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2017-06-05 04:03:17University Of Balochistan
The University of Balochistan offers graduate, postgraduate, doctoral and advanced programs of studies in various disciplines i-e Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Business & Public Administration, Computer etc. The students of this University share some key characteristics: high talent, leadership quality and commitment for accomplishment of tasks.

The University is equipped with the state of the art scientific equipped and well qualified faculty with in the Pakistan and abroad. The courses in different discipline of Science and Arts are designed to emphasize on research. Students are encouraged to think creatively and communicate their ideas effectivelyThe Science & Technology plays a vital role in the development of a country. Any nation cant progress with out the help of trained professionals in Science & Technology. At the University of Balochistan students are trained in the area of Natural, Physical, Chemical & Biological Sciences.

The employers can recruit employees as per demand of their operation; the University of Balochistan produce human resource frequent in Pushto, Balochi, Baruhi and Persian languages for better communication with the local population. Human and Social Sciences departments of this University may help employers for launching their development strategies. [1] University of Balochistan 
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  • Motto:

    O' God, Increase my Knowledge. Facilitating Institutes of higher learning to serve as an Engine of Growth for the Socio-Economic Development of Pakistan.Who has taught (writing) by the Pen, has taught Man that which he Knew Not.

  • Motto In Urdu::

    رَبِّ زدْنيِ عِلْماً

  • Type:

    Education Institution public

  • Founded::

    June 1970

  • Established:

    the University of Balochistan was established in June 1970 through an ordinance issued by the then National Awami Party's (Wali Khan Group) Governor of the newly made province of Balochistan. In June 1996, the Balochistan Assembly passed the University of Balochistan Act, 1996.

  • Chancellor:

    Governor of Balochistan

  • Vice Chancellor:

    Prof. Dr. Javeid Iqba

  • Academic staff:


  • Students:


  • Location:

    The University of Balochistan, is a public university located in the downtown area of Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan

  • Address::


  • Headquarter:

    Balochistan, Pakistan

  • Campus:


  • Parent Institution::

    Balochistan Institutes of higher learning to serve as an Engine

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  • Registrar::

    Tariq Jogeza

  • Website:

  • Phone::

    (081) 9211420


University of Balochistan Profile
University of Balochistan Profile


The University of Balochistan was established in June-1970 through an Ordinance issued by the then Governor Balochistan. In June 1996, the Balochistan Assembly passed an ACT called the University of Balochistan ACT 1996. Thus the University of Balochistan became the sole general University of the Province imparting Higher Education to the entire population of the province in Science, Arts and Humanities. The University initially started with three departments i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Geology. With the passage of time, we have now 34 departments, Two Institutes (Institute of Management Sciences and Institute of Bio-Chemistry) and five specialized centers (Center of Excellence in Mineralogy, Pakistan Study Center, Area Study Center, Balochistan Study Center, Center for Advance Studies in Vaccinology and Bio-Technology) of higher studies and research, one constituent Law College and 88 affiliated colleges including an Agriculture College, Bolan Medical College and the Command and Staff College, Quetta. Four year Bs program has only been started in the Department of Geology, Computer Science, Micro-Biology and Education. In almost all the remaining teaching department Master program is being pursued. The current enrolment is over 6,000 in 41 degree (7 undergraduate and 35 graduate) programs. Admission is given to the local as well as domicile residents of the province on the following basis:-
  1. a. Open Merit Balochistan 10%.
  2. b. Open merit Quetta District 15%.
  3. c. Open Merit: District other than Quetta. 75%.
  4. d. A number of seats are also reserved for other disciplines.
The University of Balochistan campus is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified. [2] University Profile

Vice Chancellors Message

Vice Chancellor's Message
Vice Chancellor's Message
Anyone who has been involved with higher education cannot undermine the fact that there is a change underway in our higher education system. Multifariously, the transformation mirrors that of the economy as a whole. No longer can a university isolate itself from the outside world. Higher education is in the midst of a major transformation that is fundamentally redefining the relationship of universities to the broader community. This transformation is occurring at every level of higher education, from undergraduate to research-intensive doctoral domains. It is becoming an increasingly global phenomenon as universities around the world seek to redefine themselves in ways that will enable them to become significant actors in the modern, knowledge-based economy. Keeping itself congruent to these transformations BUITEMS is becoming fully integrated member of its community and environment in ways large and small, contributing to the physical environment through campus architecture and the cultural environment by fostering creativity and expression. The University and its community have become inextricably linked through economic and geographic ties. This evolving relationship presents both sides with opportunities and challenges, and BUITEMS realizes that a spirit of cooperation can yield mutually beneficial results for all stakeholders; the University may need to expand its campus, and a city may be looking to revitalize an industrial zone, or a small business may be looking to expand its sales. It has been proven internationally through extensive case studies, that maintenance of positive relationships between universities and their publics add value to a university itself and the communities they serve. The presence of a university can have both a direct and indirect impact in bringing economic development and opportunity to a region. I have found that the quality of an area’s educational system, particularly higher education, can be the difference-maker when negotiating economic development deals such as CPEC’s ubiquity within the province of Balochistan. Within BUITEMS currently, there is a growing interest in considering how best to assist the learning for professional occupations across region. This interest is arising from the increased emphasis within the University on programs that aim to prepare students for specific occupational outcomes usually for the professions, and growing expectations that these graduates will be job ready and able to engage in and move smoothly into effectively practicing their profession. Consequently, today, BUITEMS graduates are increasingly expected to possess the capacities to make a smooth transition into effective professional practice. All of this is made possible through educational programs that are being developed at the University with occupationally specific forms of conceptual, procedural, and dispositional capacities that comprise the canonical knowledge of the occupation and efforts have been directed to inculcate a reflexively critical capacity that prepares BUITEMS students to monitor, evaluate, and improve practice across working life. The distinctive features of any entrepreneurial university are the strengthened steering core, the expanded developmental periphery, the diversified funding base, the stimulated academic heartland and the integrated entrepreneurial culture. These all reflect the product of a self-directed autonomy which innately encompass self-confidence. In the pursuit of self-sufficiency and self-directed autonomy rather than derived autonomy, BUITEMS is also developing programs at academic peripheries, such as entrepreneurial programs to promote young start-ups. The ultimate idea is that the periphery, through generating resources, can protect the agile, creative and efficient young human talent anticipating opportunities to thrive. This idea resides at the core of the University. Within these, though slightly ahead of their embryonic stage, entrepreneurial incubators at the University are equally assertive in supporting faculty involvement outside research ventures, often as individual entrepreneurs, having invested in people and infrastructure, both administrative and facilities. There are new norms in areas such as information technology, fund raising, research administration, diversity, and international affairs. BUITEMS has managed various ethical challenges associated with research funding and in commercializing the University’s research. The University consider these challenges as impetus for steering the direction in on coming years for the sake of uplifting students, faculty and our society. [3] Vice Chancellor's Message Engr. Ahmed Farooq Bazai (SI)
  • Vice Chancellor,
  • Sitara-e-Imtiaz
  • Education Leadership Award
  • The Name in Science Award
  • Visionary Leader Award
  • International SOCRATES Awards
  • World Education Congress - ASIA Awards


University of Chancellor
University of Chancellor
To be a model public University providing affordable, quality, higher education opportunities to develop the potentially rich human resource in Balochistan through knowledge centered teaching and research while maintaining and fostering high levels of ethical and professional standards and promoting national identity. [4] University Vision

Mission Statement

  •  Functioning as a student-centric institution dedicated to academic excellence, tolerance and fairness.
  •  Maintaining and fostering highest ethical and professional values while teaching students to seek knowledge analytically, be creative, communicate effectively and become technologically literate to  meet the emerging needs of our society within the global village.
  •  Ensuring and supporting faculty and staff to continue their professional and intellectual development. 
  •  Functioning as a student-centric institution dedicated to academic excellence, tolerance and fairness.
  •  Maintaining and fostering highest ethical and professional values while teaching students to seek knowledge analytically, be creative, communicate effectively and become technologically literate to  meet the emerging needs of our society within the global village.
  •  Ensuring and supporting faculty and staff to continue their professional and intellectual development. [5] Mission Statement


Being the oldest institute of higher learning in the province, the University of Balochistan aims to:-
  •  Enhance the existing capacity of vaccine production, research capacity of the faculty of Center of Advanced Studies in Vaccinology and Bio-technology (CASVAB) and upgrade it by giving it autonomy  and make it a financially sustainable body in future.
  •  Explore and exploit the indigenous mineral and energy resources of the province of the Balochistan 
  •  Its short term ambition is to be rated amongst the top TEN Universities of the country.
  •  The long-term goal is to be initially grouped/included in the top 500 Universities/Institutions of the world. [6] University Goals


Authorities: The following shall be the authorities of the University.
  • The Senate.
  • The Syndicate.
  • The Academic Council.
  • The Board of Faculties.
  • The Board of Studies.
  • The Selection Board.
  • The Advanced Studies and Research Board.
  • The Finance and Planning Committee.
  • The Affiliation Committee.
  • The Discipline Committee. [7] AUTHORITIES OF THE UNIVERSITY 

Current Faculties Academic Programs

Faculty of Management Science

  • Commerce 
  • IMS 
  • Economics 
  • Computer Science 
  • Library and Information Science [8] Management Science 

Faculty of Social Science

Pol. Science
  • Sociality
  • Social work
  • IR
  • Law 
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Balochcistan Studies

Faculty of Education Humanities

  • Media & Journalism 
  • Gender Studies
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Fine Arts
  • Islamic Studies
  • Area studies center [10] Faculty of Education 

Faculty of Literature Language

  • Pashto 
  • Brahvi
  • Balochi
  • Persian
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Urdu Literature [11]  Literature & Language 

Faculty of Basic Science

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics

Faculty of Earth Environment

  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Environmental Science
  • Center of Excellence Mineralogy science

Faculty of life Sciences

  • Bio - Chemistry
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Pharmacy 
  • Micro biology

Growth in number of departments

The University started with 3 departments in 1971 and over the period of 41 years the number of department has reached to 34 described above and 04 Centres plus two institutes. The average annual growth rate is almost one per year.Family accommodation for all categories of Faculty and supporting staff
  • B-Type residences - 14 Nos.
  • C-Type residences – 16 Nos.
  • Duplex Type res: - 10 Nos.
  • D-Type residences – 64 Nos.
  • E-Type residences – 64 Nos.
  • F-Type residences – 16 Nos.
  • G-Type residences – 77 Nos.
  • Flats (two bedded) – 28 Nos.
  • Family Hostel – 12 suites & 44 rooms.
  • Girls Hostel – 61 rooms.
  • Guest House – 2 bedded
  • Visiting faculty Hostel – 8 suites and 4 bedrooms.
  • Students Hostel – 15 blocks 9 (2100 students or 1/3rd of total enrolled students).
  • Girls Hostel – 1 block, ground plus two storeys. (310 students) [12] University Of Balochistan


  • History has its applications to everyday life and its applications are far reaching. This is what makes history the great subject that one can study. The simplest and truest reasoning to study history is that it makes one more intelligent and capable of achieving the following goals;History can provide a distinctive education by providing a sense of the past, an awareness of the development of differing values, systems and societies and tolerance in personal attitudes.
  • A society cannot progress without a clear and proper understanding of its past. If there is a clear understanding of a society's past successes, there will be a clear understanding of how to duplicate them; if there is a clear understanding of the causes of its decline in present times, there will be a greater understanding of how not to duplicate them.
  • Important abilities and qualities of mind are acquired through the study of History. They are particularly valuable for the graduates to be good citizens and are readily transferable to many occupations and careers.
  • History may be applied to all levels of humanity from the individual to the group. History is the leader in interpersonal and inter-communal affairs. Individuals and societies can use history to justify and legitimize their actions and decisions.
  • Giving space to provincial and regional histories, a reasonable space, focusing on customs, conventions, cultural heritage of different areas constituting Pakistan.
  • History provides students with skills that will be of value after leaving university i.e. in learning to absorb, analyze and assess a wide variety of viewpoints, in learning to express argument in oral and written form, and in learning to think and work both independently and in co-operation with others. In short students of history may be able to acquire skills which employers in all fields recognize. [13] DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY 

Performance of Department

During the last 19 years the department has produced around 600 M.A students, beside these more than 3000 private candidates including civilians and army officers have obtained M.A degree. These valuable graduates are serving in Civil Services of Pakistan and Balochistan, in various NGO’s, IGO’s and as well in abroad etc. Faculty of the department frequently participates in Seminars, Conferences, publishes Research Papers in journals of international repute and participates in training, workshops. [14] Performance of Department 

Future Prospects of Growth and Developments

In pursuance of the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad’s New Policy and in the light of the National Curriculum Revision Committee’s comments and suggestion the History Department, University of Balochistan, Quetta, has planned for the adoption of 4-Years B.S Program as per the new policy of the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. Moreover, the department has also intended to commence M.Phil and Ph.D research programs in near future years. [15]  Prospects of Growth 

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