Road Prince Bike
Road Prince Bike

Road Prince RP 70 has a high resale value against all the 70cc bikes. The road prince RP 70 feels more than comfortable while riding even on rough roads. The speedometer looks stunning with a subtle color combination and smart needle. Road Prince RP 70 has a great material quality that sustains its original look and shine for a long time. Road Prince RP 70 has a spacious seat and a powerful 4-stroke engine. The bright headlight and tail light makes you ride with good vision and comfort while riding in dark streets. Road Prince RP 70 is a mileage friendly bike and proclaims to give more than 55 km/L on usual routes.[1] Road Prince

Factory phone:+92 49 271 6411 3
Factory Address:Address: 2-km, Ferozepur Road, Opp. Wadana Darbar Stop, Lulyani, District Kasur.
Fax: +92-21-32720177
Address:Road Prince Motorbike B-33-C, Manghopir Road, S.I.T.E. Karachi.
Awards:Road Prince Motorcycle Customer Satisfaction Award Year 2013 Held on: August 24, 2013 at Marriot Hotel Karachi, Pakistan
Chairman Says:Transport plays a vital role in the development of a country, where per capita income is low. It has became merely a dream for a common man to have a personal transportation. We are trying to provide good quality vehicle in economical rate.

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The Company

Road Prince Heavy Bike
Omega Industries came into existence in 1995. Today, It is one of the top motorcycles & rickshaws manufacturer in Pakistan. We have a team of professionals and our network of sales, service and spare parts is covering almost the whole country.

Our Mission  was to provide a good quality vehicle in economical rates. A dynamic growth oriented company through market leadership, excellence in quality and service
Our Vision  is to see the world where technological wonders may help mankind to enjoy peaceful life.
Omega industries emerge actually from many years of excellence when the father of sitting directors started importing motorcycle parts from Japan. This was an era when auto industry players of Japan entered the Pakistans motorcycle market. It was the greater vision of Mr. Muhammad Usman Sheikh (late) to get into the business of auto-parts. Later when motorcycle market developed, he started importing parts from Taiwan and then from China as well.

The business expanded, another office in Lahore was opened and started selling Japanese brand Yamaha. The business in Lahore developed successfully and turned into remarkable business unit selling motorcycles and whole selling motorcycle parts. Later into this business new generation and new thoughts were pumped in, who made this business a real success.[2] Road prince omega
From 1995, Pakistan motorcycle market showed the acceptance of Chinese origin motorcycles especially in the range of 70cc. From year 2000 it was showing upward trend and Chinese motorcycles were gaining acceptance in the market. By year 2004 management decided to launch a 4 stroke 70cc motorcycle Chinese origin.


High standards market competitiveness meeting the Japanese and European criteria. Diversify to meet the customer demands by virtue of economy, affordability and durability with consistent efforts, good quality and with great backup system company has now reached among top ten brands of Pakistan. Omega has now already started to manufacture various local parts with highest level of quality and satisfaction to our esteemed customers. To fulfill such needs of customer and to ensure quality to meet the growing demands of customers, company has recently acquired a large land and built a standard motorcycle manufacturing and assembly plant near Kasoor.

Omega Industries plant is fully equipped with today requirements in motorcycle industry. This includes Main assembly line, Engine assembly, various sections of sub assembly, Quality control, Vendor development, Procurement department, Paint shop, Pre-delivery inspection section and in house manufacturing of various parts.
Omega management is striving to match the realities of Pakistani conditions. Company management is now fully adopt and ready for any change and for any new demand in the market.


ROAD PRINCE is a brand aiming to fulfill the basic needs of individuals who are willing to meet their requirement of transportation coupled with affordability and economy, sustainability and less after sales expenses.[3] Brand   prince omega 

Quality Policy

No Compromise on quality of motorcycles & parts.
Keep improving in quality ( Sales, Service & Parts).
Training Manpower to improve overall structure of organization.
Prosperity and well being for all.


A progressive company who aims to offer quality products through market orientation to all the segments of motorcycle market. Excel in production systems, train manpower on most modern techniques and technology.

Twister 125CC


  • Engine 4 Stroke, single cylinder, over head value, air cooled, with emission control unit
  • Bore X Stroke 57mm x 49.5mm
  • Displacement 125cc
  • Compression ratio 10.2:1
  • Max. Horse Power 8.3 kw @ 8500 rpm (11.13 PS)
  • Max. Torque 9.2 n.m @ 8000 rpm (0.93 kgm)
  • Transmission 5 speed constant mesh, all forward (N-1-2-3-4-5)
  • Gear Ratios Primary Drive: (73/18) 4.05, Final Drive: (38/15) 2.53 1st gear: 2.77, 2nd gear: 1.88, 3rd gear: 1.40, 4th gear: 1.13, 5th gear: 0.96
  • Lubrication Pressure and splash
  • Clutch type Wet multi plate, left hand operated
  • Engine oil capacity 1 liter
  • Starting Electric Motor and Kick Start
  • Chassis / Frame Single cradle, steel tube frame
  • Size (length, width, height) 2090 x 758 x 1120 mm
  • Wheel base 1295 mm
  • Seat height 790 mm
  • Net weight 112 kg
  • Petrol tank capacity 16 Liters
  • Tyre size & air pressure Front: 2.75 x 18, Air pressure: 26 lbs/sq in Rear: 3.50 x 18, Air pressure: 32 lbs/sq in
  • Brakes Front: Disk brake Rear: Drum brake expending shoe
  • Electrical System Capacitor discharge ignition system
  • Battery 12V, 7Ah
  • Head light: Head light: 12V 35/35W Tail / Brake Light: 12V 5/21W Turning Indicator Lamp 12V 10W
  • Stator Assembly 8 Poles

Road Prince 125

  • RATIO 9:01
  • BORE & STROKE 56.5 X 49.5mm
  • DISPLACEMENT 124.1cm3
  • MAX TORQUE 0.94 KGF-3/2500 rpm
  • IGNITION CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)
  • LENGTH 1911mm
  • WIDTH 732mm
  • HEIGHT 1016mm
  • WHEEL BASE 1201min
  • FRONT 2.50-18-4PR
  • REAR 3.00-17-6PR

Warranty Policy

Omega Industries (here in after called as Road Prince) assures that all products are brand new, and in original working conditions at the point of purchase. Customer Satisfaction is our utmost priority. Feel free to contact us or your nearest Road Prince Warranty dealer if you have any product-related enquiries. Please be informed that we will only process claims for products purchased from authorized RP sales dealers. If your Road Prince product requiring warranty services please make sure that original warranty certificate is accompany with product sent in for warranty repairs.
We advice that you must read Road Prince warranty manual carefully before you get in touch with RP Authorized Dealer to avoid any inconvenience.
Road Prince provides warranty services on all its manufacture and assembled products only on proved items on examination to have material, manufacturing or workmanship defects; and RP Warranty Dealer shall repair without charging labor or parts cost as per the negotiated terms and conditions.[4] Warranty Policy

Warranty Period

Road Prince RP 70

TWISTER 125cc and WEGO 150cc Models:
Within 10 months from the date of sale or first 10,000 kilometers of its operation whichever occurs first.
70cc, 110cc & RP 125cc Models:
For ENGINE PARTS: within 10 months from the date of sale or first 10,000 kilometers of its operation whichever occurs first. For BODY PARTS: within 6 Months from the date of sale or first 6,000 kilometers of its operation whichever occurs first.
110cc Deleted Portion (MCR) Models:
Within 3 months from the date of sale or first 3,000 kilometers of its operation whichever occurs first.
150cc Loader Models:
Within 3 months from the date of sale or first 3,000 kilometers of its operation whichever occurs first.

Terms and conditions

The claim for replacement or repair of part (s) shall be considered only when [5] Prince Road Terms and conditons

  • Warranty registration certificate must be dully filled, signed & stamped by the sale dealer as well as a copy must be received by Omega Industries within 07 working days after sale.
  • It is mandatory for the customer to avail all free and paid services as per the recommended schedule from Road Prince authorized dealers, and only Road Prince genuine parts must be used to be eligible for the warranty benefits.
  • The customer ensures that immediately upon occurrence of the defect he approaches the nearest Road Prince Authorized Dealer with the affected Motorcycle. The expenses if any, to bring the Motorcycle to Authorized Dealer shall be borne by the customer.
  • Customer will produces the Owners manual in original, including warranty certificate to enable Road Prince authorized dealer to verify ownership & service record.
  • Only 1st buyer (as per Invoice and NIC) is eligible for warranty claim. 2nd hand buyer will not be entertained.
  • Second or duplicate warranty & service manual (warranty certificate) will not be issued to obtain warranty services.

Warranty Limitations

Warranty shall not apply [6] Warranty limitations

  1. When normal periodic maintenance is required and periodic wear and tear occurs such as Engine tune-up, Carburetor cleaning, Clutch adjustments, Fuel System Cleaning, Wheels, Tyres, brake shoes, brake pads, drive chain, sprockets, clutch plates, spark plug, control cables, steering race bearing kit, gaskets, rubber parts, or plastic components, wheel rims (in case of misaligned or bent) element air cleaner, engine lubrication oil, and electrical items, like bulb etc
  2. If speedometer (Odometer) goes out of order or tempering during warranty period.
  3. Parts of the Motorcycle getting rusty due to atmospheric effects or because of Industrial pollution.
  4. If recommended engine oil/lubricants are not used or if they are not replaced at the recommended intervals.
  5. Use of those non genuine parts or accessories not approved by Road Prince; and altered parts or modified or replaced in unauthorized manner. These are in the sole judgment of RP that if such acts affects RP products performance and reliability.
  6. Premature wear of engine parts such as cylinder, piston, valves, Clutch plates and bearings due to adulteration of petrol, fuel and lubricants or substandard quality.
  7. RP Motorcycle which has been used for rental as a taxi, overloading and racing purpose.
  8. If any accident, water penetration or paint, chrome scratches and rust occurs by the customer.
  9. Substandard storage or transportation.
  10. If any free or paid service is not done as per recommended schedule, the warranty tends to stand void.