List of Online Jobs

Online Jobs

Online Jobs Overview

Online jobs allow you to work remotely or from home, as opposed to going into an office every day. As internet connectivity and technology advance, online employment opportunities are expanding. Many sites and firms post online jobs work-from-home advertisements and offer attractive pay packages. Students without experience can search for online jobs no experience to fulfilling their study expenses.

Online jobs hiring requirements are most easily met by students, teens, and females. Some of the online employment opportunities include online nursing jobs, online writing jobs, online adjunct professor jobs, online proofreading jobs, online English teaching jobs, and many others.

Online Jobs for teens

Online Job Opportunities

Some of the online job opportunities are:

1- Record Maintainer

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. Entering account and customer information from documents within a given time frame
  2. Sorting, compiling, and verifying of the accuracy of information
  3. Rechecking the data for errors
  4. When necessary, scan the documents and take their prints
  5. Respond to information requests and collect relevant files
  6. Follow data security and integrity policies
  7. Good Typing Speed

Job Type

  • Fresher
  • Full-Time
  • Internship
  • Part-Time

Expected Salary

Rupees 31,315 to Rupees 55,765/Month

2- Online Customer Service Jobs

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. Promptly and professionally reply to emails from clients.
  2. Respond to emails from the operations and make sure that every assigned task is completed
  3. Using the resources available, conduct the necessary research

Job Type

  • Full Time
  • Fresher
  • Internship

 Expected Salary

Rupees 25,000 to Rupees 35,000/Month

Online Jobs from home

3- Data Management

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. The responsibilities of the data entry operator include gathering and entering data into databases and keeping accurate records of important company data.
  2. The applicant should be an expert in data entry, including quick typing with attention to detail, knowledge of spreadsheets, and proficiency with online forms.

Job Type

  • Fresher

Expected Salary

Rupees 50,000 to Rupees 60,000/Month

4- Online Marketer

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. An online marketer creates innovative digital advertisement strategies, using PPC and SEO, to drive clients to the firm’s online platforms where they may buy goods and services.
  2. An online marketer’s duties include producing graphic and written content and be updated with social media and business trends.

Job Type

  • Full Time
  • Part-Time

Expected Salary

Rupees 32,000 to Rupees 36,000/Month

5- Amazon Virtual Assistant

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. Having a proven experience in virtual assistance, and knowledge of modern technologies, such as VoIP, cloud services, and desktop sharing.
  2. Familiarity with spreadsheets and word processing programs (e.g. MS Office)
  3. Excellent communication abilities for instant messaging, email, phone
  4. Strong time management skill

Job Type

  • Full Time
  • Contract

Expected Salary

Rupees 25,000 to Rupees 60,000/Month

6- Online E-Commerce

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. To write all descriptions of articles they will offer and post required information online.
  2. To process payments, send orders, and calculate taxes and shipping expenses.
  3. To communicate with clients to resolve problems or answer questions.

Job Type

  • Full Time

Expected Salary

Rupees 25,000 to Rupees 30,000/Month

online tutoring jobs

7- Product Listing

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. Knowledge of updating, listing, and uploading product specifications/data for E-commerce sites
  2. Knowledge of article images, retouching and resizing images
  3. Excellent drafting and communication skills
  4. Command on time management

Job Type

  • Full Time

Expected Salary

Rupees 45,000 to Rupees 50,000/Month

8- Writing Specialist

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. The discipline and ability to follow directions
  2. Expertise in MS Office (ppt, excel, word)
  3. Ability to fluently speak and write English
  4. Understanding of or capability to learn spss and views software
  5. Work ethics to exceed or meet deadlines set by clients
  6. Experience with academic research and writing is strongly preferred

Job Type

  • Full Time

Expected Salary

Rupees 35,000 to Rupees 45,000/Month

9- Call Center Representative

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. Ability to fluently communicate in English
  2. Excellent writing and grammatical skills
  3. Quick learner with good typing capabilities
  4. Recognize metrics, work to achieve or exceed them, and deliver exceptional customer service
  5. Identify and fix problems
  6. By using chat, voice, and email conversations, maximize customer satisfaction

Job Type

  • Full Time
  • Fresher
  • Part-Time

Expected Salary

Rupees 20,000 to Rupees 45,000/Month

Online jobs in pakistan

Online Job for Students

There are many online jobs for students in Pakistan. Some of the best online jobs for students include:

  1. Video Editor
  2. Social Media Handler
  3. Web Designer
  4. Freelance Writer
  5. Online Tutor
  6. Virtual Assistant
  7. Transcriptionist
  8. Graphic Designer
  9. Typing Jobs Online
  10. Online Quran Teaching Jobs

Online Jobs for Teens

Availability of online jobs for 16 years old, online jobs for 18 years old are an excellent opportunity for teens to utilize their time in a productive manner and meet their expenses. Some of the online jobs for teens are:

  1. Online Data Entry Jobs
  2. Online Typing Jobs
  3. Content Writer
  4. Virtual Assistant
  5. Online Teaching Jobs
  6. Make a YouTube Channel
  7. Completing Online Reviews and Surveys
  8. Online Merchandiser

Easy Online Jobs

These online jobs are easy and can bring you a handsome salary:

  1. Blogger
  2. Virtual Assistant
  3. Virtual assistant Dropshipping
  4. Watch the advertisements
  5. Fill out surveys
  6. Create online courses.
  7. Ads management

Amazon Online Jobs

Students can engage themselves in full-time and part-time employment opportunities at Amazon.  The firm has a number of full-time and part-time positions available in its different areas, including marketing, customer support, warehouse work, and many more. Amazon is the ideal place for you if you’re seeking flexible employment with an outstanding salary and perks.

Online Remote Jobs

According to research, remote workers are generally more productive, happier, and earn more money than their non-remote colleagues. Online remote jobs are available in all types of industries from marketing to education to healthcare. The remote jobs include tutor jobs, data entry, online transcription jobs, translation jobs, coding jobs, medical billing jobs, web developers, and android developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What work can I do from home in Pakistan?

Online jobs Pakistan include online bidder (Upwork/Fiver), online tutoring jobs, online sales officer, business development, accounting analyst, amazon specialist, marketing manager, digital marketing manager, eMarketing manager, content creator, research officer, relationship manager,s and many others. Females can also earn through these online jobs from home.

What is the most common online job?

Some common part-time online jobs include data analyst, web developer, nurse, medical coder, UX designer, and case manager.

Do online jobs really pay?

It is easy to earn a little money at your leisure because there are so many reliable work sites online. You won’t get wealthy overnight working from one of these legitimate online job sites, but you will be able to pay your expenses and purchase your desired Android game.

What jobs can I do online?

There is a wide range of part-time jobs online for earning without leaving home. These include online tutoring jobs, online bidder (Upwork/Fiver), online sales officer, business development, accounting analyst, amazon specialist, marketing manager, digital marketing manager, eMarketing manager, content creator, research officer, and relationship manager.

Which online job is best?

Online jobs that require no or little experience like proofreading, blogging, conducting online surveys, running YouTube channels, etc. are the best jobs.

What kind of jobs can you do from home UK?

People in the UK search for jobs that allow them to work from home in an effort to enhance their income. Some of the online jobs UK include freelance writer, virtual assistant, graphic designer, tech support, customer service, and survey taker. There are also different platforms that offer online jobs including