Projects In Gwadar
Projects In Gwadar

Gwadar, often times referred to as the port city, is currently turning quite a few heads amongst the elite investors of the country. Perhaps the key conversation starter regarding Gwadar is the fact that the Chinese are investing a huge amount there. Truth be told, it is a smart decision by the Chinese investors, as the Gwadar port is meant to serve giant vessels at the Strait of Hormuz and the trade will be done via a 3,000-km road known as the Gwadar-Kashgar Economic Corridor, which will ultimately save a lot of money. One thing worth pointing out is that the economic corridor is an extension of China’s proposed 21st century Silk Route.In light of this, I would like to advise my readers that this is a perfect opportunity to invest in Gwadar. Real estate experts have already known this for quite some time, and investing in Gwadar right now is pretty much a guaranteed way to own luxurious property that will appreciate quickly.The Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) is the only regulatory authority in the city, which is committed to making Gwadar one of the most modern cities in the country. The authority regulates land use and issues no-objection certificates (NOCs) for the development projects. It also monitors all the projects until their completion.Simply put, the authority works as a regulator and facilitator in Gwadar and until now it has issued NOCs to 74 residential schemes in the city, according to its official website.I have mentioned this in a previous post and I am stating it once again that Sangar Housing Scheme is one of the residential projects that you should consider for investment. It spans 2,500 acres and features all the facilities you would expect to see in any high-end housing scheme. Residential plots in the locality range between 400 square yards and 1,000 yards in size. So, you will have a number of options to choose from. And if you prefer to invest in commercial properties, Sangar Housing Scheme has commercial plots of 100 square yard to 5 acres for you. [1] Projects In Gwadar

Founded:Gwadar Pakistan
Location:Gwadar City in Pakistan
Name of Gwadar Projects:Planning of 2500 Acres Sangar Housing Project at Gwadar, Baluchistan. 100 Km Road Network Water Supply/Sewage work Bridge etc. Gwadar Industrial Estate, Sangar Heights at Gwadar etc..
Address:Gwadar is a port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan, Pakistan. The city is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, approximately 700 kilometres to the west of Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi.
Gwadar Neighborhoods:Sea View Heights Gwadar, گوادر, Shambe Ismail, Jaanabad
Gwadar Area:12,637 km²
Recreational Areas:381
Recreational Schemes:04
Commercial Areas:299.84
Commercial Schemes:06
Industrial Areas:2274.87
Industrial Schemes:16
Residential Areas:12677.604
Residential Schemes:75
GDA’s Mission:To manage a planned growth of the city with an effective road access network, environmental and investors friendly process and supportive social service facilities.
Vision:Gwadar to become a: Viable and Vibrant, Transit and Transshipment Port, and Excellent Recreational City and a Bustling Commercial Center.

gwadargwadar projectsgwadar projectsProjects In Gwadargwadar

Projects in Gwadar City

Projects In Gwadar
China will grant Pakistan $230 million to construct a new international airport in Gwadar which is to be operational by December 2017. The provincial government of Balochistan has set aside 4000 acres for the construction of the new $230 million Gwadar International Airport which will require an estimated 30 months for construction, the costs of which are to be fully funded by grants from the Chinese government which Pakistan will not be obliged to repay.he city of Gwadar is further being developed by the construction of a 300MW coal power plant, a desalinisation plant, and a new 300 bed hospital. Plans for Gwadar city also include construction of the East Bay Expressway – a 19 kilometre controlled-access road that will connect Gwadar Port to the Makran Coastal Highway. These additional projects are estimated to cost $800 million, and are to be financed by 0% interest loans extended by the Exim Bank of China to Pakistan.In addition to the aforementioned infrastructure works, the Pakistani government announced in September 2015 its intention to establish a training institute named Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute at Gwadar, which is to be developed by the Gwadar Port Authority. The institute is to be completed by March 2016 at the cost of 943 million rupees, and is designed to impart to local residents the skills required to operate and work at the expanded Gwadar Port [2] Project In Gwadar

Services Incentives

gwadar projects

Gwadar Development Authority is committed to develop Gwadar town as one of the Modern cities of the Pakistan. As there is not a single piece of land owned by Government, so Gwadar Development Authority is only a regulatory body:
Regulate the Land Use and Implement the Plans.
Provides No Objection Certificates to the Public & Private sponsors for their project after examining the required documents.
Monitor the public / private schemes/project regularly till completion and provide the public facilities mentioned in the Master Plan.
Economic Free Zone
Subsidized Electricity
5 Roads Connecting Gwadar with rest of the Countries (Afghanistan, China and India) Secondary access to all Central Asian Countries
Task Gigantic-Resources Scarce – Hence a special strategy devised:
Encourage the private sector to invest every where.
GDA to work as a facilitator / regulator.
NOCs Issued No. of Schemes
Total Area
Residential 75 12677.604 Acres
Industrial 16 2274.87 Acres
Commercial 06 299.84 Acres
Recreational 04 381 Acres
Strategy of gradual decongestion of old town.
On Govt: side the sequence will be
Identify the area/project
Workout rough cost and prepare PC-I on these basis
Approach Federal and Provincial Government for grant
Prioritize components of the projects keeping in view the availability of resources/needs
Get these PC-Is approved from the Governing Body of GDA and share it with Federal/Provincial Government from where we received the grants
Components be selected/designed in a manner that after utilizing the available money the portion becomes functional
Road-only right of the way & service lanes now
right of way-got land free from big schemes: small holder will be paid compensation: New Town affectees will be offered plots in extended New Town/Sanghar Housing Scheme or pay compensation. [3] Gwadar Projects

CPEC Gwader Projects

1 Gwadar East-Bay Expressway 140.60 view details
2 New Gwadar International Airport 230.00 view details
3 Construction of Breakwaters 123.00 view details
4 Dredging of berthing areas & channels 27.00 view details
5 Development of Free Zone 32.00 view details
6 Necessary facilities of fresh water treatment, water supply and distribution 130.00 view details
7 Pak China Friendship Hospital 100.00 view details
8 Technical and Vocational Institute at Gwadar 10.00 view details
9 Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan view details
10 Bao Steel Park, petrochemicals, stainless steel and other industries in Gwadar view details
11 Development of Gwadar University (Social Sector Development) view details
12 Upgradation and development of fishing, boat making and maintenance services to protect and promote livelihoods of local population [4] Gwadar Projects

New Gwadar International Airport

gwadar Airport
Project Description
Project Title: New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA)Project
Project Description: Construction of New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA), alongwith allied facilities for new airport that will be capable of handling a combination of ATR 72, Airbus, (A-300), Boeing (B-737) and Boeing (B-747) for domestic as well international routes.
Proposing Agency: Aviation Division
Location Gurandani, 26 KM east of Gwadar City, Balochistan
Province Balochistan
Estimated Cost (US $ Million) 230.00
Executing Company / Sponsors Civil Aviation Authority
Financing Chinese Government Grant [5] Projects Gwadar

Construction Of Breakwaters

Project Description
Project Title: Construction of Breakwaters, Gwadar Port
During May 2013 operation of Gwadar Port was assigned to China Overseas Ports Holding Company Ltd. (COPHCL) for a period till 2047. Beside the operation of the existing port facilities the operator has to carry out expansion works all along the seashore of Gwadar East Bay constructing additional terminals and port infrastructure. Under the Concession Agreement, however, construction of breakwaters and dredging works are the responsibilities of Gwadar Port Authority. For construction of berthing facilities on the eastern side of the existing multi-purpose terminal (4.200 km), a 1.200-1.500 km long breakwater has to be constructed.
Objective of the Project: To facilitate construction of additional terminals at Gwadar Port by its Operator.
Available Documents (if any): Hydrographic studies are available.
Proposing Agency: Gwadar Port Authority, MoPS
Location Gwadar district, Balochistan
Province Balochistan
Estimated Cost (US $ Million) 123.00
Executing Company / Sponsors Contracting company on the basis of EPC Or any Financial Framework Agreement under CPEC
Financing Mix of Chinese Government Concessional Loan & Grant
Supervising Agency Ministry of Ports & Shipping, Government of Pakistan [6] Gwadar Projects

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