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Urdu 1

Urdu 1 (Urdu: اردو 1‎) (sometimes spelled as Urdu1), also known as Urdu 1 Channel is an Urdu language Pakistani television network, owned by Media Alliance, which is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The channel’s transmission became available in Pakistan on 12 June 2012, with regular transmission beginning 23 June 2012.URDU1 is a General Entertainment Channel broadcast from Dubai, UAE, for the Urdu speaking population across the globe. We firmly believe in providing viewers with premium quality content and have successfully taken entertainment to new heights. [1] urdu one summery

Name:Urdu 1
Launched:Started on June 1, 2012
In Urdu:اردو 1
Owned by:Media Alliance FZ-LLC
Picture format:4:3 (576i, SDTV)
Headquarter:Dubai, UAE
Availability:Satellite , Cable
Satellite:Sky (UK & Ireland) Channel TBA
Cable:Nayatel HD box 113
Cable:Nayatel Channel 46
Urdu 1 Office Address:5th Floor,Bahria Complex 1,M.T. Khan Road,Karachi.
Urdu 1 Office Contact Number:+92 300 2634838
Urdu 1 Office Email:[email protected]
Facebook Fan Page :https://www.facebook.com/urdu1tv/
Twitter Handle:https://twitter.com/Urdu1tv
YouTube Channel:youtube.com/user/Urdu1TV?
Mobile Number:92-300-2634838
Film Distribution:Ek Thi Marium (2016), Actor In Law (2016), Salute (2016), Mehrunisa V Lub U (2017), Na Maloom Afraad 2 (2017)
United kingdom London:Email: [email protected]
UAE Dubai:Email:[email protected]
Pakistan Karachi:Email: [email protected]

About Urdu 1

URDU1’s broadcast became available in Pakistan in June 2012 and within a few months it became the No.1 general entertainment channel. Adopting an ingenious method of blending foreign and local content, we took the industry by surprise with exceptional program ratings and were labelled as the trendsetting brand.


URDU1 holds license to the famed international franchises of MasterChef and The Voice. The successful broadcast of MasterChef Pakistan has earned us significant accolades, paving way to Season 2 of the franchise which is planned to go into production very soon. The much anticipated The Voice is expected to follow right after.


The acclaimed venture into the world of films with the launch of URDU1 PICTURES denotes the brand’s vision and the potential it carries within.  Our first two projects EK THI MARIUM and ACTOR IN LAW are a clear testament that we strive to deliver only the best to our viewers and it is this belief that fuels us.
We have also stepped into the realms of fashion teaming up with Pakistan’s fashion and design councils, producing non-stop fashion extravaganzas.
The channel follows a strict policy in maintaining its aesthetics and visual persona, and stands out with its look and feel.
URDU1 is owned and operated by Alliance Media FZ-LLC Dubai. [2] About Urdu 1


  •  Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Soap)
  •  Be Aib
  • Ek Pal Ka Malal (Soap)
  •  Dukh Sukh
  •  Khoobsurat
  •  Ahsas
  •  Shehrnaaz
  •  Ishq
  • کوسم سلطان (Kosem Sultan)
  •  Meher Aur Meherban
  •  Feriha
  •  Jackson Heights
  •  Ishq Barra Be-Iman Hai
  • Aashiyana Meri Mohabbat Ka
  •  Jab We Wed

[3] Programs urdu 1

UDRU 1 Pictures

Pakistani Film Industry is going through a renaissance. Keeping the spirit of the renaissance alive and to support and contribute to this revival URDU 1 PICTURES was conceived January 2016. URDU1 PICTURES established itself as one of the premiere film companies of Pakistan in September 2016 with the release of the biggest Pakistani film of the year and second highest grossing Pakistani film ever; Actor in Law. A sense of pride and achievement for URDU1 PICTURES.
URDU1 PICTURES has now firmly placed itself as one of the leading Film Distribution Companies of Pakistan and is eager to build on this solid platform from here onwards to becoming the leading Film Company in the country.
URDU1 PICTURES is currently providing services in Film Productions, Film Distribution and Marketing.
URDU1 PICTURES is determined to build on its strong launch and endeavours to nurture the screens of Pakistani cinema with stories of the land, highlighting the culture, veritably making everyone more connected to their roots and identity. [4] UDRU! Pictures:


  1. Nazo
  2. Mujhy Jeenay Do 
  3. Ishqbaaz 
  4. Naamkaran 
  5. Ye hain Muhabbtain 
  6. Yeh Rishta Kiya Kehlata Hai
  7. Mein Ayesha Gul
  8.  Kosem Sultan Season 2 
  9. Gustakh Ishq
  10. Baaghi
  11. Ek Haseena Ek Dewana
  12. Be Inteha

Film Distribution

Urdu 1 started film distribution in 2016 under banner of Urdu 1 Pictures.

  • Ek Thi Marium (2016)
  • Actor In Law (2016)
  • Mehrunisa V Lub U
  • Salute (2016) [5] Film distribution


UAE Dubai

  • Alliance Media FZ-LLC
  • For official / business related queries: [email protected]
  • For content related queries / comments: [email protected]
  • Postal Address: Office 403, 4th Floor, Block D, Studio City, Dubai, UAE, POBox 478814

Pakistan Karachi

  • Horizon Media (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Postal Address: 5th Floor, Bahria Complex I, M.T. Khan Road, Karachi

United Kingdom London

  • Alliance Media Limited
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Postal Address: Vista Business Centre, 10th Floor, Salisbury Road, Hounslow, Greater London, 


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