Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh

Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh

Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh

Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh is a Pakistani Entrepreneur who founded two companies, including BOL channel and Axact IT company. Being born in the middle class, he strived hard to reach the heights of success. He operated this company in Pakistan at the time when Information Technology was not revolutionized.

In 2015 he went under Hot water when his name was added in the New York Times article in a fake degree case. On 26th September 2018, he was charged with 7 years of imprisonment along with other members of the company. This article has all the information about him, including Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh Biography.

Name:Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh
In Urdu:شعیب احمد شیخ
Famous As:CEO of Axact company
Profession:He is the CEO and chairman of the BOL Network, a private media house, and Axact Company
Spouse:Ayesha Shoaib
Children:Not known
Parents:His father was Sindh High Court lawyer
Siblings :5 siblings
Company Name:BOL and Axact
Years Active:1997 – 2018
Axact Address:Canal Bank Service Rd, Lahore 54000

Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh Biography

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh Biography

Shoaib Ahmed is a Pakistani entrepreneur who is an owner of 2 successful companies, including a software company, Axact, and BOL Network. He founded this IT company in 1997 when people were not aware of Information technology. He started with a small room, and with determination and hard work, made it successful.

Shoaib belongs to a middle-class family who also carries Saint Kitts and Nevis passports along with Pakistani Nationality. On 26th September 2018, he was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment for a fake degree case. The case was on hold for the last 4 years.

Shoaib Date of Birth

He is a resident of Karachi city, born on 17th April 1971.

Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh Family

He was born into a middle-class family. His father served as a lawyer of Sindh High Court. He is the only brother of his 5 sisters. Shoaib is married to Ayesha Shoaib.

Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh wife


Axact Company

In 1997 he started his professional career by launching an IT company, Axact. The company was started with 10 employees working in a single room. At that time, IT was not much revolutionized. In 2012, it was considered one of Pakistan’s notable IT companies, with more than 2000 employees and more than 8 million customers across the globe.

The company aimed to provide Diplomas and academic degrees to students by charging money. Shoaib is the co-founder and chairman of this company.

BOL Network

After the success of the IT company, Sheikh decided to operate another company, BOL Network. The biggest media network originated in 2013 in Karachi. The network was launched to portray a soft image of Pakistan. At that time, many notable journalists became a part of that network and did many shows.

Fake Degree Business

On 19th May 2015, Sheikh Ahmed came under hot water after being exposed by the ‘New York Times,’ an American Newspaper in a fake degree case. After this shocking revelation, the Information Ministry requested an in-depth inquiry by PEMRA and asked to shut down the BOL Channel.

Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh Axact company

The Axact office was sealed for further investigation, and Sheikh was taken into custody. However, In August 2016, he was granted bail after a few months. According to the New York Times Newspaper, he has made more than 80 million dollars through this fake degree business.

Case History

After proper investigation, the team found many fake and blank degrees, after which the investigation was headed over to the corporate branch. Senator Raza Rabbani also considered the issue for further investigation, and after a detailed inquiry, Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh was found guilty along with many other members.


On 26th September 2018, he was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment. He will be in state prison for 7 years and additionally 13 years of probation period. He was also charged with a 5 million dollars fine.

Social Media Handles

His social media account include


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