State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan Limited offers life insurance services in Pakistan. It offers individual life plans, such as whole life assurance, endowment assurance, anticipated endowment assurance, shad abad assurance, jeevan sathi assurance, child education and marriage assurance, child protection assurance, optional maturity endowment plans, and supplementary covers, as well as insurance plans for gulf. The company also provides group life and pension plans that include term insurance, provident fund insurance, house building and perquisites insurance, pay continuation, group endowment insurance, and group pension schemes, as well as private education. In addition, it owns and operates real estate properties that include commercial buildings and plots in various cities of Pakistan. The company’s corporate activities also include investment, actuarial, overseas operations, etc. State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan Limited was founded in 1972 and is based in Karachi, Pakistan. It has regional, zonal, sub-zonal, sector, and area offices in Pakistan.[1]Life insurance company Overview

Founded:March 1972
Type:Government organization
Name:State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
In Urdu:اسٹیٹ لائف انشورنس کارپوریشن آف پاکستان
Location:Karachi, Pakistan
Industry:Life Insurance
Key people:Nargis Ghaloo (Chairperson)
Products:Life insurance Pensions Annuities
Total assets:Rs.293 Billion
Owner:Government of Pakistan
Number of employees:5,500+ (2013)
Life insurance business: 32 Life Insurance companies involved.
Beema Units:Named “A”, “B” and “C” Beema Units
Beema Units merged:State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
State life insurance involved business activities:Investment of policyholders’ fund in Government securities, Stock market, Real Estate
State Life’s Products:Annuities , Conventional Life insurance (Home Business) , Group Life Insurance Pension Services , Universal Life Business (Home Business)
Plans:Individual Life Plans , Insurance Plans For Gulf , Jama Punji , Health Insurance , Bancassurance , Group Life & Pension Plan
Phone:021-99202800-9 Lines
Address:State Life Insurance Corporation Of Pakistan Principal Office State Life Building No. 9, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi-75530

About Us

The Life Insurance Business in Pakistan was nationalized during March 1972. Initially Life Insurance business of 32 Insurance Companies was merged and placed under three Beema Units named A, B and C Beema Units. However, later these Beema Units were merged and effective November 1, 1972 the Management of the Life Insurance Business was consolidated and entrusted to the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.
State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is headed by a Chairman and assisted by the Executive Directors appointed by Federal Government. Up to July 2000 the Corporation was run by Board of Directors constituted under Life Insurance (Nationalization) Order 1972. In July 2000, under Insurance Ordinance 2000, the Federal Government reconstituted the Board of Directors of State Life which runs the affair of this Corporation.
The basic structure of the Corporation consists of Six Regional Offices, Thirty Two Zonal Offices, a few Sub-Zonal Offices, 180 Sector Offices, and a network of 1073 Area Offices across the country for Individual Life Insurance; Four Zonal Offices and 6 Sector Offices with 21 Sector Heads for Group & Pension are involved in the Marketing of Life Insurance Plans policies and products offered by State Life and a Principal Office. The Zonal Offices deal exclusively with Sales and Marketing. Underwriting of Life Insurance Policies and the Policyholder’s Services. Regional Offices, each headed by a Regional Chief, supervise business activities of the Zones functioning under them. The Principal Office, based at Karachi, is responsible for corporate activities such as investment, real estate, actuarial, overseas operations, etc.[2] Life Insurance Company About

Major Achievements

The major function of the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is to carry out Life Insurance Business; however, it is also involved in the other related business activities such as investment of policyholders fund in Government securities, Stock market, Real Estate etc. The major achievements of State Life are as under:

  1. On the commencement of the operations, the Corporation took a very important step by effecting reduction up to 33% in the premiums on the past and potential Life Policies for the benefit of the Policyholders.
  2. State Life is profitable organization and it paid Rs.6.757 billion as dividend to the Government of Pakistan since its inception in 1972.
  3. State Life has played very vital role in the economy by providing employment to the people of the country as permanent employees and as part of its marketing force and by investing the huge funds in different sectors of the economy. 
  4. The Investment Portfolio of State Life as at 31.12.2015 stands at Rs.513.293 billions.Investment portfolio also includes investment in Real Estate which stands at a book value of Rs.2.949 billion as at 31.12.2015 whereas it fair value is around Rs.29.780 billion in the same period.
  5. The Paid up Capital increased from Rs.10 million in 1972 to Rs.3,000 million in 2015.The Premium income increased from Rs.0.317 billion in 1972 to 79.941 billion in 2015. 
  6. Similarly Investment income including rental income increased from Rs.0.81 billion in 1972 to 60.316 billion in 2015.
  7. Total statutory fund of State Life stands at Rs.526.676 billion in 2015 as against Rs.1.494 billion in 1972 State.
  8.  Life is smoothly striving towards its objective of making life insurance available to large section of the society by extending it to common man. As at December, 2015 the total number of policies enforce under individual life were 5.252 million and number of lives covered under group life insurance were 5.024 million.[3]Life insurance Company Acheivements


  1. To run life insurance business on sound line.
  2. To provide more efficient service to the policyholders.
  3. To maximize the return to the policyholders by economizing on expenses and increasing the yield on investment.
  4. To make life insurance a more effective means of mobilizing national savings.
  5. To widen the area of operation of life insurance and making it available to as large a section of the population as possible, extending it from the comparatively more affluent sections of society to the common man in towns and villages.
  6. To use the policyholder’s fund in the wider interest of the community.


To remain the leading insurer in the country by extending the benefits of insurance to all sections of society and meeting our commitments to our policy holders and the nation.[4] LIfe Insurance company Objectives/Mission


  1. Individual Life Plans
  2. Insurance Plans for Gulf
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Bancassurance
  5. Group Life & Pension Plans

Individual Life Plans

  1. Whole Life Assurance
  2. Endowment Assurance
  3. Sadabahar Plan
  4. Anticipated Endowment Assurance
  5. Shad Abad Assurance
  6. Jeevan Saathi Assurance
  7. Child Education & Marriage Assurance
  8. Child Protection Assurance
  9. Shehnai Policy
  10. Sunheri Policy
  11. Optional Maturity Mndowment
  12. Nigehban Plan
  13. Muhafaz Plus Assurance
  14. Supplementary Covers
  15. Committee Policy

Insurance Plans For Gulf

  1. Whole Life Assurance
  2. Endowment Assurance
  3. Shad Abad Assurance
  4. Jeevan Saathi Assurance
  5. Anticipated Endowment Assurance
  6. Child Education & Marriage Plan
  7. Wealth Builder plan
  8. Supplementary Covers
  9. Child Protection Assurance

Health Insurance

State Life, in collaboration with Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has taken initiative to launch Social Health Protection (SHP) to provide and promote social and micro health insurance scheme for the most deserving population of four districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa namely Kohat, Mardan, Malakand and Chitral. The scheme will target the most deprived segment of society and provide them access to the health facilities in a wide range of public and private hospitals. The proposed target market will tend to expand to include a wide range of society. The scheme aims to encourage:

  1. Utilization of health care facilities
  2. Provision of  quality health services
  3. Provision of cashless services to beneficiaries
  4. Awareness regarding financial risk due to health related perils

Under the scheme, the members will be covered for hospitalization, day care surgeries and maternity benefits, albeit under a prescribed limit. Along with the provision of these facilities, the quality of services will also be monitored for improvement. Features such as transportation cash grant on maternity will encourage the female population to utilize the health provider facilities and will ultimately result in improving the female and child survival rate.
More than 1 Million beneficiaries will be enrolled under the scheme to get the benefit of hospitalization.

Social Health Protection

  1. SHP is a micro health insurance scheme which covers the cost of hospitalization for medical & surgical procedures including day care surgeries and maternity benefits to the enrolled families’ up to Rs. 25,000 per person per annum. Pre and post hospitalization care/treatment of up to one day prior to hospitalization and up to five days from the date of discharge will be provided under the scheme.
  2. Under the scheme, there is no age limit and exclusion of pre-existing condition (except “Standard Exclusions”). The scheme will cover hospital services normally provided at the secondary level (up to DHQ hospital) but such services can be provided even at tertiary care hospitals.
  3. Under the scheme, there is no age limit and exclusion of pre-existing condition (except “Standard Exclusions”). The scheme will cover hospital services normally provided at the secondary level (up to DHQ hospital) but such services can be provided even at tertiary care hospitals.
  4. Under the scheme, there is no age limit and exclusion of pre-existing condition (except “Standard Exclusions”). The scheme will cover hospital services normally provided at the secondary level (up to DHQ hospital) but such services can be provided even at tertiary care hospitals.
  5. Maternity and New Born coverage includes treatment taken in empanelled hospital/nursing homes arising from child birth including normal delivery / caesarean section and / or miscarriage or abortion induced by accident or other medical emergency subject to exclusion. New Born child will also be considered as part of household and covered under the scheme. For maternity cases, transportation charges of Rs.1,000/- per hospitalization will also be provided.


The following treatment, items, conditions, activities and their related or consequential expenses are excluded from the Agreement and the Corporation shall not be liable for:

  1. Costs resulting from self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide, abuse of alcohol, drug addiction or sexual disorders and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. Psychotic, mental or nervous disorders (including any neuroses and their physiological or psychosomatic manifestations) or sensual reassignment (whether or not for psychological reasons) .
  3. Treatment or investigation of fertility, infertility, sterilization or contraception and any complication relating thereto or hormone treatment and investigations.
  4. Participation in or training for any dangerous or hazardous sport, pastime or competition or any professional sport.
  5. Injuries as a results of an illegal act by the Insured Person.
  6. Injury or treatment resulting from war, riots, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities or warlike operations (whether war be declared or not), civil war, mutiny, civil commotion assuming the proportions of or amounting to a popular uprising, military uprising, insurrection, rebellion, military or usurped power or any act of any person acting on or on behalf of or in connection with any organization actively directed towards the overthrow or to the influencing of any government or ruling body by force, terrorism or violence.
  7. Ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or nuclear waste, from the process of nuclear fission or from any nuclear weapons material.
  8. Services or treatment in any spa, hydro clinic, sanatorium, nursing home or long term-care facility that is not a hospital.
  9. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS related complex syndrome (ARCS) and all diseases caused by and /or related to HIV virus or any other Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs).
  10. Experimental or unproven treatment.
  11. Dental examinations, D-rays, extraction, filling, general dental care / treatment and orthodontic treatment or oral surgery except as a result of emergency due to Accident.
  12. Cost of correction of refractive errors of the eye and procedures such as Radial Keratotomy and Excimer Laser.
  13. Routine medical examinations or check-ups including charges arising out of any hospital confinement or admission primarily for diagnostic purposes, routine eye or ear examinations, vaccinations, medical certificate, examination for employment or travel, spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids and any treatment that is not considered medically necessary.
  14. Cosmetic or plastic surgery, unless it is re-constructive surgery necessitated by an injury that occurred during the period whilst the insured person was covered under this Contract and subject to the limits and sub-limits stated in the Benefits package.
  15. Any charges in respect of the donor for organ transplant claims.
  16. Cost of limbs or supporting equipment for revival or correction of the function(s) of body.
  17. Personal comfort items such as, charges for telephone, convenience items, meals or other items not medically necessary.[5] Life Insurance Health insurance plan


  1. Bancassurance is the selling of insurance products through banks distribution channels.
  2. Potential for banks to leverage customer base to generate risk free income from non-interest sources.
  3. In Many markets (especially in Europe) Bancassurance is the primary mode of distribution of Insurance Products.
  4. It is also fast catching up in markets in the far-east, India and the Middle East.According to a recent sigma study, Bancassurance is on the rise, particularly in emerging markets.
  5. Insurers have been successfully leveraging Bancassurance to gain a foothold in markets with low insurance penetration and a limited variety of distribution channels.
  6. Europe has the highest Bancassurance penetration rate.The outlook for Bancassurance remains positive worldwide.
  7. Partner Banks
  8. Financial Products
  9. Sales Policy Issues[6] Life Insurance Bancassurance plan

Group Life Pension Plans

  1. Term Insurance Scheme
  2. Provident Fund Insurance Scheme
  3. House Building & Perquisites Insurance Scheme
  4. Pay Continuation Scheme
  5. Group Endowment Insurance Scheme
  6. Group Pension Scheme
  7. Private Education[7] Life Insurance Group life & Pension Plans


State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan invests its funds in accordance with the provisions contained in Insurance Ordinance 2000, Insurance Rules 2002 and SRO(309) K of 1970 as amended to date by the Government of Pakistan. 

Govt. Securities

These include instruments issued by Government of Pakistan such as Treasury bills, Pakistan Investment Bonds etc. 

Approved Govt. Securities

These include instruments as Wapda Bonds, Provincial Securities/TFCs etc. 


These include loans in the form of Term finance certificates etc.


These include shares of listed and unlisted companies.

Immovable Property

These include buildings, plots etc.[8] Life Insurance Investment

Quality Policy

To ensure satisfaction of our valued policyholders in processing new business, providing after sales service and optimizing return on Life Fund through a quality culture and to maintain ourselves leading life insurer in Pakistan.[9] Life Insurance Company Quality


Head Office Karachi

  1. Address : State Life Bldg. No. 9, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi
  2. Landmarks : Chief Minister House, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Sheraton Hotel
  3. City : Karachi
  4. Phone : +92-21-99202817, 99202818, 99202819, 99202821, 99202828, 99202830, 99202833, 99202834, 99202836, 99202838, 99202843, 99202847, 99202851, 99202857, 99202863, 99202867, 99202871, 99202873, 99202888, 99202890, 99204515, 99204521, 99204571, 99204578, 99204590, 99204591, 99206863, 99206867, 99217167
  5. Fax : +92-21-99202845
  6. PABX : +92-21-99202800, 99202801, 99202802, 99202803, 99202804, 99202805, 99202806, 99202807, 99202808, 99202809

Branch Office Lahore

  1. Address : Suit No. 3, 3rd floor, Gohar Center, Wahadat Raod, Lahore
  2. Landmarks : Gohar Center, Muslam Town Mor
  3. City : Lahore
  4. Mobile : 0321-7274093
  5. Address : State Life Building No. 9, 5-Bank Square, Shahrah-e-Qaid-e-Amaz (Mall Raod), Lahore
  6. Landmarks : Bank Square, Mall Road
  7. City : Lahore
  8. Phone : +92-42-37233476, 37233477
  9. Mobile : 0333-4057048

Branch Office Islamabad

  1. Address : State Life Building, 933-E, Buland Mkz, Blue Area, Islamabad
  2. Landmarks : Buland Mkz, State Life Building
  3. City : Islamabad
  4. Fax : +92-51-9205372
  5. UAN : +92-51-111111888
  6. PABX : +92-51-9204150, 9204154, 9204192, 9204205, 9204209, 9204355, 9204377, 9204411
  7. Address : Basement State Life Building #7, China Chowk, Blue Area, Islamabad
  8. Landmarks : China Chowk, State Life Building #7
  9. City : Islamabad
  10. Phone : +92-51-2874643

Branch Office Hyderabad

  1. Address : HYDERABAD ZONE. State Life Building, Thandi Sarak
  2. Landmarks : State Life Building, Thandi Sarak
  3. City : Hyderabad
  4. Phone : +92-22-2766495, 2787008, 2787035, 3332938, 9200137, 9200139, 9200188, 9200189, 9200190, 9200354, 9200622, 9200627, 9200634
  5. Fax : +92-22-9200621
  6. PABX : +92-22-9200180, 9200181, 9200182, 9200183, 9200184

Recreational Centres Rawalpindi

  1. Address : Building No. 1,The Mall, Rawalpindi
  2. Landmarks : State Life Building, The Mall
  3. City : Rawalpindi
  4. Fax : +92-51-9271356, 9271358
  5. UAN : +92-51-111555888
  6. PABX : +92-51-9271371, 9271372, 9271373, 9271374, 9271375, 9271376, 9271377, 9271378, 9271379, 9271380

Branch Office Quetta

  1. Address : QUETTA ZONE. Upper Story, Al-Ghaznavi Centre, Jinnah Rd.
  2. Landmarks : Al-Ghaznavi Cnetre, Jinnah Road
  3. City : Quetta
  4. Phone : +92-81-612113, 613895, 9201297, 9201495, 9201520, 9201523, 9201530, 9201603, 9202088, 9202571, 9202619
  5. Fax : +92-81-9201998[10] Life Insurance Company Address
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