultural 2012

She competed in ‘Miss Intercultural’ that held in Florida in 2012 and remained the 2nd runner up in this pageant.

Other Works

She worked as an internee at United Nations, and also did a job at Congressman Ted Poe’s office, Governor’s office of Texas, and at Texas office for State-Federal Relations. She also served as a student ambassador at Boston University’s Howard Thurman Center. She joined Mock Trial Scout of Boston University and weekly visited an elementary school to assist them in running their girl scouts plan.

Rupani foundation

She is a social activist and, with her father, established a foundation with the name ‘Rupani Foundation’ to promote equity, decrease poverty in communities living in mountain areas of Central and South Asia, and produce employment. This foundation’s goals include generating economic, educated leadership and implementation of merit for youth and women. The prime focus is on the development of education centers for children in remote areas and the establishment of programs like polishing training centers and gem cutting.

Social Media Handles

Her social media accounts include