Veet Academy
Veet Academy

Veet Academy (VA) is an institute that helps reveal beautiful best to enable girls to cherish their femininity. It aspires to transform every girl into a successful, passionate and confident individual, who conquers her fears and manifests dreams into reality. In order to have a complete personality, VA believes that every girl should have a bit of some basic values that represent your personality flawless and immediately acceptable in the society.

Initiated by:Veet Pakistan
Supported by:Reckitt Bankizer
Moto: helps reveal beautiful best to enable girls to cherish their femininity.
Reality show, Drama, Film, Fashion show:Miss veet Pakistan Pageant
Courses:Confidence Building, Top to Toe Beauty, Intelligent Behavior, Effective Communication Health and Fitness
Celebrities:Sarwat Gillani, Amina Sheikh, Massarat Misbah, Hareem Farooq and Sidra Iqbal
Mission:Miss Veet Pakistan is on the mission to make all the girls beautiful, giving them an opportunity to succeed.
Mediums:On Ground, Digital and Annual event

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About Veet

Veet is the leading name in depilatory products with over 80 years’ experience of developing safe, effective hair removal products that are successfully used by over 30 million women across the world, every year. 

About Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt benkiser
Reckitt Benckiser plc (RB) is a British multinational consumer goods company headquartered in Slough, England. It is a producer of health, hygiene and home products. 

Purpose of Veet Academy

Fahad Ashraf, Marketing Director of Reckitt, pointed out that most girls across the country do not have the privilege of receiving such basic knowledge and we all know that there are barely any schools or institutes out there that educate their students on personal care. The Veet Academy will also establish an online platform any young girl can reach out to and learn about the same, and much more. The ‘Veet Academy’, a mentorship program which aims to provide guidance to young girls in terms of health, fitness, confidence, presentation and other such categories. [1] Purpose

5 Vs

The top 5 basic values on which Veet academy is focusing are:

  1. Confidence
  2. Charm
  3. Intelligence 
  4. Good communication skills  
  5. A healthy lifestyle

5 Experts

For these five values, VA has chosen celebrity experts that are the living examples of each one of them. These celebrities include:

  1. Sarwat Gillani
  2. Amina Sheikh
  3. Massarat Misbah
  4. Hareem Farooq
  5. Sidra Iqbal


Courses which are taught by celebrity experts at Veet academy are:

  1. Confidence Building 
  2. Top to Toe Beauty 
  3. Intelligent Behavior
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Health and Fitness

Experts described pros of courses

The Experts at Veet academy described the outlines to explain how these courses help females to improve and groom their personality

Sarwat Gillani

sarwat gillani
Sarwat Gillani a big name of our industry,  help girls to boost their confidence. The course Confidence Building l help to boost their self-esteem to become a driven woman. Break away from societal pressures and those voices in your head making you doubt what you do. If you learn to love and accept yourself, you’ll be on the right track. The course aims to improve socialization skills, etiquettes, self-worth, and self-presentation. [2] Sarwat   

Massarat Misbah

Massart Misbah
Beauty expert Massarat Misbah a renowned name of the beauty world,  do what she is best at. The course Top to Toe Beauty explores why it takes effort and skill to look and feel your best. Only you have the power to give it yourself. Hygiene comes first and foremost. Hair and skin are also the main focus for most women and if the right steps are taken, you can expect to maintain good looks for a very long time. Once these are in place, you can work on your personal style by referring to the right fashion tips for you. 

Aamina Sheikh

Amina Sheikh
Amina Sheikh is known for her brilliant looks and talented personality. The course, Intelligent Behavior is a journey worth stepping into. It helps in all walks of life and once you master the art, you are sure to become a smart, independent woman others will look up to. Become a go-getter, confident enough to take up initiatives by walking the journey of self-exploration and growth. [3] sheikh 

Sidra Iqbal

Sidra iqbal
Sidra Iqbal is a development and a corporate trainer.The course Effective Communication will lead you on the road to becoming an excellent and effective communicator. It may seem like a difficult skill to acquire, but practise can help a great deal. Connecting through emotion is what makes you a relatable and respectable communicator, who is able to get their message across in a confident and professional manner. 

Hareem Farooq

Hareem farooq
Hareem farooq is a television and film actress. The course Health and Fitness suggests that working out and eating right may seem like the ingredients to a healthy you, but it doesn’t stop there. Maintaining discipline and keeping your mind free of stress also results in a healthier, happier you. So avoid starving yourself and start proper practices to ensure you achieve your body and lifestyle goals. [4] hareem  

Mediums to approach girls

Veet Academy is a platform that aims to give every Pakistani girl the opportunity to get trained by the country’s top celebrities and trainers; and transform themselves to the very best that they can be.
Veet Academy is reaching to the girls of Pakistan via three critical mediums:

  • On ground: Reaching 1 million girls via Schools and Colleges
  • Digital: Through interactive posts via Facebook
  • Annual event called Miss Veet Pakistan

Miss Veet Pakistan

Miss Veet Pakistan
Miss Veet Pakistan is on the mission to make all the girls beautiful, giving them an opportunity to succeed.” said Maha Changez, Brand Manager, Veet. The winner of Miss Veet gets a chance to become a Veet brand ambassador by signing a contract worth one million rupees. Earlier it was known as ‘Miss Veet Super Model’. Veet Pakistan revamped its ‘Miss Veet Super Model’ format to ‘Miss Veet Pakistan’ this year, the main difference being to find an all rounder female representative, from any field or walk of life.  
This latest venture definitely feels more promising and meaningful than Veet’s previous shows and such. The success of it mostly depends on logistics, and whether this is mainly a marketing ploy or a sincere effort to extend a platform to mentor young girls in Pakistan, time will tell. We will be following the story.