Ring Solar Panel

Ring Solar Panel

A solar ring panel maintains the charging of Spotlight Cam Battery or Stick Up Cam Battery throughout the day. The panel is resistant to weather to withstand extremes, and customers could purchase it in two colors. It is an outstanding option to ensure that Ring devices are completely charged and able to safeguard the home.

The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity, which powers the Spotlight Cam security camera. This solar option is a best one to power the installed ring system. Connecting the ring camera with solar panel creates a secure and smarter home.

Features of Ring Solar Panel


  1. One of the device’s best features is its small size.
  2. The compact design of Ring Solar Panel is its exceptional quality.
  3. Providing constant power supply to the security camera doesn’t mean sacrificing home’s aesthetics.
  4. This Solar Panel occupies little space as its size is 7.75 x 5.50 x 0.50 inches.
  5. As it is available in two colors, it is easy to choose the right one for home.

Solar Panel Rating

  1. Power rating of a Solar Panel indicates the amount of energy it can generate.
  2. It determines the wattage of a panel when it is operating under standard test conditions.
  3. It has a solar energy rating of 2.2W.
  4. That rating indicates that security camera would always have enough power to function.
  5. Ring Solar Panel serves as backup and sunlight for few hours per day would keep the camera charged.
  6. Ring Spotlight Camera is simple to use, only a Ring Spotlight Cam and direct sunshine is needed for its working.

 Color Availability

  1. White and Black are the two colors offered for ring Solar Panel.
  2. User could pick the one that best suits him based on his preferences.

Weather Resistance of Solar Panel

  1. The elements are not a problem for the ring Solar Panel.
  2. When properly installed, ring solar panel is extraordinarily weather resistant.
  3. The durability of solar panel remains unaffected by typical hurricane, thunderstorm, hail.
  4. Underwriters Laboratories has examined and validated the safety and reliability of a ring Solar Panel.

Ring Solar Panel Installation

It’s quick and easy to set up.

The following are the contents of the box:

  1. Drill Bit
  2. Ring Solar Panel
  3. Installation Screws
  4. Mini Screwdriver
  5. Installation Anchor
  6. Mounting Bracket

The installation is quick and simple, with seven steps.

1st Step

  1. The 1st stage is to choose a location to place and install Ring Solar Panel.
  2. Such a location should be chosen that get the most sunlight during the day.
  3. Even just a few minutes of sunlight are needed to keep the camera working all day and Panel should not be placed in shade.

Line Solar Panel

  1. After finding the suitable place for Panel, make use of mountain arm for guidance and mark all screw holes with pen or pencil so hole drilling position could be determined.


  1. Installer may need the anchors given in box depending on the sort of wall in which drilling is being done.
  2. If installer is installing the Panel to concrete or brick, utilize the anchors given; however, if drilling is made directly into vinyl or wood, the screws would keep the Ring Solar Panel secure.
  3. Use of drill instead of the screwdriver will save effort and time.
  4. Drill holes in the marks made in the previous step using the drill bit supplied.
  5. Then secure the mount using the provided screws.
  6. Check if it’s secure and pleasant.

Attaching the Panel

  1. By sliding the Ring Solar Panel from the top, it is connected to mounting arm.
  2. The arm may be adjusted for enhanced sun exposure by loosening the nut on the mounting arm.
  3. After adjusting the angle to preferred location, tight the screw.

Removal of Weatherproof Plug

  1. There is a weather resistant plug for Panel on back side of camera.
  2. This plug needs to be removed.
  3. To do this, installer would need to remove the mounting plate of camera in order to get to the plug.
  4. Reinstall camera after removing the plug.

Connecting the Solar Panel

  1. The Charging Cable of Solar Panel should be connected to Solar Panel.
  2. Then insert the Ring Solar Panel wire into camera for charging.

Install the Camera

  1. Finally, secure the camera in the mounting bracket.
  2. Adjust angle according to requirement.
  3. Ring Camera Solar Panel needs 3-4 hours of direct sunshine.


  1. The Solar Panel is completely weatherproof and can withstand temperature in the range of -20°F to 120°F.
  2. Consequently, the Ring Solar Panel would not be affected by weather conditions regardless of its location.
  3. Ring Spotlight Cam would always be fully charged with the use of Ring Solar Panel.


  1. Both the Spotlight Camera and Stick Up Camera are compatible with the Ring Solar Panel.
  2. The Ring Solar Panel functions as a backup power supply, enabling the two cameras to operate continuously throughout the day.
  3. According to Ring, the Solar Panel is not built to re-charge the cameras; rather, it should supply a “trickle charge” of one percent to two percent every day, depending on the amount of sun exposure.
  4. Spotlight Camera or Stick Up Camera would be fully charged again in most cases after exposure to direct sunlight for few hours.
  5. It means that the cameras would run on battery at night and would need charging on the next day.
  6. It’s worth mentioning that the Ring Solar Panel will not be able to maintain the camera functioning if battery runs out.
  7. The camera’s battery is necessary for its functioning.

Mounting Bracket

  1. Adjustable monitor mounts are necessary for ring solar panels.
  2. The ring solar panel comes with an adjustable bracket.
  3. This allows adjustment of panel’s orientation and angle in direction of sun.
  4. For more sunlight exposure, the Ring Solar Panel can be positioned high.

Cleaning of Ring Solar Panel

It is not necessary to clean solar panel unless it is installed in an area where dust, smog, sand, or dirt is blowing around. In most cases, a little rain would keep Panels clean ad free of debris. If roof is not high the panel’s performance will reduce. High-pressure, harsh water pulses should not be used to clean Solar Panels.

Solar Panel for Ring Doorbell

Every day, direct sunlight for few hours would keep Doorbell Battery charged. Cable and toolkit would be used to set up the system. Some features of ring doorbell solar panel.

  1. Its design is weather-resistant
  2. It only functions with the Video Doorbell
  3. Its mounting bracket is adjustable

Ring Solar Panel Not Charging

If Ring devices are not charging via a solar panel, the 1st step is to disconnect the wire. Examine the wire plug for any blockages or debris.

Check for any issues with the wiring if there is no blockage or debris. There’s always the risk of loose wires, which is the most common problem. Another issue could be incorrectly connected wires. After checking for both problems, reconnect the solar panel to the device. 

Ring Solar Panel Not Connected

The Ring app will only show solar panel or solar charger as connected if it has saved power. The Ring app will display ‘Not Connected’ if the device is left out of direct sun long enough to totally lose power. The signal would return to ‘Connected’ when the device has been exposed to adequate sunshine to charge.

Ring Solar Panel for Stick up Cam

Ring stick up cam solar panel is versatile choice for better security. Place it at desired location and keep an eye on what’s important from cellphone. Enjoy protection and non-stop power in all weather conditions. Only a few hours of direct sunlight would keep Stick Up Cam Solar charged. The features of Stick up Cam are:

  1. Easy installation
  2. Battery and solar power
  3. 2-way talk and HD video
  4. Motion-activated alerts
  5. Color Night Vision

Ring Solar Panel for Spotlight Cam

The requirements for setting up ring solar panel spotlight cam are security sticker, user manual, USB charging wire, installation screws and tools, mounting base, spotlight cam battery, and battery pack. To connect solar panel and ring spotlight cam batteries, use a ring solar panel extension cable. The features of ring spotlight cam with solar panel are:

  1. Remote-activated alarm
  2. 2-way talk
  3. Motion-activated notifications
  4. 1080HD video

Ring Solar Panel Vs Ring Super Solar Panel

The Ring solar panel is Ring Inc.’s 1st solar panel, whereas the advanced and new solar panel is known as the ‘super solar panel.’ Both could function with Ring Inc. security camera however there are a few key differences. In design of new solar panel these factors are kept in mind: (a) The amount of motion events recorded per day is the 1st factor, (b) 2nd factor is solar environment. The output power of super panel is higher than solar panel and this is the only difference between these two panels.  However, the Ring Super Solar panel is the obvious winner in terms of durability and performance.

Ring Floodlight Cam with Solar Panel

Ring Floodlight Cam is HD security cam and includes 2-way audio, remote activated alarms, and two floodlights. This is a motion-activated camera, and with the help of this device user can hear anything going around and communicate with anyone within range of Floodlight Cam. Ring Floodlight Cam could not operate on solar panel and needs junction box and wiring. Ring is working to introduce ring floodlight camera with solar panel.

Ring Solar Panel Gutter Mount

Gutter Mount allows users to mount their Solar Panel and Spotlight Cam separately or simultaneously on home’s gutter for a higher viewing angle. This no-drill mount clips onto the gutter and can be quickly adjusted or moved to get the best view of what’s going on around the house. Gutter Mount can also be used to place Solar Panel higher to get more sunlight.

Ring Solar Panel Mounting Options

  1. Solar Carport
  2. Ground Mounting Setup
  3. Pitched Roof Mounting Setup
  4. Solar Farm
  5. Flat Roof Mounting Setup

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Ring Solar Panel worth it?

Ring Solar Panel is an excellent accessory for Ring Spotlight Cam users. It is not only energy efficient, but also highly convenient.

  1. Can I use any solar panel for Ring?

Ring provides solar panels with micro USB cable or fork connector cable to charge Ring Video Doorbell.

  1. Does Ring Solar Panel need direct sunlight?

By using Ring Solar Panel as backup, camera would be constantly charged with just few hours of sunshine daily. The voltage of panel is 5. VDC. You need Ring Spotlight Cam and direct sunshine to use this device.

  1. How much power does a Ring Solar Panel produce?

The majority of residential panels on the market today are rated to generate between 250 and 400 watts per hour. Solar panels for domestic use typically have a capacity of 1 to 4 kW.

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