Shaan Shahid (Actor/Actress)

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Shaan is a Pakistani actor, writer and director. Upon making his debut in Javed Fazil's Bulandi alongside Reema Khan, Shaan has acted in numerous commercially successful films and has established himself as one of the critically acclaimed leading actors of Pakistan.[1] Pakistani actor -  Shaan

Title Description
Name: Shaan Shahid
Other names: Armaghan Shaan
In Urdu: شان شاہد
Famous As: Movie Actor
Nationality: Pakistan
Religion: Islam
Profession: Acting
Height: 5 ft 11 inches
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Awards : Best Actor Waar (2013) , Honorary Award Special Contribution to Pakistani Cinema,
Date: 27 April 1971
Place: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Spouse: Amina Armaghan Shahid
Children: 4 daughters
Parents: Riaz Shahid, Neelo
Siblings : Sarosh Shahid, Zarqa Shahid
Occupation(s): Actor, writer and director
Professional Work
Years Active: 1990–present


Shaan Shahid With Family
Shaan Shahid With Family


Shaan Shahid Actor
Shaan Shahid Actor
Armaghan Shahid was born in Lahore to the well-known director Riaz Shahid and television, theater and film actress Neelo. His father was whereas his mother was Christian. He himself is a practicing Muslim. His paternal uncle Fiaz Shahid was a cameraman and producer for PTV in Islamabad. 


Shaan Shahid Film Actor
Shaan Shahid Film Actor
He started out his early education at the prestigious Aitchison College.[2] Armaghan Shahid -  Born in Lahore His first acting venture came out at a boy scouts bonfire. He won the best actor's award in a play called Alif Noon, playing a comedy character but never took acting seriously as a career. After leaving Aitchison, he left for New York, United States and joined Newtown High School. Dreaming of becoming a lawyer due to his extraordinary talent of convincing people, he always thought he had a talent to become a lawyer. He stayed in New York for 7 years and then returned to Pakistan for vacation where he took up the family business, Riaz Shahid Films. At the age of 17, he did his first film as a debutante in "Bulandi" which was released in 1990 & was a huge success.


Shaan was born into Punjabi family. His father Riaz Shahid was Muslim but her mother belongs to Christian family who embraced Islam. His father started his career in 1962 with movie Susral. His father has written several hit movies such as Yeh Aman,Frangi and Zarqa. That’s why the understanding and devotion to the medium came to Shaan naturally. Once in an interview Shaan said about his father “The ideological DNA has to be carried through the generations from father to son or mother to daughter”. His mother was also famous actress known as “Neelo”.[3] Punjabi family -  Shaan Shahid

Married Life

Shaan Shahid with His Family
Shaan Shahid with His Family
He was married to Amina Shaan. They are blessed with four daughters. Their names are
  1. Bahist-i-Bareen Shahid
  2. Fatima Shahid
  3. Shah Bano Shahid
  4. Raanay Shahid

As Television Host

Shaan Shahid Television Host
Shaan Shahid Television Host
Shaan has got success in every field of showbiz.  Shaan has also joined Geo Television Network and hosted a morning show named as “Geo Shaan Say”. His show was most seen at that time. Shaan soon left TV and focused on film development. Since he has not any plan to join TV network.[4] Joined Geo -  Television

As Film Director

Shaan Shahid Film Director
Shaan Shahid Film Director
Keep on making a difference Shaan has decided to launch himself as a director.[5] Directed -  Pakistan Firstly he directed his ambitious project Guns and Roses. Then he directed IK Junoon which was released in 1999, other starrers in movie are Resham, Faisal Rehman and Meera. It was written by Pervaiz Kaleem. In 2000 he directed a very good hit named as “Mujhe Chand Chahiey” starring himself,Noor, Reema Khan, Moammar Rana,Javed Sheikh and Atiqa Odho. He then directed “Moosa Khan” which starred Saima, Abid Ali, Jan Rambo and Noor.

Hit Films

Shaan Shahid action movie image
Shaan Shahid action movie image
Bulandi was hit film. It was followed by Nageena in which he has acted opposite Madiha Shah. He has also given many hit films. At one time Shaan is considered as sign of success in films. The films which have hit are as follow[6] Bulandi -  Hit Film

Upcoming Projects

Shaan Shahid old image
Shaan Shahid old image
As Shaan is one of the most wanted actors of Pakistan. He is doing work in number of projects. He is working in Syed Noor’s production named “Bhai Wanted”. Mission5 is also a movie in which Shaan is acting. The good part of this movie is that it is written by Shaan himself. Farhan Tahir an American actor is also part of this project.[7] Actors of Pakistan - Shaan Shahid

Brand Ambassador Shaan Shahid

Shaan Shahid Smile Face
Shaan Shahid Smile Face
As Shaan is considered as reason of success of movies, same is case here. He has been brand ambassador of many top brands of Pakistan. He is working with famous “Unilever” Pakistan. Shaan endorsed another mega brand “Pepsi”. Shaan is also brand ambassador of Pakistan’s telecom giant “Mobilink”. Shaan was also the Good will ambassador of “One Pack=One vaccine”. This was the campaign launched by UNICEF, Ministry Of Health and Procter & Gamble. Shaan is also visiting many cities to promote this cause.[8] Success of movies -  Shaan

Things You Dont Know

Shaan Shahid with Ali Zafar
Shaan Shahid with Ali Zafar
Shaan has also got offer to work in block buster movie of Bollywood “Ghajni” opposite Amir Khan. But he has refused to work in Bollywood. Last year during interview Shan said that “I refused India once.When I read the role, I knew that they needed a new terrorist face  and I said no. In Pakistan I live in people’s hearts. That’s a huge responsibility .I cannot let them down”[9] Shaan has also got offer to work -  Block Buster Movie

Films to His Credit

Till date there are 576 films to Shaan’s credit.

Production Company

Shaan Shahid Pakistani TV Actor
Shaan Shahid Pakistani TV Actor
Shaan has made his own production company named “Riaz Shahid Films”.

List of Movies

Shaan  startred his career with movie “Bulandi”. After that he hasn’t looked back. He is one of the successful Male actors of Pakistan. He is still going on. He has worked in more than 550 films. Some of his famous movies are
Released Title Language
1990 Bulandi Urdu
1990 Nageena Punjabi/Urdu
1991 Mard Urdu/Punjabi
1991 Ishq Urdu/Punjabi
1991 Naag Devta Punjabi/Urdu
1991 Husn da Chor Punjabi/Urdu
1991 Nadira Punjabi/Urdu
1991 Nigahen Punjabi/Urdu
1991 Pyar Karn Tun Nein Darna Punjabi/Urdu
1991 Ishq Deevana Punjabi/Urdu
1991 Gulfam Punjabi/Urdu
1991 Pyar Hi Pyar Urdu/Punjabi
1991 Sailab Urdu/Punjabi
1991 Dil Urdu/Punjabi
1992 Chhakka Urdu/Punjabi
1992 Naila Urdu/Punjabi
1992 Aashqi Urdu/Punjabi
1992 Aag Urdu/Punjabi
1992 Be-Naam Badshah Urdu/Punjabi
1992 Chahat Urdu/Punjabi
1992 Fateh Urdu/Punjabi
1992 Shama Urdu/Punjabi
1992 Boxer Urdu
1992 Mehbooba Urdu
1992 Silsila Pyar Da Punjabi/Urdu
1992 Sahiba Urdu/Punjabi
1993 Hina Urdu/Punjabi
1993 Anjuman Urdu/Punjabi
1993 Chakori Urdu/Punjabi
1993 Chandi Urdu/Punjabi
1993 Nagin Sapera Urdu/Punjabi
1993 Neelam Urdu/Punjabi
1993 Teesri Dunya Urdu
1993 Insaniyat Urdu
1993 Ilzam Urdu/Punjabi
1993 Jadoo Nagri Urdu
1993 Aan Milo Sajna Urdu/Punjabi
1994 Jan Urdu
1994 Mohabbat Di Agg Urdu
1994 Naseeb Urdu/Punjabi
1994 Aakhri Mujra Urdu
1994 Munda Kashmiri Urdu/Punjabi
1995 Aawargi Urdu
1995 Main Nay Pyar Kiya Urdu/Punjabi
1995 Naam Ki Suhagan Urdu
1996 Ghoonghat Urdu
1996 Khilona Urdu
1996 Choron kay Ghar Chor Urdu
1997 Sangam Urdu
1997 Fareb Urdu
1997 Mohabbat Hay Kya Cheez Urdu
1997 Barsat Ki Raat Urdu
1998 Insaf Ho To Aisa Urdu
1998 Very Good Dunya Very Bad Log Urdu
1998 Pardesi Urdu
1998 Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa Urdu
1998 Ehsas Urdu
1998 Tu Meri Main Tera Urdu
1998 Nikah Urdu
1998 Dunya Dekhay Gi Urdu
1998 King Maker Urdu
1998 Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaye Urdu
1998 2 Boond Pani Urdu
1998 Hasina Numbri Ashiq 10 Numbri Urdu
1998 Doli Saja Kay Rakhna Urdu
1999 Guns and Roses Urdu
1999 Koela Urdu
1999 Desan Da Raja Punjabi
1999 Daku Rani Punjabi
1999 Dekha Jaye Ga Urdu
1999 Dil Mein Chhupa Kay Rakhna Urdu
1999 Kursi Aur Qanoon Urdu
1999 Jannat Ki Talash Urdu
1999 Ishq Zinda Rahay Ga Urdu
1999 Dil To Pagal Hay Urdu
1999 Jazba Urdu
1999 Chohdrani Punjabi
1999 Babul Da Vehra Punjabi
1999 Sala Bigra Jaye Urdu
2000 Yaar Chann Warga Punjabi
2000 Khuda kay Chor Urdu
2000 Parwana Urdu
2000 Aag ka Darya Urdu
2000 Bali Jatti Punjabi
2000 Jagg Mahi Punjabi
2000 Angaray Urdu
2000 Ghar Kab Aao Gay Urdu
2000 Ham Khilari Pyar Kay Urdu
2000 Long Da Lashkara Punjabi
2000 Yaar Badshah Punjabi
2000 Mujhay Chand Chahiye Urdu
2000 Pehchan Urdu
2000 Sangdil Urdu
2000 Sultana Daku Punjabi
2000 Kahan Hay Qanoon Urdu
2000 Mr. Faradiye Urdu
2000 Barood Urdu
2000 Ishtehari Gujjar Punjabi
2000 Abhi Nahin To Kabhi Nahin Urdu
2000 Ghulam Punjabi
2000 Jagg Wala Mela Punjabi
2000 Teray Pyar Mein Urdu
2001 Badmash Gujjar Punjabi
2001 Meri Pukar Punjabi
2001 Badmash Puttar Punjabi
2001 Allah Badshah Punjabi
2001 Daket Punjabi
2001 Hukumat Urdu
2001 Musalman Urdu
2001 Mukhra Chann Warga Punjabi
2001 Meray Mehboob Urdu
2001 Khanzada Punjabi
2001 Toofan Mail Punjabi
2001 Aasoo Billa Punjabi
2001 Daldal Urdu
2001 Mehar Badshah Punjabi
2001 Aaj ki Larki Urdu
2001 Hamayun Gujjar Punjabi
2001 Gujjar 302 Punjabi
2001 Shehanshah Punjabi
2001 Makha Jatt Punjabi
2001 Baghi Urdu
2001 Sher-e-Lahore Punjabi
2001 Sangram Urdu
2001 Ghunda Tax Punjabi
2001 Doulat Urdu
2001 Moosa Khan Urdu
2002 Wehshi Jatt Punjabi
2002 Shikari Haseena Urdu
2002 Babbu Khan Punjabi
2002 Dada Badmash Punjabi
2002 Jagga Tax Punjabi
2002 Border Urdu
2002 Badmash Tay Qanoon Punjabi
2002 Sholay Punjabi
2002 Charagh Bali Punjabi
2002 Majhu Da Vair Punjabi
2002 Lahori Ghunda Punjabi
2002 Behram Daku Punjabi
2002 Ishtehari Punjabi
2002 Kalu Shahpuria Punjabi
2002 Buddha Sher Punjabi
2002 Toofan Punjabi
2002 Raju Rocket Punjabi
2002 Baghawat Urdu
2002 Sher-e-Pakistan Urdu
2002 Allah Rakha Punjabi
2002 Jahad Urdu
2002 Tohfa Pyar Da Punjabi
2002 Raqasa Urdu
2002 Veryam Punjabi
2002 Arain Da Kharaak Punjabi
2002 Achhoo Sheedi Punjabi
2002 Badmash-e-Azam Punjabi
2002 Buddha Gujjar Punjabi
2002 Daku Urdu
2002 Manila Kay Jasoos Urdu
2003 Jatt da Vair Punjabi
2003 Larha Punjab da Punjabi
2003 Pyar Hi Pyar Mein Urdu
2003 Remaand Punjabi
2003 Pappu Lahoria Punjabi
2003 Foja Amritsaria Punjabi
Unknown Mehar Da Medan Punjabi
Unknown Shagna di Mehndi Punjabi
Unknown Darr Urdu
Unknown Dil Totay Totay Ho Gya Urdu
Unknown Halaku Urdu
Unknown Meri Awaz Suno Urdu
2003 Shararat Urdu
2003 Bandish Urdu
2003 Roti, Goli Aur Sarkar Urdu
2003 Ultimatum Punjabi
2003 Moula Sher Punjabi
2003 Darinda Urdu
2003 Yeh Wada Raha Urdu
2003 Kundan Urdu
2003 Commando Urdu
2003 Qayamat Urdu
2005 Sher-e-Azam Punjabi
2004 Mulla Muzaffar Punjabi
2004 Bhola Sajjan Punjabi
2004 Jabroo Punjabi
2004 Billu Ghanta Gharia Punjabi
2004 Wehshi Haseena Punjabi
2004 Dehshat Punjabi
Unknown Guddu Badshah Punjabi
Unknown Munna Bhai Urdu
Unknown Nagri Daata Di Punjabi
Unknown Amman Kay Dushman Urdu
Unknown Loha Urdu
2004 Medan Punjabi
2004 Curfew Order Punjabi
2004 Jagga Baloch Punjabi
2004 Sakhi Sultan Punjabi
2004 Ham Ek Hayn Urdu
2004 Sher-e-Punjab Punjabi
2005 Kurrian Shehar Dian Punjabi
2005 Wada Chodhary Punjabi
2005 Sarkar Punjabi/Urdu
2005 Khatarnak Punjabi
Unknown Daku Haseena Punjabi
Unknown Parcham Urdu
2005 Bhola SuNeyara Punjabi
2005 Mustafa Khan Punjabi
2005 Pappu Shehzada Punjabi
2005 Ziddi Rajput Punjabi
Unknown Butt Badshah Punjabi
Unknown Ibba Punjabi
Unknown Lahori Shehzadey Punjabi
2006 Zakhmi Aurat Urdu
2006 Qaidi Yaar Punjabi
2006 Athra Punjabi
2006 Sharif Gujjar Punjabi
2006 Yaar Badmash Punjabi
2006 Majajan Punjabi
2006 Kangan Urdu
2006 Pappu Gujjar Punjabi
2006 Piyo Badmasha Da Punjabi
2006 Zamin Kay Khuda Urdu
Unknown Potra Shahiye Da Punjabi
2007 Ajj Da Badmash Punjabi
224 Puttar Hamayun Gujjar Da Punjabi
2007 Wehshi Rajput Punjabi
2007 Bichhu Urdu
2007 Soha Jora Punjabi
2007 Manga Gujjar Punjabi
2007 Nasha Jawani Da Punjabi
2007 Achhoo Lahoria Punjabi
2007 Khuda Kay Liye Urdu
2007 Bala Badmash Punjabi
2007 Ghundi Run Punjabi
2007 Ishtehari Rajput Punjabi
2007 Billu Punjabi
2007 Ghunda No. 1 Punjabi
Unknown Pekhawray Lahoray Pashto
Unknown Sarkari Raj Punjabi
2008 Anjam Urdu
2008 Gulabo Punjabi
2008 Khoufnak Punjabi
2008 Basanti Punjabi
2008 Suhagan Punjabi
2008 Zill-e-Shah Punjabi
2008 Ghunda Punjab Da Punjabi
2008 Wehshi Ghunda Punjabi
2009 Allah Uttay Dorian Punjabi
2009 Hakim Arain Punjabi
2009 Nach Kay Yaar Manana Punjabi
2009 Faraeb Urdu
2009 Wehshi Badmash Punjabi
2009 Gujjar Badshah Punjabi
2009 Madam X Punjabi
2009 Sta Da Yaarai Na Qurban Pashto
2009 Lado Rani Punjabi
2010 Wohti Lay Kay Jani A Punjabi
2010 Ilyasa Gujjar Punjabi
2010 Numberdarni Punjabi
2011 Khamosh Raho Urdu
2011 Jugni Punjabi
2012 Malang Badshah Punjabi
2012 Achha Gujjar Punjabi
2012 Dil Dian Lagian Punjabi
2012 Gujjar Da kharaak Punjabi
2012 Sher Dil Punjabi
2012 Shareeka Punjabi
2012 Bhola Ishtehari Punjabi
2013 Ishq Khuda Punjabi
2013 Waar Urdu/English
2013 Sharabi Punjabi
2014 Naseebo Punjabi
2014 Ishq di Galli Punjabi
2014 Eho Kurri Leni A Punjabi
2014 O21 English/Urdu/Pashto/Dari
2014 Dil Jale Urdu
2015 Lahoria Tay Pishoria Punjabi
TBA Yalghaar Urdu
TBA Gidh Urdu
TBA Waar 2 Urdu
TBA Arth 2 Urdu

Hit Films

Shaan Shahid in Movie Scene
Shaan Shahid in Movie Scene
Bulandi was hit film. It was followed by Nageena in which he has acted opposite Madiha Shah. He has also given many hit films. At one time Shaan is considered as sign of success in films. The films which have hit are as follow
  1. Tere Pyaar Main
  2. Khilona
  3. Mujay Chand Chahiey
  4. Ghoonghat
  5. O21
  6. WAAR
  7. Sangam
  8. Nikah
  9. Majajan
  10. Khuda Ke Liey

Awards and Nominations

  1. Government of Pakistan's Pride of Performance Award (2007)
  2. 15 Nigar Awards
  3. 5 Lux Style Awards
  4. 4 National Film Awards
  5. Shaan won Best Film Hero on 2nd Pakistan Media Award (2011)

Nigar Awards

Year Nominated work and artist Award Result
1997 Sangam Best Actor Won
1998 Nikah Best Actor Won
1999 Jannat Ki Talash Best Actor Won
2000 Tere Pyar Mein Best Actor Won

Lux Style Awards

Year Nominated work and artist Award Result
2000 Tere Pyaar Mein Best Actor Won
2002 Behram Daku Best Actor Nominated
2014 Waar Best Actor Nominated

Ary Films Awards

Year Nominated work and artist Award Result
2013 Waar Best Actor Won
2014 Honorary ARY Film Award Special Contribution to Pakistani Cinema Won