Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh
Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh is successfully running 2 companies including BOL and Axact which is an IT Company. Passion to win and care are the two attributes than define Mr Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh. According to him Pakistan will be the number 1 country before 2036.

Name:Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh
In Urdu:شعیب احمد شیخ
Famous As:CEO of Axact company
Profession:He is a is the CEO and chairman of the BOL Network, a private media house and Axact
Spouse:Ayesha Shoaib
Children:Not known
Parents:His father was Sindh High Court lawyer
Siblings :5 siblings
Company Name:BOL and Axact
Years Active:1997 – present
Axact Address:Canal Bank Service Rd, Lahore 54000
CEO Of Axact:He became the CEO of Axact in 1997
CEO Of BOL:He became the CEO of BOL in 2016

With Brig Zubair AhmadWhile giving ICC Champians Trophy to pakistani teamDuring inauguration of ITCN Asia 2014Shoaib ahmad in Amir liaquat's showWhile distributing cheque to family


CEO of BOL and Axact Shoaib Ahmad
Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh  the Chairman and CEO of Axact and Bol Group is known as a charismatic and visionary Entrepreneur. He started the Information Technology (IT) business back in 1997. IT was something completely new for Pakistan at that time. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh the visionary man realized the potential in the field and took the step to launch the IT business. In the initial days of his business he used to work just from one room office. His business ‘Axact’ kept on growing year after year and with the passage of time. Bol TV started to create impact even before its launch, state of the art studio and equipment along with professional anchorpersons and journalists Bol has become the biggest thing even before its launch. [1] Biography Biography  

Family Background

Shoaib Shaikh was born into a middle-class family, the son of a Sindh High Court lawyer who also served some years as the principal of the Islamia College, according to people close to him. The middle sibling amongst five, Shaikh is the only son. In the year of his greatest trial, he entered the age of 41 — that tipping point where a man’s mind begins to ask, “what have I accomplished in life?” [2] Family background  


In 1997, He embarked on a journey to create a company that would become a household name in every industry. He founded Axact at a time when Pakistan was still waking up to the potential of the IT industry. His foresight and vision were rewarded in the company’s meticulous rise through the country’s corporate sector. Today, Axact is three times larger than any private sector company in Pakistan. In 2005 Mr. Shoaib crafted Axact’s mission of winning and caring and put together Axact’s core values. He put together a belief system that connects every department and all layers of leadership. Through Mr. Shoaib’s plan, Aik Allah Kaafi Hay Trust will educate 10 million children. Mr. Shoaib has also launched Pakistan’s Largest Media Group – BOL, that is working to popularize his vision for an employed and independent Pakistan. Under Mr. Shoaib’s leadership, Axact and BOL will rise to new heights of growth and accomplishment and will enable Pakistan to prosper and flourish. [3] Career Career

About Axact Company

Axact IT Company
Axact aims to increase Pakistan’s IT exports by $50 billion, by expanding its workforce to 100,000. To respond to this increasing number of workforce, Axact planned and initiated massive projects of infrastructure developments as well as expansions. Engineering an icon! Gal Axact. [4] Axact Company  


20th Annual Team Meet

On the grand occasion of 20th Annual Team Meet, Chairman & CEO of Axact & BOL, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh addressed the audience leaving them spellbound while sharing his vision for Pakistan becoming the #1 country in the world by the year 2036.

Team Meet 2013-14

Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh held a huge audience mesmerized as he spoke about Axact’s dream for a prosperous and a thriving Pakistan at the Team Meet 2013-14. He pointed out that no one will fulfill this dream for us – only we can rescue us from our troubles! Additionally, Mr. Shoaib Shaikh also explained that not just every Axactian but every Pakistani must be fully invested in this dream to make it a reality.

Team Meet 2012-13

He gave a message to Axactians, their families, IT companies, applicants, business community and important state institutions emphasizing on how these groups of individuals can combine to play a massive role in making Pakistan a progressive nation.

Team Meet 2011-12

In this speech he emphasized on his firm belief that Pakistan can achieve the target of a $50 bn increase in exports  and can take its rightful place as one of the  world’s IT leaders.

ERP delivered to DHA in 48 days

Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh speaking on the momentous occasion when Axact delivered  ERP solutions to DHA in just 48 days enabling  DHA to save upto Rs. 225 million.

Granted Bail After 15 Months

The Sindh High Court (SHC)  granted bail in August 2016 to Axact Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shoaib Shaikh and 13 others in the fake degrees case. Justice Iqbal Kalhoro approved the bail plea against a surety bond of Rs500,000 each after hearing arguments from both parties. All those granted bail in the case have been in custody for the past 15 months. Lawyer for Axact, Shaukat Hayat, argued during the hearing that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the prosecution had been employing delaying tactics, pointing out that the accused have not been indicted thus far – despite a lapse of 15 months. [5] Granted bail

Case History

Following a news story in New York Times, CEO Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, managers Viqas Atique, Zeeshan Anwar, Mohammad Sabir and Zeeshan Ahmed and 14 other officials/employees of the software firm were booked in May 2015 year for allegedly preparing and selling fake degrees, diplomas and accreditation certificates of fictitious schools/universities through a fraudulent online system and illegally minting millions of dollars. The company earned more than $205 million in the process. [6] Case History

Appear Before Court

Ceo Shoaib Shaikh And His Wife Have Appeared Before The Additional District And Sessions Judge (south) After The Two’s Production Orders Were Issued Earlier In The Day Owing To Their No-show In The Fake Degrees Case. As the hearing of the case went under way on Monday, 19th Feb 2018 the accused failed to appear in court despite a summons. Judge Sarah Junejo directed the authorities to ensure the suspects’ presence and adjourned the proceedings for a brief period. At present, of the total four cases registered against Axact, the accused have been acquitted in two ‘ one in Islamabad and another in Karachi ‘ while one is under way in Karachi and the last, in Peshawar, is yet to start.  Moreover, the Sindh High Court (SHC) has summoned Shaikh and the other accused on February 21 with regards to the FIA’s appeal against the suspects’ acquittal by a lower court.[7] Appear before court

Axact CEO Shoaib Sheikh Arrested

The Federal Investigation Agency ( FIA) arrested Axact CEO Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh, shortly after he came out of the Sindh High Court.Shaikh was arrested after the court rejected his protective bail and is now reportedly being moved to the corporate crime cell of the FIA. The Axact CEO will be produced before a trial court.Besides Sheikh, the court also rejected bails of two others accused in the case.[8] Arrested

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