Reshma (Singer)

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Folk singer Reshma was born in 1947, the historic year when India and Pakistan gained independence from British rule. She was born in India, but her family migrated to Pakistan when she was a month old. Small wonder, then, that Reshma’s unconventionally husky voice won admirers on both sides of the international border.
[1] Reshma, first folk lady

Title Description
Name: Reshma
Famous As: "Rshman"
In Urdu: ریشماں
Nationality: Pakistani
Residence: Karachi, Pakistan
Education: Reshman did not receive any formal education
Religion: Islam
Profession: Singing
Awards : Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence) awarded by the President of Pakistan in 2005, for her services to the nation. She also had received Pride of Performance award back in 1982.
Date: 1947
Place: Ratangarh, Rajasthan, British India
Ethnicity: Pakkhiwas(gypsy) Family
Children: She had four sons and three daughters
Parents: Haji Muhammad Mushtaq
Siblings : Kaneez Reshma, also a folk singer
Date: 3 November 2013
Occupation(s): Singing
Genres: Punjabi Folk Music
Professional Work
Years Active: 1968– 2004

Early Life

Reshman was born to a Pakkhiwas(gypsy) family in Rajasthan one year after Independence. Her father, Haji Muhammad Mushtaq, was a camel and horse trader from Malashi.They traded in horses, cows and goats. Reshma belonged to a tribe which had converted to Islam. Her tribe migrated to Karachi shortly after Independence. Gifted with a melodious voice, Reshman did not receive any formal education. She spent much of her childhood singing at the Mazars (shrines) of the mystic saints of Sindh. [2] Early life of Reshma


Folk singer Reshma.

Folk singer Reshma.

When she was twelve years old, she was spotted singing at the Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar by then Pakistani television and radio producer, Saleem Gilani. “She refused to enter the studio, and said a man was standing inside, referring to the pillar-like structure that was actually the microphone,” said Sarvat Ali Khan, a Radio Pakistan producer, whose father composed most of her songs.

Her First Song

Gilani arranged for her to make a recording of "Laal Meri Pat Rakhio" on Radio Pakistan in 1968.She became an instant hit and since that day, Reshma has been one of the most popular folk singers of Pakistan, and garnered international renown.

She was also Famous across the border

Her fame had crossed the border, thanks to pirated tapes. She was able to perform live in India much later, during the 1980s when India and Pakistan allowed exchange of artists. Subhash Ghai used her voice in the film Hero, which featured one of her most famous songs, Lambi Judai. During her career she was invited to meet Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. In 2004, she recorded Ashkan Di Gali Vich Mukaam De Gaya, which was used in the Bollywood film Woh Tera Naam Tha, and was also a hit record in India.

Some Famous Songs of Reshma

  1. Akhian Mila Ke Channa
  2. Akhian Nu Rehn De
  3. Chal Dila Labhan Chaliye
  4. Dama Dam Mast Qalandar
  5. Dhole Ri Moomal
  6. Eh Tan Mera (Sultan Bahu)
  7. Hai O Rabba Naeeo Lagda Dil Mera
  8. Jadon Mahi Yaad Aave
  9. Kithe Nain Na Joreen (Manzoor Jhalla)
  10. Laal Mari Pat Rakhio Balla
  11. Lambi Judai
  12. Na Dil Dendi Bedardi Nu
  13. Phool Banro
  14. Rabba Sada Mahi Mail De
  15. Rajj Gallan Na Keetian
  16. Sade Wal Mukhra Mor (Bulleh Shah)
  17. Senraan Ra Baairya
  18. Tak Pattri Walia Lekh Mere
  19. Uth Gaye Gwandhon Yaar
  20. Ve Main Chori Chori (Manzoor Jhalla) 
[3] Reshma's Songs

Reshma was Simple and Very Simple

Reshma was the name of simplicity

Reshma was the name of simplicity

Despite her fame, Reshma was modest. She dressed conservatively in a Shalwar Kameez and was rarely seen without a Dupatta covering her head. And her Mehfils (public performances) were devoid of histrionics.

Health Issues

Reshma was diagnosed with throat cancer in the 1980s. In later years, her health deteriorated, leading President Pervez Musharraf to come to her aid, giving her one million Rupees to help pay off a bank loan, as well as putting her on a secured assistance of 10,000 rupees per month. He also helped her secure a plot of land for herself, but that did not go through due to the change in government. Her health deteriorated to such an extent that she was hospitalised in Lahore, Pakistan in 'Doctors Hospital' on 6 April 2013. The Punjab, Pakistan caretaker government elected to pay all her medical expenses.


The Desert Queen Reshma was died on November 3rd, 2013

The Desert Queen Reshma was died on November 3rd, 2013

Reshma fell into a coma in October 2013 and died on 3 November 2013 in a Lahore hospital.

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