Rani (Artist)

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Pakistani Film actress Rani was born on 8th December 1946 and was raised by MUkhtar Begum.  She marked her name in Pakistani Cinema with her brilliant performance in several Films. She got married thrice and died in 1993 due to cancer in very short age but her name is still alive in Pakistani cinema because of her brilliant performance.

Title Description
Name: Rani
Home Name: Nasira
In Urdu: رانی
Famous As: Film Actress
Nationality: Pakistani
Residence: Lahore, Pakistan
Religion: Islam
Profession: Rani was a Pakistani film and television actress.
Date: 8 December 1946
Place: Lahore, Punjab Pakistan
Spouse: She married thrice with Hassan Tariq, Mian Javed Qamar and Sarfraz Nawaz
Children: Daughter Rabia
Parents: Raised by Mukhtar Begum
Siblings : 1 sister
Date: 27 May 1993
Rest Place: Karachi, Sindh Pakistan
Occupation(s): Actress
Genres: Films
Years Active: 1962 - 1991
Debut Film: Mehboob

Early Life

Rani was born on December 8, 1946 as Nasira Sarfraz in Mozang, Lahore. Her Arain father was a driver for Mukhtar Begum, a singer and the wife of Agha Hashar Kashmiri, a well-known Urdu dramatist. Mukhtar Begum took over Rani for proper upbringing. Mukhtar Begum settled in Karachi and wanted Rani to follow, but Rani's voice was not suitable as singer. Rani was interested in dancing and later performed in her films. Mukhtar Begum suggested the stage name Rani; she would also later give Noor Jehan her screen name from Allah Wasai. [1] Early life

Career in Cinema

Film actress Rani while performing in cinema

Film actress Rani while performing in cinema

It was Mukhtar Begum that recommended 19-year old Nasira to seasoned film director, Anwar Kamal Pasha. Pasha changed Nasira’s name to Rani Mukhtar, since Mukhtar Begum addressed Nasira as Rani beti, and offered her a minor role of a dancer in his film ‘Mehboob’ in 1961. Thus, Rani Mukhtar debuted from the film ‘Mehboob’ in 1961. Later, she took off the word ‘Mukhtar’ from her name and came to be known as Rani. From 1961 to 1964, Rani worked in numerous movies. With the exception of a few films, the rest were failures. During those days, there were rumors circulating about Rani that she was an average actress at best. The film ‘Saaz Aur Aawaaz’ was Rani’s first film in which she appeared as the lead lady opposite Waheed Murad. The movie was a success, it was directed by Usman Qasim, released on April 30, 1965, starring, Rani-Waheed Murad-Habib. The masterpieces began to flow, as they would in the next two decades. Expert film director, Hasan Tariq, was determined to take a chance with Rani, despite her past failures. He worked zealously with Rani and the rest of the film crew and came out with a mega hit movie, ‘Dewar Bhabhi’ , on May 5, 1967, starring: Rani- Waheed Murad- Santosh- Sabiha, status: Golden jubilee. Following the release of ‘Dewar Bhabhi’, Rani became the ‘super- star’, that was always there, but unknown to most others. [2] Career in Cinema  

Personal Life

With Hassan tariq and her daughter

With Hassan tariq and her daughter

After being raised by Mukhtar Begum, Rani moved in with her mother with whom she was reconciled. Rani was married three times. Her first husband was film director Hassan Tariq who divorced her in the 1970s. Shortly after her marriage to producer Mian Javed Qamar, it was discovered that Rani had cancer. During her treatment in London, she met and married famous cricketer Sarfraz Nawaz Malik. She died just a few days after her daughter Rabia's marriage to Dr. Anwar. Shortly after Rani's death, her mother who was seriously sick and never knew of her daughter's death, also died. Rani's only sister also died 3 months later. [3] personal life  


Movie 'Baharon phool barsao'

Movie 'Baharon phool barsao'

 Actress  Year
 Khuddar  1985
 Muqaddar  1985
 Sajawal Dakku  1984
 Sona Chandi  1983
 Khusboo  1979
 Aurat Raj  1979
 Mr Ranjha  1979
 Tarana  1979
 Bohat Khoob  1978
 Parakh  1978
 Bhai Bhai  1972
 Baharon Phool barsao  1972
 Saudagar  1972
 Azadi  1972
 Meri Gairat Teri Izzat  1972
 Geo Jatta  1971
 Siran Naal Sardarian  1971
 Sakhi Lutera  1971
 Babul  1971
 Ucha Naa pyar Daa  1971
 Des Mera Jeedaran Daa  1971
 Mr 303  1971
 Do Baaghi  1971
 Mujram Kaun  1971
 Dunia Matlab Di  1970
 Anjuman  1970
 Rub Di shaan  1970
 Taxi Driver  1970
 Chann Sajna  1970
 Aakhri Chattan  1970
 Kochwan  1969
 Ghabru Putt Punjab Di  1969
 Kangan  1969
 Diya aur Toofan  1969
 Dilbar Jani  1969
 Dara  1968
 Commander  1968
 Chann Makhna  1968
 Zalim  1968
 Sitamgar  1967
 Be reham  1967
 Nadira  1967
 Insaan  1966
 Goonga  1966
 Khalifa  1966
 Aakhri Station  1965
 Neche Nagan Baje Been  1965
 Choti Behen  1964
 Ik Tera Sahara  1963
[4]Filmography Filmography   

Sarfraz Nawaz and Rani

The wedding between Sarfaraz Nawaz was Rani’s third marriage. They met during the 1980s when she went to London for treatment for her cancer. Sarfaraz Nawaz was, at that time, a popular Pakistani Test cricketer. During the years prior to their wedding, Sarfaraz Nawaz played 55 test matches as well as 45 one day internationals. During his cricketing career he was instrumental in introducing the reverse swing to cricket. Rani, meanwhile, made her career in television and Pakistani films until her illness forced her to seek treatment abroad. From 1985 onwards Sarfaraz Nawaz became a politician: a member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab[5] sarfraz nawaz and rani

In Memory of Pakistani Actress Rani

Grave of Rani and her mother

Grave of Rani and her mother

Exactly 22 years since Lollywood’s one-of-a-kind leading lady passed away on May 27, 1993. Though gone, she is not forgotten. A woman known for her expressive eyes, sensuous curves and superb dancing skills which landed her the title of ‘a face that launched a thousand mujras’ from the catty English press, Rani proved herself to be the ultimate superstar during the golden era of Pakistani cinema, a time when it wasn’t known with the tacky moniker of Lollywood nor was it in the doldrums. Though Lollywood’s golden age remains a distant memory and its revival a far-fetched fantasy, Rani continues to shine through as a performer par excellence. She was of that world. That was the whole era where you were a little coquettish and knew how to flirt with the camera, and yet you were measured. You never revealed all but rather left something to the imagination. She had that mystique. This is the reason Rani remains larger than life. She had that something special and if she was in Bollywood, she would have been equally successful. [6] Memory Memory  

Awards and Her T.v Serials

Rani’s contributions extend beyond the films. She worked for Pakistan television, as well. She appeared in two drama serials, ‘Khwahish’ and ‘Faraib’. She garnered more fame and added new fans to her long list of admirers. She won a Nigar Award for her superfluous  acting for the film ‘Mera ghar meri jannat’ in 1968 andShe won a Nigar Award for best actress for the film ‘Sona Chandi’ in 1983. [7] awards awards

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