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2019-02-05 02:21:48Suno Chanda (drama)
Suno Chanda is a 2018 Ramzan special transmission play which very well apprehends the attention of the viewers throughout the Ramzan. This romantic comedy is directed by Ahson Talish while it is produced by Momina Duraid and written by Samina Akram Chaudhry. The series revolves around the love story of the lead actors starring Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz. Their charismatic on screen chemistry didn't let the show become dull even for a second. But it would be wrong to give credit to a few people as each and every cast did complete justice with their roles.
  • Information
  • Name:

    Suno Chanda

  • Releasing Date:

    17th May 2018

  • Ending Date:

    16th June 2018

  • Producer:

    Momina Duraid

  • Location:


  • In Urdu:

    سنو چندا

  • Created By:

    Momina Duraid Production

  • Written By:

    Saima Akram Chaudhry

  • Directed By:

    Ahson Talish

  • Genre:

    Sitcom Romance

  • Opening Theme:

    Suno Chanda

  • Composer:

    Naveed Nashad

  • Origin:


  • Language:

    Urdu and Punjabi

  • Lead Actor:

    Farhan Saeed

  • Lead Actress:

    Iqra Aziz

  • No of Episodes:


  • Singer of OST:

    Farhan Saeed

  • Composed By:

    Ahsan Talish

Story of Suno Chanda

The drama rotates around two cousins, living in a joint family, Arsalan Jamshed Ali as Farhan Saeed and Ajiya Nazakat Ali as Iqra Aziz who have taken their pledges (Nikaah) but still living separately because the Rukhsati has not held yet. Both Jiya and Arsal are against the marriage because the decision of their marriage was taken on the desire of their dying grandfather. Jiya has longed for joining the London School of Economics for higher examinations after her BBA. Bi Jaan as Mumtaz Begum who is the leader of the family is Arsal and Jiya's grandma. She has two children Jamshed Ali as Farhan Ali Agha and Nazakat Ali as Sohail Sameer and a girl Masooma (Tara Mahmood) who is hitched to Jalal Khan as Adnan Shah Tipu. They live in Peshawar with their only daughter Kinza Jalal played by Mashal Kan. Jamshed Ali is hitched to Shahana who is played by Nadia Afgan and Nazakat Ali to Naeema as Farah Shah. Jiya has a sibling Daniyal Nazakat Ali as DJ who is dependable on sting activities making recordings of relatives and breaking news. However, the story folds in a way that they both fell in love with each other and finally hitched at the end after so many inconveniences.

Cast of Suno Chanda

  1. Farhan Saeed as Arsalan Jamshed Ali 
  2. Iqra Aziz as Ajiya Nazakat Ali 
  3. Samina Ahmad as Mumtaz Begum (Bi Jaan)
  4. Mashal Khan as Kinza Jalal Khan
  5. Nabeel Zuberi as Sherry
  6. Farhan Ali Agha as Jamshed Ali
  7. Sohail Sameer as Nazakat Ali
  8. Nadia Afgan as Shahana Batool
  9. Farah Shah as Nayeema Bibi
  10. Sami Khan as Daniyal Nazakat Ali (DJ)
  11. Tara Mahmood as Masooma Jalal Khan
  12. Adnan Shah Tipu as Jalal Khan
  13. Mizna Waqas as Arbela (Billo)
  14. Ali Safina as Jawad (Choji)
  15. Syed Mohammad Ahmed as Shah Jahan Nuruddin Ali (Agha Jaan)
  16. Anamta Qureshi as Huma Salauddin (Ajiya's friend)

Success of Suno Chanda

The play shattered the records of all the previous sitcoms on aired on Hum Tv and made it the most successful Ramzan Transmission of HUM. The unique story of the play and the exceptional acting of each and every character forced everyone to watch this series. On asked about the success of the show  Iqra said in an interview “Jiya made me feel happy and I was really intrigued by the fact that these two people, married to each other, know each other inside and out, but still don’t want to live their lives together. Then, when I found out about their Tom & Jerry dynamic and absolutely loved it!” While Farhan uttered, "It makes me really happy, the audience is really appreciating me for my work, the best part about this is I feel more confident now about choosing my scripts".

Sequel of Suno Chanda

 After the huge success of the show and on public demand the directors and makers of the show have decided to entertain the audience once again by bringing its Part 2 which will release in the mid of 2019. Iqra Aziz has confîrmed the news also.

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