Syed Moosa Raza (Santosh Kumar)
Syed Moosa Raza (Santosh Kumar)

Syed Moosa Raza also famous as Santosh Kumar is known as first romantic hero of Pakistani film industry. He worked in 1950’s and 60’s. He was the son of Syed Dawood Musa.

Name:Syed Moosa Raza
In Urdu:سید موسی رضا
Famous As:Santosh Kumar
In Urdu:سنتوش کمار
Education:Graduated from Osmania University, Hyderabad, where he passed the I.Sc. (pre-graduate course) examination with high marks.
Awards :Nigar Award for the film “Waada”.
Date:25 December 1925
Place:Lahore, British India
Spouse:Jameela Begum, Sabiha Khanum
Children:Syed Ahsan Raza
Parents:Syed Dawood Moosa
Siblings :S. Suleiman, Syed ishrat (Darpan),
Date:11 June 1982
Rest Place:Lahore
Serial & Movies
Name:Awaz, Shehri Baboo, Qatil,
Debut in Pakistan:Beli
Debut in India:Aahnsa
Professional Work
Years Active:1947
Famous Acts:Do ansoo, Shammi, Ghabroo, Akeli

Santosh and SabihaWaheed murad, sabiha and Syed moosaSantosh in movie ShammiSyed moosa with foreigners


Pakistan's first romantic hero
Syed Musa Raza better known as Santosh Kumar was a famous Pakistani film actor of 1950s and 1960s era. He belonged to a well educated family of syeds from Uttar Pradesh, India. His brother Darpan (Syed ishrat abbas) was also a renowned film actor during that period. His other brother S. Suleiman was a renowned film director. Santosh Kumar was Pakistan’s super star film hero along with Sudhir but he was the first ever top romantic hero. 


He graduated from Osmania University, Hyderabad, where he passed the I.Sc. (pre-graduate course) examination with high marks. Santosh Kumar was often offered roles in government, but he declined in favour of people he felt were better suited for such positions. [1] education

Foreign minister of the Pakistani film industry

Owing to his education and awareness, Santosh Kumar was always designated to lead the entourage to represent Pakistan in meetings held abroad, and because of this became known as the foreign minister of the Pakistani film industry. This was revealed by him in one of his interviews broadcast by the Radio Pakistan in the mid sixties.


The most Romantic dou-Sabiha and santosh
Initially, he was married to Jameela Begum, but subsequently married actress Sabiha Khanum. During the location shooting of the film ‘Wada’, Santosh-Sabiha had developed tremendous understanding. Hence they decided to marry and became hero-heroine in their real life, too !. They ‘re blessed with a son named Syed Ahsan Raza.  Santosh Kumar’s first wife, Jameela, was an highly educated, gorgeous, enlightened and a realistic lady and both Sabiha and Jameela lost no time to nurture close relationship which continues to this day. 

Film Debut

Legendary actor
In reality, he had been impatiently waiting for his appointment in the government service, when a friend encouraged him to try his luck in films. In fact, Santosh looked like a typical prince of a romantic movie. He possessed all the qualities required of a film hero: Superb facial cuts, ,more than average height, authority on Urdu and English vocabulary, quick wit, ingenious with God-gifted wisdom and praise-worthy etiquette. ‘Ahensa’ was the first film of Santosh as a hero, which was released in 1948, under the banner of Kashmir films. 

After partition

After independence, Santosh migrated to Lahore, Pakistan, along with his family. ‘Beli’ was his first film as a hero, which was picturised and released in Pakistan (‘Beli’: 1949, screen writer: Sa’adat Hasan Munto, director: Masood Pervez, who also assisted W.Z. Ahmed as his special advisor, composer: Rasheed Attray, lead actress: Shaheena, daughter of renowned composer-actor Rafiq Ghaznavi, also included were M.Ismail, Shahnawaz, Anwar Adha and Sabiha Khanum (‘Beli’ was Sabiha’s debut film). In 1948, he also appeared as a side hero in his second movie, ‘Meri Kahani’ which was released in 1949 at Nishat cinema, Karachi. Munawwar Sultana and Surender played the lead roles. In 1949, director Anwar Kamal Pasha, son of Hakeem Ahmed Shuja Pasha, established his film studio, ‘Naubahar films’ and started the location shooting of the film ‘Dou Aansoo’, which was based on a novel, ‘Baap ka gunah’, penned by his father.
‘Dou Aansoo’ was released in April 1950, in Jubilee cinema, Karachi, and it was also the first silver jubilee film of Pakistan. (Director: Anwar Kamal Pasha, assistant director: Murtaza Jeelani, who also co-ordinated with director Nazeer in his movie, ‘Sacchai’ in which Santosh performed the role of ‘Aslam’ opposite two lead actresses, Sabiha and Gulshan Ara. Other performers were Shamim Banu, Himaliya Wala, Shahnawaz, Ajmal, Fazal Shah, Azad, Alauddin, Ghazala and a new comer, comedian , Asif Jah. ‘Dou Aansoo’ not only gave a vintage quality to the performance of the entire film crew, but also proved to be a milestone in each and every participant’s career. [2] partition 

Journey to stardom

Syed moosa and sabiha in a Party at Wahees Murad's place
Mega hit movies of Santosh brought more name, fame and money for him, as he labored his way up. His ascendency to stardom paved the way through movies like: 

  • Mausiqaar, Daman, Pak Daman, Dewar Bhabi, Sham Dhalay, Shahen Shah Jehangir, Mohabbat, Anjuman, Hasrat and Ishrat.
  • In the films ‘Naila’ ‘Chingari’ and ‘Majboor’, Shamim Ara was the lead lady.
  • In the films ‘Lori’ which was a brilliant movie and a commercial success, Santosh played the lead role opposite Talat Siddiqui and Zeba.
  • In composer Khwaja Khursheed Anwar’s mega hit film ‘Ghoonghat, which is a resplendent example of great team work, Santosh was the hero opposite Nayyar Sultana in this film.
  • In ‘Sufaid Khoon’, Santosh was cast opposite Rani.
  • In’Lahu Pukaray ga’ Santosh was the hero opposite Firdous. [3] stardom

Santosh-Sabiha dou

The superhit movies starred Sabiha and Santosh are Ghulam, Qatil, Inteqam, Sarfarosh, Ishq-e Laila, Hameeda, Saath lakh, Waada, Swal, Mukra, Sardar, Saltanat.


Nigar awards

Noor jahan and Santosh kumar
Remarkably enough, the first Nigar award in the history of the Pakistan film industry was presented to Santosh for best actor for the film ‘Wada’. Afterwards, he bagged two more Nigar awards for best actor for the films ‘Ghoonghat’ and ‘Daman’. [4] nigar  

Sitara-e Imtiaz

On Aug 15,2010, The president on the occasion of Independence Day on Friday conferred the following civil awards on Pakistani citizens and foreign nationals for excellence in various fields. President then Asif Ali Zardari awarded Late Syed Musa Raza (Santosh Kumar) (Punjab) Sitara-e imtiaz in the field of art (film acting). [5] imtiaz

Unknown facts about Santosh

Santosh and sabiha
Essentially, Santosh was a principle, articulate and a sober person with his eyes always on the future. In addition, he always kept himself abreast of the situation around him. One commercially successful movie after another kept its grip on his imagination and he worked relentlessly to pursue realistic goals. 

  • Considering the changing time and trend in the 1960s film circle, he joined hands with a reputable international organization as the sales director, alongside he contributed to the Pakistani cinema as a producer and an actor, as well.
  • Furthermore, film ‘Shaam Dhalay’ was the only movie in his film career, which he produced, directed and played the lead role, as well.
  • Over and above, in Pakistan television’s popular quiz show, ‘Neelam Ghar’, Santosh won the car by answering the required number of questions through his exceptionally high I.Q. and his immense general knowledge.


Grave of Syed Moosa raza
He died on 11 June 1982 at the age of 56. He did 85 films in the span of 35 years in the Pakistan Film Industry with the filim Deewane Do(1985) as being his last one which was released after his death. The film starred Babra Sharif opposite Nadeem Sahab, who carried on the legacy of Santosh Kumar as an actor. 


 Year Film Language Cast
 1950 Beli Punjabi Shahina, Santosh Kumar, Sabiha Khanum, M. Ismael
 1950 Do Ansoo Urdu Sabiha Khanum, Santosh, Shamim, Ajmal, Allauddin
 1950 Shammi Punjabi Shammi, Santosh Kumar, Ajmal, Shola, Ghulam Mohammad
 1950 Ghabroo Punjabi Shamim, Santosh Kumar, Ajmal, Allauddin
 1951 Akeli Urdu Ragni, Santosh Kumar, Neena, Nazar, Charlie
 1951 Chann way Punjabi Noor Jehan, Santosh Kumar, Jahangir, Yasmin, Salim Raza
 1953 Ghulam Urdu Sabiha Khanum, Santosh Kumar, Shammi, Ragni
 1953 Awaz Urdu Gulshan, Santosh Kumar, Majeed, Shahnawaz
 1953 Sheri Baboo Punjabi Swaran Lata, Santosh Kumar, Nazar, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Allauddin
 1953 Mehbooba UrduShammi, Santosh Kumar, Asha Posley, M. Ismael 
 1953 Gulnaar UrduNoor Jehan, Santosh Kumar, Babbo, Zarif, Shahnawaz
 1953 Aaghosh UrduSabiha Khanum, Santosh Kumar, M. Ismael 
 1954 Rat ki bat UrduSabiha, Santosh, Gulshan Ara, Allauddin
 1955 Qatil UrduSabhia, Santosh, Musarrat Nazir, Aslam Pervez
 1955 Pattan PunjabiMusarrat Nazir, Santosh Kumar, Asha Posley, Nazar, Allauddin
 1955 Nazrana UrduRagni, Santosh, Zeenat, Nazar, Azad 
 1955 Inteqam UrduSabiha, Santosh, Shaheena, M. Ismael 
 1956 Hameeda UrduSabiha, Santosh, Ejaz, Shola, Zeenat, Nazir 
 1956 Lakht-e Jiggar UrduNoor Jehan, Santosh, Yasmin, Habib 
 1956 Qismat UrduMusarrat Nazir, Santosh, Yasmin, Majeed 
 1956 Intezaar UrduNoor Jehan, Santosh, Asha Posley, Rani Kiran, Majeed
 1956 Sarfarosh UrduSabiha, Santosh, Naeem Hashmi, Meena, Asif Jah, Ghulam Mohammad 
 1956 Miss 56 UrduMeena Shori, Santosh, Aslam Pervez, Shamim Ara 
 1957 Ishq-e Laila UrduSabiha, Santosh, Asha, Ajmal, Allauddin 
 1957 Waada UrduSabiha, Santosh, Laila, Anjum, Ilyas Kashmiri 
 1957 Sardaar UrduSabiha, Santosh, Asif Jah, Ilyas Kashmiri, Talish 
 1957 7 Lakh UrduSabhia, Santosh, Nayyer Sultana, Asif Jah, Talish 
 1957 Baidari UrduRatan Kumar, Ragni, Santosh, Meena
 1958 Hasrat UrduSabiha, Santosh, Yousuf Khan, Ajmal, Zarif, Allauddin 
 1958 Mukhra PunjabiSabiha, Santosh, Asha Posley, Anjum, Nazar 
 1959 Muskurahat UrduSabiha, Santosh, Aslam
 1959 Naaji PunjabiSabiha, Santosh, Zarif, Ajmal, M. Ismael
 1959 Tere Bghair UrduSabiha, Santosh, M. Ismael, Allauddin 
 1959 Naghma-e dil UrduSabiha, Santosh, Asha, Ilyas 
 1960 Saltanat UrduSabiha, Santosh, Nazar, Ilyas Kashmiri 
 1960 Sham dhalay UrduSabiha, Santosh, Rukhsana, Nazar 
 1962 Mousiqar UrduSabiha, Santosh, Meena, Abbas Nosha, Rehan 
 1962 Ghoonghat UrduNayyar Sultana, Santosh, Neelo, Laila, Talish
 1963 Rishta PunjabiSabiha, Santosh, Rangeela, Aliya, Albela 
 1963 DaamanUrdu Sabiha, Santosh, Neelo, Waheed Murad 
 1963 Seema UrduShamim Ara, Santosh, Sultan, Panna 
 1964 Safaid khoon UrduRani, Santosh, Mohammad Ali, Naeem Hashmi, Meena, Allauddin 
 1964 Ishrat UrduSabiha, Santosh, Ilyas, Allauddin 
 1964 20 din UrduRani, Mohammad Ali, Santosh, Nirala, Adeeb
 1964 Azad UrduBahar, Santosh, Asad Bukhari, Ajmal 
 1964 Chingaari UrduShamim Ara, Santosh, Ejaz, Saloni, Komal, Talish 
 1964 Haveli UdruShamim Ara, Santosh, Ejaz, Nazir, Talish 
 1965 Fashion UrduShamim Ara, Santosh, Habib 
 1965 Naila UrduShamim Ara, Santosh, Darpan, Gul Rukh, Ragni, A. Shah 
 1965 Kaneez UrduZeba, Mohammad Ali, Sabiha, Santosh, Aslam, Talish 
 1966 Hamrahi Urdu Khalid, Haidar, Hina, Santosh, Mohammad Ali, Ejaz, Habib
 1966 Insan Urdu Rani, Santosh, Sabira Sultana, Allauddin
 1966 Majboor UrduShamim Ara, Santosh, Husna, Jugnu, Rekha 
 1966 Mera Salam UrduSabira, Santosh, Azad
 1966 Maan, Bahu or Beta UrduHusna, Santosh, Yasmin, Luddan 
 1966 Sawaal UrduSabiha, Santosh, Siloni, Ejaz, Rangeela, Sawarn Lata, Nazir 
 1966 Taqdeer UrduHusna, Santosh, Lehri, Aslam Pervez 
 1966 Tasvir UrduSabiha, Santosh, Zeba, Aslam, Mohammad Ali (guest) 
 1966 Lori UrduZeba, Santosh, Mohammad Ali, Saloni, Talat Siddiqi 
 1967 Be Reham UrduRani, Santosh, Seema, Zulfi, Talish 
 1967 Lahoo pukary ga UrduSantosh, Firdous
 1967 Sitamgar UrduSabiha, Santosh, Rani, Darpan
 1967 Dewar bhabi UrduRani, Sabiha, Santosh, Lehri, Jafri, Najmi
 1967 Aag UrduZeba, Mohammad Ali, Lehri, Sabiha, Santosh, Aslam 
 1968 Commander UrduSabiha, Santosh, Rani, Saiqa, Adeeb 
 1968 Naheed UrduSabiha, Santosh, Deeba, Javed Sheikh 
 1968 Shehenshah-e Jahangir UrduSabiha, Santosh, Ejaz, Saloni 
 1968 Jan-e arzoo UrduShamim Ara, Santosh, Deeba, Lehri, Aslam 
 1968 Wohti PunjabiNeelo, Santosh, Lehri, Mohammad Ali (Guest) 
 1969 Pakdaaman  UrduSabiha, Santosh, Ejaz, Rukhsana, Allauddin, Salma Mumtaz 
 1969 Laadla UrduShabnum, Santosh, Sabiha, Lehri, Talish 
 1969 Maan beta UrduRani, Sabiha, Santosh, Lehri, Masood Akhtar
 1970 Anjuman UrduRani, Deeba, Waheed Murad, Lehri, Tamanna, Santosh, Sabiha Khanum 
 1970 Anjuman UrduRani, Deeba, Sabiha, Santosh, Lehri, Ilyas 
 1971 Garhasti UrduSabiha, Santosh, Sangeeta, Janaal, Nasira, Lehri 
 1971 Salam-e muhabbat UrduZeba, Mohammad Ali, Santosh, Sangeeta,Qavi 
 1971 Jalty suraj k nichy UrduRozina, Nadeem, Babeeta, Sabiha Khanum, Santosh 
 1972 Ek raat UrduDeeba, Shahid, Sabiha, Santosh, Aslam Pervez 
 1972 Muhabbat UrduZeba, Mohammad Ali, Andleeb, Sabiha, Santosh 
 1973 Sharabi PunjabiNaghma, Habib, Santosh, Sabiha, Mazhar Shah 
 1974 Sharabi PunjabiNaghma, habib, santosh, naeem hashmi 
 1974 Miss hippy UrduShabnam, Nadeem, Sabiha, Santosh, Munawar Zarif 
 1976 Talaq UrduShabnam, Shahid, Santosh, Lehri 
 1982 Aangan UrduBabra Sharif, Nadeem, Santosh, Nanha, Bindia, Talish 
 1985 Diwany 2 UrduBabra Sharif, Nadeem, Talish, Sabiha, Santosh 

 [6] films   
Santosh Kumar’s contribution to the Pakistan Film Industry is an immense one. Today, Santosh Kumar is no longer with us, but his significant moral character, wisdom and humility ignited a fire in the countless cine-goers that never did go out and never will.

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