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2019-02-06 01:28:17Qurban (drama)
Qurban drama is a romantic Pakistani serial which aired on ARY Digital and received much admiration from the viewers. Qurban episode 1 released on 20th November 2017 while qurban drama last episode aired on 19th March 2018. The story revolves around the main leads of the drama starring Bilal Abbas, Iqra Aziz, and Shehzad Sheikh. The drama is directed by Ahmad Bhatti while produced by Abdullah Seja and written by Zafar Mairaj. 
  • Information
  • Name:


  • OST Singer:

    Goher Mumtaz and Masroor Ali Shah

  • Composed By:

    Goher Mumtaz

  • In Urdu:


  • Producer:

    Abdullah Seja

  • Director:

    Ahmed Bhatti

  • Writter:

    Zafar Mairaj

  • Genre:


  • Production company:

    Idream Entertainment

  • Distributor:

    ARY Television Network

  • Releasing Date:

    20th November 2017

  • Ending Date:

    19th March 2018

  • No of Episodes:


  • Editor:

    Kamran, Hashim Erum and Lakhani Saniya Khan

  • Main Lead:

    Bilal Abbas, Iqra Aziz and Shehzad Sheikh

  • Language:


  • Production House Location:


Qurban drama Story

  • Qurban is an anecdote about Heer, Jamal, and Shahmeer, three people snared in a serious love triangle. Heer, played by Iqra Aziz, is a bubbly and brilliant young lady hailing from a rich family. She experiences passionate feelings for a kindred understudy Jamal (Bilal Abbas) who, albeit insightful and persevering, is poor. Heer venerates her dad, who thus, adores her. She needs to wed somebody like her father, who had experienced battle and hardship in his life and buckled down to be a senior individual from the police. Heer discovers this dimension of devotion and diligent work in Jamal and goes gaga for him. Jamal is frightened that Heer's family won't acknowledge him, so he doesn't claim his affection to her, however at long last, in the wake of seeing that Heer won't abandon him, he discloses to her that he is likewise infatuated with her. Through wanders aimlessly in the plot, we become more acquainted with that Heer has just been locked in, since she was 2 months old, to a kid (Shahmeer) in her dad's town, who is the grandson of the lady who brought her dad up when his family kicked the bucket in a tempest. Heer's dad endeavors to break the commitment yet then is reminded that 'izzat' is THE most imperative thing on the planet to the people of Village He powers Heer to wed Shahmeer. An unshakable Heer goes and weds Jamal. Nobody thinks about this nikkah aside from Heer's companion Mishu and two servers who work with Jamal.
  • Heer's dad is so irate with Jamal for being in contact with Heer,(after her marriage is masterminded with Shahmeer), that he asks his police power to thrash him. After beating him badly they released him, on his way back he met with a car accident and went into a comma. Heer searches wherever for him and even discloses to her mom that she has hitched Jamall and can't wed Shahmeer yet anybody trusts Heer. Her mom says she is rationalizing to not wed Shahmeer. In spite of everything, Heer got hitched with Shameer in her second Nakah.
  • After marriage Heer found his husband in a relationship with another girl, on the other hand, she thought bad about Jamal that he has used her for his own purpose. The story folds in a way that Jamal went out from the Comma and searched Heer everywhere but destiny had something else for them as Jamal shot down by shamer's elder brother when he saw Jamal and Heer together while Heer misunderstood the situation and blamed Shamer for all this. All is well that ends well, after all the troubles Shamer and Heer started a new life and lived happily.

Qurban drama cast

  1. Shehzad Sheikh as Shahmeer
  2. Iqra Aziz as Heer
  3. Bilal Abbas Khan as Jamal
  4. Laila Wasti as Shehla
  5. Rehan Sheikh as Shafi
  6. Shamim Hilaly as Amma G
  7. Yashma Gill as Maryam

Qurban ost

Qurban drama song is sung by the famous singers of Pakistan Gohar Mumtaz and Masroor Ali Shah while qurban ost lyrics are composed by Gohar Mumtaz himself.
  • Dil Mein Agg Hai
  • Yeh Kesi Tu Laga Giya
  • Meray Aashqon Ko Be
  • Rona Ab Hai Aa Giya
  • Dil Mein Agg Hai
  • Yeh Kesi Tu Laga Giya
  • Meray Aashqon Ko Be
  • Rona Ab Hai Aa Giya
  • Duniya Mein Kiyaa…
  • Baqi Raha…
  • Kyun Jannay Khahishay Karay
  • Tu Dil Lagai Ki
  • Sun Saiyaan… Teray Ishq
  • Diyan Khairan Mangiyan
  • Sun Saiyaan… Teray Ishq
  • Diyan Khairan Mangiyan

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