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Sonia Mishal can definitely be called as the New Sensation of the Pakistan Media Industry. Sonia is a rising talent. She is a new comer but still it looks like that she has taken formal acting classes because she is a fabulous actress. Because of Mishal’s perfect acting skills, she has become a well-known actress in such a very short time. She started her career as a model and then she was given chance to prove herself as an actress. [1] Sonia Mishal - definitely 
  • Personal
  • Name:

    Sonia Mishal

  • In Urdu :

    سونیا مشعل

  • Native Name :


  • Famous As:

    Acting, Modeling

  • Nationality:


  • Residence:

    Karachi, Pakistan and Doha, Qatar

  • Education:


  • Religion:


  • Profession:

    Acting, Modeling

  • Height:

    5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)

  • Weight:

    54 Kg

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Languages known:

    Urdu, English

  • Hobbies:

    Long Drive, Travelling

  • Favorite Food:

    Italian Foods, Pizza, Coffee, Chocolates

  • Favorite Place:


  • Favorite Song:

    Tula – Wicked Games (Film Remix)

  • Born
  • Date:

    January 08, 1988

  • Place:

    Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

  • Family
  • Spouse:


  • Siblings :

    3 brothers

  • Career
  • Occupation(s):


  • Debut Drama:

    Ishaqa wai


Mini Bio

Pretty Sonia Mishal
Pretty Sonia Mishal
Sonia Mishal, a face which appeared on the runway of Pakistan Fashion Week, she became the center of attraction for many producers and directors and many of them were ready to give her a chance in this field. She is also included in the list of the top Pakistani models because she has got a complete package personality. Mishal has got an ideal personality, slim and very attractive figure, big beguiling eyes and she simply looks perfect in any way she is. Sonia Mishal has a very attractive face because she has got great recognition and fame in a very short span of time. Mishal’s fan following has increased to millions in days and people just love to see this enchanting face on TV screens. Sonia Mishal has got very attractive sharp features and that is why she always looks appealing and beautiful in whatever she wears and in all of her photo shoots. 

About Family

Mishal is the youngest daughter in her family having three brothers. She grew up in Doha, Qatar. Listening to good music is her free time hobby. Her other hobbies are watching good movies and enjoying good food in her leisure time. With the Pakistani TV shows experiencing good attention, Sonia Mishal looks like a possible candidate to be the future star creating huge waves in the film industry. [2] Personal Life and Family 

Early Life

Sonia grew up in Qatar, she is a food lover and she loves to eat pizza above all. Sonia loves having coffee because that refreshes her mind. Sonia is the new hottie on the list and we give her good points on her really strong screen presence. She is a new face who’s now appearing on most of the TV Channels. Sonia has managed to score some really big projects at the very start of her acting career and all of her screen appearances have greatly inspired the audiences and her costars.


With Gohar
With Gohar
Sonia Mishal successfully launched her career as a model for a renowned clothing line and managed to score some big projects in a short span. She continued to work hard and explored her hidden talents as an actress. Her TV show Ishqa Way earned a massive fan following. Mishal has appeared in television shows such as Ishqa Way, Sanga, Dumpukth-Aatish-e-Ishq, Izn e Rukhsat, Khawab Sarae and also played a lead role in Maikay ko Dedo Sandes. She was warmly welcomed by directors and producers from the entertainment industry who saw her spark. As she continued her journey towards success, she has been a star in a number of TV Serials. Sonia Mishal has proved herself to be an evolving actress and model with excellent performances again and again.  

Modeling Career

Sonia Mishal started her career with modeling because she was too fond of becoming a model. Her family supported her and she was on the ramp for the Pakistan Fashion Week. She looked damn hot and attractive embossed in the beautiful designer dresses. Sonia became as the center of attraction and she started to receive different offers from many Directors and Producers. She managed to have such big budgeted projects at the very start of her career. Sonia has done several photo shoots for many famous clothing brands. She is seen in different magazines in different shoots appearances. She looks so appealing in all her photo shoots. Sonia Mishal is a bold model as she has done many bold photo shoots as well.

TV Dramas

On set of drama serial 'Faisla'
On set of drama serial 'Faisla'
Sonia is much energetic and she is a passionate girl about building up her career as very strong and successful. Sonia Mishal has appeared in many Pakistani TV Dramas. Some of her very popular projects include “Ishqa Waay” in which she appeared with Pakistani heart throb Sami Khan and a very talented Pakistani actress Rabab Hashim. The drama aired on GEO Television and Sonia’s career start is mostly associated with GEO TV Network. Other than that, the list of dramas of Mishal include Sangat on HUM TV, Khwab Saraye on HUM TV, Maikey Ko Dedo Sandes on GEO TV and there are many more drama serials in which she has appeared on TV.  

Drama list of Sonia Mishal

Drama Serial 'Dumpukht'
Drama Serial 'Dumpukht'
Sonia Mishal has appeared on many TV Channels and she has done many Drama projects and TV Commercials in such a very short time. New projects of Mishal are currently being aired on different TV Channels. The list of Sonia’s Drama is as follows:
  • Dumpukht Aatish e Ishq
  • Sangat
  • Khwab Saraye
  • Maikey Ko Dedo Sandes
  • Ishqa Waay
  • Izn-e-Rukhsat
  • Mera Kya Qasoor Tha
  • O Rangreza
  • Faisla    

More Imformation About Sonia Mishal

Sonia Mishal is a rising star of Pakistan Media Industry; she has simply got all the qualities of being a superstar. Sonia’s lovers are expecting that she would soon be seen on Big Screen. Sonia Mishal is bold and she accepts all the challenges and she loves doing challenging characters. Mishal belongs to a very respectable family of Muslims. She was born in Karachi but she has lived the most part of her early life in Qatar because her father was working there. Sonia is yet 28 years old and she has got a normal height. Sonia’s parents have been greatly supportive to her and they allowed her to pursue her career in the showbiz. Sonia wanted to be a model but she has become an actress also because of the chance, she got. Sonia Mishal is now mostly known as Sonia Khan. Sonia celebrates her birthday on 8th January and her birth year is 1988. She looks so cute and innocent and she even looks younger than her age.


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