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2017-06-07 00:09:59The Madina University | The University Of Faisalabad
The founder created this facility to provide quality education in professional areas to meet the educational needs of the people in and around Faisalabad. The University has two Campuses i.e. Health Sciences Campus and Engineering Campus.

In March 2012, Higher Education Commission ranked Universities for the first time on the basis of Implementation of Quality Assurance Criteria, Teaching Quality and Research.
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  • Motto:

    O' God, Increase my Knowledge. Facilitating Institutes of higher learning to serve as an Engine of Growth for the Socio-Economic Development of Pakistan.Who has taught (writing) by the Pen, has taught Man that which he Knew Not.

  • Motto In Urdu::

    رَبِّ زدْنيِ عِلْماً (Arabic)

  • Type:

    Private Education Institution public

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  • Chancellor:

    Muhammad Rafique Randhawa (Governor Punjab

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  • Rector::

    Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed

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  • Administrative staff:


  • Students:


  • Mission Statement:

    Pursue excellence in Education & Research with a futuristic approach and inculcate among the youth qualities of leadership and Innovation guided by the teachings of Islam. [6]

  • Undergraduates:


  • Postgraduates:


  • Location:

    Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

  • Headquarter:

    Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

  • Campus:

    Health Sciences Campus (For Female) , Engineering Campus (For Boys)

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  • Affiliation:

    Higher Education Commission Pakistan Engineering Council Pakistan Medical & Dental Council

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Madina University Profile
Madina University Profile
The University of Faisalabad was established in the year 2002 under the auspices of Madinah Foundation, a not-for-profit philanthropic organization, in the light of the vision "Industry, Service, Education" of its founder Chairman, Haji Muhammad Saleem (Late). The founder created this facility to provide quality education in professional areas to meet the educational needs of the people in and around Faisalabad. The University has two Campuses i.e. Health Sciences Campus and Engineering Campus. In March 2012, Higher Education Commission ranked Universities for the first time on the basis of Implementation of Quality Assurance Criteria, Teaching Quality and Research. The University got Second Position in its category. The University of Faisalabad secured First Position in HEC ranking in its category of "General Universities (Small)" during 2013. HEC categorized TUF in the highest category W4 in March 2013. We got 14th position among all General Universities of Pakistan and placed 3rd among private sector universities in 2014 HEC ranking. [1] Madina University

Governor of the Punjab

Governor of the Punjab
Governor of the Punjab
It is heartening to know that The University of Faisalabad has been growing steadily since its inception in 2002. The University, during the last fifteen years, has shown significant progress as a centre of learning by not only developing relevant degree programmes but also by providing modern infrastructure, laboratory equipment, IT laboratories etc. I am delighted to note that the University has extended its reach to the disciplines relating to Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Management Studies, Sciences & Arts and Social Sciences. Performance of the University is a reflection of its efforts to continually up-grade on-campus facilities and curricula in line with the changing trends and requirements. I have been told that the University is maintaining active linkages with the industry. The industry provides services which in turn helps the university for updating its teaching facilities to meet growing needs of the industry and pave ways for meaningful research. This reciprocal association helps students to get a comprehensive knowledge which ultimately proves as a catalyst for learning and building up their careers. I appreciate the Rector, Faculty and Management of the University for their diligent efforts and missionary approach. I feel confident that the University will continue its journey to become one of the best institutions in this part of the World. [2] Governor of the Punjab 

Chairman BOG

Chairman BOG
Chairman BOG
The efforts are finally paying off. Today, by the grace of Allah Almighty, The University of Faisalabad has achieved what it has long been aiming to excel in education, research and infrastructure. It was a steady walk through an abyss of obstacles that led us to the 14th Position in all General Universities in Pakistan and 3rd in Private Sector Universities according to HEC Ranking 2015. During the past thirteen years since its establishment, the university has shown manifold growth. Facilities for the existing programs have been strengthened while more programs in emerging disciplines under faculties of Health Sciences and Engineering have been launched. Moreover, Post Graduate programs in Engineering, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, Management Studies and Arabic & Islamic Sciences have been initiated. The University of Faisalabad launched Educational Radio Channel TUFIANS FM 96.6 during 2014. This will go a long way for the development of student’s perception about electronic media and mass communication. The well thought out mix of educational, information, knowledge and entertainment programs will broaden their outlook, and also benefit the population of the surrounding areas. Our prime focus is to enhance quality education and research in the fields of Medical, Health Sciences, Engineering, Management and Social Sciences. Our aim is to produce skilled workforce that can successfully become part of the modern stream of organizations. Highly qualified and experienced faculty members  well equipped laboratories and libraries help the learners in transforming themselves into well educated and responsible citizens with promising future. This task is accomplished through seminars, industrial tours, career counseling and visits from prominent industrialists who guide the students on the basis of their experiences. The Board of Governors, Management and Faculty members strive collectively as a team to achieve the designated goal of providing quality education to the students. I am confident that The University of Faisalabad will find new avenues to get world-wide recognition, and will continue to contribute towards empowerment of our youth for social and economic development of our country. [3] Chairman BOG 


Madina University Rector
Madina University Rector
The University of Faisalabad has completed thirteen years of operation and has shown consistent growth in terms of development of infrastructure, lab facilities, and induction of highly qualified faculty. On the basis of quality teaching, quality assurance and research output Higher Education Commission (HEC), in its ranking of universities for the year 2015 has ranked the University at 14th position among all the public and private sector universities of Pakistan. The university also occupies 3rd position after LUMS and Iqra University, among all private sector universities of Pakistan. This honour has been possible with the commitment and dedication of faculty and active support of the sponsors of the university Besides offering programs in conventional fields of Health Sciences comprising of MBBS, BDS, the university has launched many professional programmes under the faculties of Medicine & Allied Health Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Management Studies, Sciences and Arts & Social Sciences. These progrmmes are accredited by their respective councils. The initiation of new professional programmes is a step ahead to cater the needs of students. The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) of the university is quite dynamic and is contributing for improving the quality teaching. The students are motivated to take active part in community services during national calamities like floods, earth quakes, drought and also mass marriages. In order to expand our base for dissemination of knowledge the university has established an educational Radio Channel FM 96.6 for broadcasting various university programs, lectures of university professionals in Health Sciences, Engineering and other Allied fields. The students are encouraged to take active part in sports, athletic competitions and declamation contests organized by HEC, Youth Festival. Facilities for indoor and outdoor games have been provided in both campuses. The students have shown remarkable performance in such competitions. The University of Faisalabad is the best choice for students wishing to pursue dynamic career in professional life.I assure them that their stay in this university would be highly rewarding. [4] Madina University Rector

Vision Mission

Vision Statement

To be a leading educational institution characterized by:
  1. An intellectual environment conducive for innovative teaching and learning.
  2. A culture of research to address the challenges faced by Pakistan.
  3. Top quality professional Faculty meeting the local and global educational requirements.
  4. Emphasis on Islamic / ethical values for inculcating love, patriotism and service to humanity. [5] Vision Statement 

Mission Statement

Pursue excellence in Education & Research with a futuristic approach and inculcate among the youth qualities of leadership and Innovation guided by the teachings of Islam. [6] Mission Statement 


Health Sciences Campus For Female

  1. Sargodha Road University Town, Faisalabad
  2. Tel.:+92 041-8868326-30, Fax: +92 041 8868220
  3. Email:

Engineering Campus For Boys

  1. West Cannal Road, Faisal Town
  2. Tel:+92 041-8750971-5, Fax: +92 041 8750970
  3. Email:

Collaborations with Foregin

Universities and RD Organizations

The University of Faisalabad encourages collaborations with other universities and academic institutions. All of our schools are actively involved in collaboration with other universities and R&D organizations in the country and abroad.
  1. Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia (VU)
  2. Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand (AIT)
  3. The University of Bradford (UOB), United Kingdom
  4. University of Health Sciences (UHS)
  5. University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF)
  6. National Fertilizer Corporation – Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research
  7. International Islamic University, Islamabad
  8. The Society of Dyers and Colourists, UK
  9. National Productivity Organization (NPO), Ministry of Industry, Production & Special Initiatives, Government of Pakistan
  10. Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Development Authority (SMEDA)
  11. Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI)
  12. Oiltek Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  13. NG Metalurgica, Ltda, Brazil
  14. Guangzhou Guangzhong Enterprise Group Corporation, China
  15. National Foundation for Resource Development
  16. SPRAY Engineering Devices Limited, India
  17. Gift University, Gujranwala
  18. University of Idaho, USA
  19. University of Lahore
  20. King Edward Medical University Lahore
  21. National Institute for Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering (NIBGE) Faisalabad
  22. Istanbul Medeniyet University Turkey
  23. Association of Business Executives UK
  24. Kotler Impect,globally renowned strategic marketing community [7] University FSD

Academic Programs

All programs are based on internationally recognized semester system of teaching and assessment. Following degree programs are being offered:

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)
  2. Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  3. Doctor of Optometry (OD)
  4. Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics (DND)
  5. Doctor of Radiology
  6. Doctor of Ultrasonography
  7. Doctor of Community Medicine
  8. Doctor of Dermatology
  9. Doctor of Pathology
  10. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BEE) - Specialization in Electronics,Power,Computer System
  11. Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (BChE)
  12. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE)
  13. BS Software Engineering
  14. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  15. BS Computer Science (BSCS)
  16. Bachelor of Science in Islamic Sciences (BSIS)
  17. Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (BSID)
  18. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  19. Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences [8] Undergraduate Programs 

Graduate Programs

  1. PhD Electrical Engineering
  2. PhD Biochemistry
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Sciences (PhD IS)
  4. Master of Philosophy in Physical Therapy ( MPhil Physical Therapy )
  5. Master of Philosophy in Optometry (MPhil Optometry)
  6. MPhil Nutrition & Dietetics
  7. MPhil Islamic Studies
  8. Master of Philosophy in Biochemistry (MPBC)
  9. Master of Philosophy in Islamic Studies (MPI)
  10. MS Electrical Engineering
  11. MS Management
  12. MBA (Regular & Executive)
  13. MA Islamic Sciences
  14. MA English [9] Graduate Programs 

Library Rules

  1. Leave your personal belongings at the reserved place.
  2. Take care of your belongings as library disclaims any responsibility for any loss.
  3. Keep cell phones on silent mode/switch off within library premises.
  4. Gossiping, cell phone calls, sleeping, drinking, eating, smoking and chatting is strictly prohibited.
  5. Submit library material(s) for inspection, if asked.
  6. Underlining, marking, folding and tearing the pages of books is prohibited.
  7. Leave the library materials on table after consulting/ reading them.
  8. Library membership could be suspended or canceled along with a penalty in the following cases:
  9. Nonpayment of library fine.
  10. Theft of library material.
  11. Non returning of the temporary issued materials within due time.
  12. Any kind of disturbance in library.
  13. Misconduct with the library staff.
  14. Breaching of established library rules and norms. [10] Library Rules 

All library users are required to

  1. Display University Student ID cards.
  2. Switch off the cell phone.
  3. Enter in formal dress.

Tests Examinations and Evaluation

  1. In each semester, students are required to appear in quizzes, mid semester examinations, final semester examinations, will  give presentations,and will participate in group discussions, and submit projects/assignments/lab reports.
  2. The teacher will be responsible for students evaluation and grading as per the following weight-age:
  3. Sessional Marks 20%
  4. Mid Semester Examination 30%
  5. Final Semester Examination 50%
  6. Sessional marks may comprise of test(s) / quiz(s) / assignment(s) / presentation(s) / class participation. The course teacher will decide the marks distribution according to the nature of the course.
  7. Mid Semester Examination will be conducted after eight weeks of teaching during a semester from the syllabus prescribed for the mid examination.
  8. Final Semester Examination covering the full syllabus with at least 20% of the course of mid examination as well, shall be held at the end of each semester.
  9. Note: In Anatomy course the distribution will be 25% for stages, 25% for sub stages and 50% for final examination. [11] Examinations and Evaluation 

Evaluation of Practicals

  1. Practicals shall be assessed by the concerned teacher/internal examiners, except where there is a specific requirement from Accreditation Council. In that case the recommendation by the respective council shall take precedence.
  2. Furthermore this assessment shall be based on evaluation in two parts.
  3. Continuous assessment based on each practical- (conduct of = 50% practical by steps, notes, notebook) Final Practical /Viva Voice= 50%.
  4. Project/thesis shall always be assessed by a panel of examiners including one external and at least one internal examiner appointed by Rector on the recommendations of Board of Studies.
  5. Project shall be completed within the specified period as notified by the Head of School.
  6. In case of extension, the student shall have to enroll in the next semester and pay the semester fee.
  7. The passing marks criteria in each course shall be 50%.

Students Activities

The University emphasis on such development activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. University organizes different sort of meaningful lectures, seminars, workshops symposia, debates, declamation contests, awareness walks, literary programs, poster competitions, photography and quiz competitions that provide a platform to the students where they can demonstrate their talent and creativity. Following societies are run by the students:
  1. Religious Society
  2. Literary Society
  3. Cultural Society
  4. Community Services Society
  5. Dramatic Society
  6. Musical Society
  7. Art Society
  8. Publication Society
  9. Sports Society
  10. Blood Donors Society
  11. Model United Nation Society
  12. Photography Society
  13. Adventure Society
  14. Student Welfare Society
  15. Character Building Society
  16. Rehabilitation Society
Faculty members supervise these societies and provide guidance to nurture an individual’s intellect, and character and value system. Students are encouraged to interact with faculty related to academic affairs and co-curricular activities. [12] Students Activities 

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