Syed Mohammad Ahsan
Syed Mohammad Ahsan

Ahsan, Vice Admiral Syed Muhammad  Naval chief of Pakistan, Governor of East Pakistan. He was born in Hyderabad in December 1920 and was educated in the Nizam College. Ahsan was selected for the Royal Indian Navy in 1938 and received naval training in UK for two years (1938-1940). He received a British heroic award ‘Distinguished Service Cross’ for his chivalry in naval fight in Arakan. Later on he was appointed Instructor in a technical school at Liverpool, England. [1] Vice Admiral Syed Muhammad 

Name:Syed Mohammad Ahsan
In Urdu:ﺴﻴﺩ ﻣﺤﻣﺪ ﺍﺣﺴﻦ‎
Native Name :Admiral Ahsan
Famous As:Soldier
Residence:Islamabad, Pakistan
Education:Osmania University Britannia & Royal Naval College
Profession:Politician & Soldier
Awards :Hilal-i-Quaid-e-Azam & Sitara-e-Pakistan
Date:December 1920
Place:Hyderabad Deccan, British Indian Empire
Death Place:Islamabad, Pakistan
Rest Place:Military Graveyard
Political Party:Independent
Serve As:Governor of East-Pakistan
Time Period :1 September 1969 – 7 March 1971
President:Yahya Khan
Prime Minister :Nurul Amin (1970–71)
Member of the National Assembly
Preceded by:N M Uqaili
Assumed office:5 April 1969 – 3 August 1969
Ministry :Finance Minister of Pakistan
In Office
Role:Navy Commander in Chief
Dates:20 October 1966 – 31 August 1969
President:Ayub Khan
Preceded By:V.Adm A.R. Khan
Succeeded By:V.Adm Muzaffar Hassan
Other Role:Chairman of the National Shipping Corporation
Dates :1975–1976
In Office 2
Role:Military service
Service/branch : Royal Indian Navy (1940–1947) & Pakistan Navy (1947–71)
Years of service :1938–1971
Rank:Vice-Admiral (S/No. PN.007)
Unit:Navy Executive Branch
Commands :Eastern Command, Commander Logistics, (COMLOG), Commander Pakistan Fleet, DG Naval Intelligence (DGNI), CO PNS Tariq, Aide-de-camp to Louis, Mountbatten, Military Advisor East-Pakistan & military
Battles/wars :World War II, Battle of the Atlantic, Arakan Campaign, Mediterranean theatre, Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 & Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Military awards :Distinguished Service Order

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Mini Bio

Vice-Admiral Syed Mohammad Ahsan HQA, SPk, DSO, was a senior three-star admiral who was the 4th Chief of Naval Staff of Pakistan Navy from October 20, 1966 to August 31, 1969. A naval intelligence officer by profession, Vice-Admiral Ahsan was integral to the establishment and expansion of the capabilities of Naval Intelligence and the elite Naval Special Service Group, and took initiatives to modernize the navy. As director-general of Naval Intelligence, Vice-Admiral S.M.[2] Mini Bio –  Mini Bio 

After Independence

He was ADC to the Viceroy of India (1946-1947) and after Independence became ADC to the Governor General of Pakistan. He became Rear Admiral in 1962, Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Navy in 1966 and Vice Admiral in 1967. Muhammad Ahsan served as a Naval Attach’ in the Pakistan Embassy, Washington (1955-1956) and chairman of the East Pakistan Inland Waterways Transport Authority in 1964. He also served as Deputy Chief and Chief Planning Officer of army of SEATO, Bangkok. On 26 March 1969, Ahsan was appointed one of the Martial Law Administrators following the promulgation of martial law by the Chief of Army Staff General Aga Mohammad Yahya Khan, and a member of the Advisory Council of the President.[3] After Independence 

Appointed Governor of East Pakistan

Vice Admiral Ahsan was appointed Governor of East Pakistan and took oath of office on 1 September 1969. During his governorship the parliamentary elections, both national and provincial, were held on 7 and 17 December 1970 respectively in which Awami League achieved overwhelming majority in both the elections. Yahya government’s refusal to handover power to the wining Awami League and postpondment of the National Assembly session on 1 March 1971 led to series of statements, strikes and mass movement. In such an atmosphere of uncertainty and chaos President Yahya Khan appointed the martial law administrators as governors of their respective provinces, and as such Governor Ahsan was replaced by Sahebjada Yaqub Khan on 1 March 1971.[4] Appointed Governor 

1970 General Elections

In 1970, he oversaw the electoral process to held the nationwide parliamentary elections held in the country in a charged atmosphere. Under his rule, the law and order had been improved and it was projected that Awami League led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman would claim the supermajority in the provincial assembly that would allow them to form the national government in Islamabad. The Awami League secured ~39.2% of the seats in the Parliament as opposed to the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) led by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who ended up with 18.6% of the seats – all from West Pakistan. Zulfikar Bhutto refused to negotiate the six points when President Yahya met with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and put more stress on the situation after telling his party workers not to visit Dhaka.:xxx About the postpone of the power ceremony, Kamal Hossain reportedly notified Admiral Ahsan of “danger” of delaying the power transition.[5] 1970 General Elections 

In February 1971

In February 1971, he supervised the military deployments in East that were already preparing to conduct a military operation to curb the movement. He became aware of Yahya administration’s decision of taking military actions despite his staff officer Lieutenant-General Yaqub Khan’s recommendations.Disheartened and isolated by his colleagues, Admiral Ahsan returned to East Pakistan to pick up his personal belongings and tried getting in telephoned with President Yahya without success. On March 7, 1971, Admiral Ahsan resigned in protest and immediately requested to be posted back Navy NHQ in Karachi, Pakistan. At the Dhaka International Airport, he was asked by Bengali journalists about how it felt to be back in a land where he had once wielded authority.[6] In February 1971 

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