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PEL contributes in your lives every day, by providing you not just appliances for a better lifestyle, but with Power products like transformers, switch gears and energy meters. We are the pioneers of electrical manufacturing in Pakistan and we are here to make a difference in your lives whether it is through taking care of your home, your lifestyle, making your day to day activities easier or by helping you save energy.[1]  PEL contributes in -  your lives every day 

Title Description
Type: Public
Industry: Electronics and Digital Appliances
Founded: 1956
Headquarter: Lahore, Pakistan
Address: Pak Elektron Limited 14-Km, Ferozepur Road Lahore 54760, Pakista
Call:: +92 42 35920151-59
FAX: +92 42 35920178
Key People: Mr. Naseem Saigol (CEO), Mr. Murad Saigol, Mr. Zeid Saigol
Area served: Pakistan
Product: Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Microwave Ovens, Water Dispensers, Transformers, Switchgear and Energy Meters
Revenue: US$ 279.97 million (2015)
Motto: Change your Life
Parent: Saigol Group
refrigerators in a variety: INTELLO . Mirror Glass Door. Desire Glass Door . Invert-O-Cool . Desire Infinite .Arctic .Aspire .Single Door
MICROWAVE OVEN : Microwave PMO 20 .Microwave PMO 30SL . Microwave PMO 26SL


PEL building

PEL building




PEL’s HR team believes that every individual has a different set of competencies that together can create marvels. Keeping this in view we constantly engage in harnessing each other’s strengths and work with harmony to meet our ongoing challenges.[2] constantly engage -  harnessing each other’s strengths and work We are not only involved in routine HR tasks,[3] organization. Join  -  to boost your career but we as a team go to great lengths in making HR a hub of fun, frolic and creativity. We look forward to welcome the best talent and encourage you to be the part of this growing organization. Join us to boost your career.


PEL owes its longstanding success to the dedication of its employees who are continuously challenging their limits to excel in the engineering industry. Being one of the leading firms in both appliances and power sector, [4] PEL -  facilities and processes our employees benefit from the vast exposure offered to them in terms of state—of-the-art facilities and processes.


Since 1990, PEL is specialized in manufacturing a variety of residential as well as commercial air conditioners. It is known for producing the most advanced and best cooling air conditioners in all times. [5] PEL is specialized in manufacturing - commercial air conditioners 
  •    The best Cooling AC?
  •    Operating at Full BTUs?
  •    With highest Energy efficient ratio

PEL provides you the top rated air conditioners.

  • Inverter
  • Everest
  • Cool Smile
  • Desire Infinite


If there is less space and more food to freeze then this is the perfect choice. PEL deep freezer helps you organize and freeze food according to your family size. It also provides adjustable temperature control for your convenience.[6]  PEL deep freezer helps -  organize and freeze food
  • Arctic Premium Single Door
  • Arctic Premium Double Door


    Ridiculously good looking with a refined classy mirror finish, our new Desire Glass Door Mirror water dispenser is not only elegant but also reliable. We don't only deliver a product, we deliver an experience.[7] Desire Glass Door  - Mirror water dispenser


To make your life easy, we have introduced new Microwave oven range. You can improve your quality of life by spending more time with your loved ones instead of in the kitchen. We change your life, we make it fulfilling.
  • Microwave PMO 20
  • Microwave PMO 30SL
  • Microwave PMO 26SL


We have the best refrigerators in a variety of sizes and designs that suit your kitchen and lifestyle[8] best refrigerators - variety of sizes and designs that suit your kitchen and lifestyle 
  • Mirror Glass Door
  • Desire Glass Door
  • Invert-O-Cool
  • Desire Infinite
  • Arctic
  • Aspire
  • Single Door

contact details

  • Address Pak Elektron Limited
14-Km, Ferozepur Road Lahore 54760, Pakistan.
  • Call: +92 42 35920151-59
  • Fax: +92 42 35920178
  • Email:
  • Facebook:

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