Pakistan Rangers
Pakistan Rangers

After the emergence of Pakistan on 14th Aug 1947 a force by the name of Home Guards in Punjab and Sindh Rifles in Sindh was created with its Headquarters at Lahore to intercept the trans – borders criminals. This force was placed under the then IG of Police for administration. Home Guard comprised Punjab Border Police and Bahawalpur Border Police and Sindh Rifles comprised Sindh Border Police & Khairpur Military Police. Home Guards were deployed on the border of Punjab Province & Bahawalpur State and Sindh Rifles were deployed on the Border of Sindh Province & Khairpur State initialy.

Founded:14 August 1947
Name:Pakistan Rangers
In Urdu:پاکستان رینجرز
Part of: Paramilitary forces of Pakistan
Headquarters: Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore
Motto(s):Daim’s Sahir’n
Colour:Red And Blue
Director General, Punjab:Major-General Umar Farooq Burki,
Director General, Sindh:Major-General Muhammad Saeed
Size:100,000 active troops
Under the control :Ministry of the Interior of the Pakistan Government.
Flag hosting and lowering ceremony: Daily at Wagha & Ganda Singh Wala and Sulemanki
Pakistan Rangers mainly responsible:Protection of Pakistan’s Eastern Borders
Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) responsible: Guarding 1300 KMs Eastern Border of Province of Punjab
Motto of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab):Daaeman Saaheran
Part of:Paramilitary Forces of Pakistan
Keemari/Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi Help Line No:99261056
Keemari/Lyari Karachi Help Line No:32032629
Two Parts:Sindh Rangers, Punjab Rangers
Website: Sindh punjab

Independent Department

Pak Rangers
In Oct 1958, Border Police was reorganized to form an independent department under the West Pakistan Government by the name of West Pakistan Rangers. All four frontier forces i.e. Punjab Border Police, Bahawalpur Border Police, Sindh Border Police and Khairpur Military Police were merged to form an independent department of West Pakistan Government for which an ordinance was promulgated. The command elements came on deputation from the Pakistan Army. The West Pakistan Rangers consisted of three main Units as fol:-Sutlej Rangers (new shape of Punjab Border Police) with its Headquarters at Lahore.


Pakistan Rangers

In 1969, due to heavy commitment of Sutlej Rangers it was restructured and a new Unit was raised name Chenab Rangers with its Headquarters at Sialkot, having 193 Kilometers Working Boundary and 105 Kilometers of International Border.


Force was renamed from West Pakistan Rangers to Pakistan Rangers and given under the control of Federal Government (Ministry of Defence).
In 1974, it became part of the Civil Armed Force under the Ministry of Interior.

Mehran Force

In late 1989, due to growing riots and worsening Law and Order situation in Sindh, a new force was raised named Mehran force under the direct command of Director General Pakistan Rangers with its nucleus Headquarters in Karachi. Five permanent Sectors consisting four wings each named Shahbaz Rangers, Bhattai Rangers, Qasim Rangers, Sachal Rangers and Indus Rangers were the part of this force.

Pakistan Rangers

Pak Rangers

1st Jul 1995 Pakistan Rangers was bifurcated into Punjab and Sindh Rangers. After bifurcation, Sector HQ Cholistan Rangers alongwith 3 x Wings were raised at Rahim Yar Khan to cover long distance of Desert and Cholistan area.2 x Wings were raised for Internal Security Duties.Sector HQ Punjnad Rangers alongwith 4 x Wings were raised for Internal Security Duties .
Presently, Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) has become dynamic and vibrant force and performing challenging tasks of guarding eastern border and performing Internal Security duties in Punjab, Gilgit, Rajanpur and Islamabad Capital Territory in a befitting manner. This is only possible due to the commitment/foresightedness of our predecessors and hard work of present team..[1] Pkistan rangers History

Director General s Message

It is extremely gratifying to address through the recently launched website of the LION HEARTED, Pakistan Rangers ( Punjab), which through ages have proved their mettle at every juncture. Rangers, unquestionably enjoy exceptional reputation at all the tiers of Command and Staff at national level, may it be border guarding, Internal Security or any other assignments. Recital of Rangers has always been outclass and well above the expectations. I would like to appreciate each and every individual of the Force for bringing good name to the organization.

Contemporary Era

Pakistan Ranger Soldier

The contemporary era is characterised by interdependence the need to work collectively for peace & stability and Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) will continue working with other agencies to improve Law & Order situation in the country.Efforts put in by all in chain in making this website rich in substance and thought provoking is commendable, an opportunity to reflect and express ourselves. This site has provided us an opportunity to present our Force to the world. While browsing one will reveal that the site is imaginatively conceived, immaculately configured, thoughtfully laid out and is a valuable blend of professional excellence and technical prowess.
I hope everyone will get benefit out of it and all efforts will be put in to maintain the standard. For any comments or correspondence, we are always keen to Welcome you.
May ALLAH Almighty bless us ( Amen ).

  • Azhar Naveed Hayat Khan
  • Major General

Director General Pakistan Rangers (Punjab)[2] Paistan Rangers Message


The Pakistan Rangers are a paramilitary Force under the control of the Ministry of the Interior of the Pakistan Government. 

Two Parts

In 1995 the Pakistan Rangers divided into two parts, one called Pakistan Rangers Punjab, with its headquarters in Lahore, and the other called Pakistan Rangers Sindh, with headquarters in Karachi. The two divisions have different uniforms and command. The Director General of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) is Major General Umar Farooq Burki, HI (M). The main flag hosting and lowering ceremony takes place daily at Wagha & Ganda Singh Wala and Sulemanki.

  • Punjab Rangers
  • Sindh Rangers

Pakistan Rangers is mainly responsible for the protection of Pakistan’s Eastern Borders, however, at times it also assists the Government for Internal Security Duty. The Rangers are also very active in securing important monuments and guarding national assets in various cities of Pakistan. The Rangers have notably contributed towards maintaining law and order in the country.
Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) is primarily responsible for guarding 1300 KMs Eastern Border of Province of Punjab. In addition, the Force is also actively involved in Internal Security tasks all over the Province of Punjab. The extensive employment led to a major expansion taking place between 2003 and 2005, from 17 Wings to 23 Wings.

Pakistan Rangers Punjab


Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) consisting of 16056 personnel from all ranks is manning 414 border out posts along 1282.464 kilometers stretch of our eastern border with India. Various tree form organizations of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) are:

  1. Organization of Headquarter Pakistan Rangers (Punjab)   
  2. Organization of Corps Headquarter                               
  3. Organization of Standard Rifle Wing

War Performance

Punjab Rangers

Rangers have fought shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan Army in the past two wars. Details are as under:

Details1965 1971
Details19651971Working Boundary

Motto of Pakistan Rangers

Punjab Rangers

The Motto of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) is Daaeman Saaheran , which means “Ever Vigil” or “Always Awake” and all of the Officers and Jawans try their best to prove worthy of it.[3] pakistan rangers Introduction

Flag Lowering Ceremony

Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) has also the unique honor to display exhibition drill at flag lowering ceremonies at JCP Wagha, Ganda Singh Wala and Sulemanki. The individual and collective patriotic spirit, exuberance and perfection in drill movements during these displays is a source of attraction at national and international level.[4] Pakistan Rangers Flag Ceremony

Roles of pakistan Rangers

  1. The roles assigned to Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) are:-
  2. Protection of personnel and property in the border areas.
  3. Apprehension of persons unlawfully entering into or going out of Pakistan territory.
  4. Organise village defence committees in the border areas.
  5. Prevention of smuggling.
  6. Collection of intelligence in the border areas.
  7. Coordination with police and other civil agencies in the prevention and detection of smuggling.
  8. Assist police in the prevention and detection of crimes in the border areas.
  9. Reinforce the police for the maintain of law and orders whenever it is necessary.[5] Pakistan Rangers Role

Anti Smuggling Operations Routine Border Duties

Punjab Rangers
One of the major responsibilities assigned to Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) is to prevent smuggling on the borders. Although smuggling has been cut down considerably after erection of fence by the Indians, yet, items like gold, narcotics and drugs are smuggled  from Pakistan while liquor and acetic anhydride are smuggled from India. In fact, the fence has given Indians control over smuggling.[6]  Anti Smuggling 

Smugglers Arrested/ Killed
G. Total4191215178
    Tamgha-e-Basalat4 (3 Officers and 1 Other Ranks)Chief of Army Staff                Commendation Card 6 (1 Officers and 5 Other Ranks)
Apprehension of Suspects
Category20012002200320042005(Upto 15-4-05)Total
Under Interrogation4732224019160
Released being white5925546723228
Handed over to Police49171176330276
Pushed back to India22
G. Total1557419317074666

Internal Security Duties

Protection of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline

On 21st January 2003, Sui Gas Pipe line was blown up between Guddu and Sui in an act of sabotage. Therefore, on 28 January 2003 a Task Force of a wing (plus) strength was moved to protect over 160 kilometers of gas pipeline. Presently 1 x Wing strength is guarding the pipeline.[7] Protection of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline 

Tri-junction Border Sealing Construction of Police

Stations Police Posts

By the name of “Operation Fair Deal”, our troops participated in joint operation with Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) and Frontier Corps Balochistan from 9-16 July 2003 to seal the Provincial border against miscreants fleeing from Provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan, where the flushing operation was launched. Presently 2 x Wings strength are deployed for the Sealing of Tri-junction Border and construction of 2 x Police Stations and 15 x Police Posts in Kashmore and Rojhan area.

Protection of PARCO Staff

20 x all ranks are deployed in Jampur for the protection of PARCCO Staff who are engaged in laying White Oil Pipeline from Umerkot to Mehmood Kot.

Sindh Rangers

Sindh Rangers Sehvan Community Center Jamshoro


    Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) traces its inheritance from Sindh Rifles established in 1943. On emergence of Pakistan, the security of Eastern border was assigned to Sindh Rifles, Khairpur State Police, Bahawalpur State Police and newly raised Punjab Home Guards. In 1948, Sindh Rifles and Punjab Home Guards were re-designated as Sindh Police Rangers and Punjab Border Police respectively. In 1958, border security forces were re-organized and named as West Pakistan Rangers and later re-designated as Pakistan Rangers in 1971.

Worsening Law

Boxing Champainship 2015

In late 80s, due to worsening law and order situation in Karachi and Hyderabad, Mehran Force was raised in September 1988. Army was de-inducted from Internal Security duties in 1994 and Mehran Force continued to control law and order of the province. In early 90s, ethnic violence resulted in wide spread unrest. To control the situation,Federal Government decided to substantially increase the strength of Rangers and the raising of separate Headquarters for Civil Armed Force in Sindh. Consequently, in March 1995, Pakistan Rangers thus got bifurcated into Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) and Pakistan Rangers (Sindh). Mehran Force and other Corps of Pakistan Rangers operated in the province of Sindh formed part of Pakistan Rangers (Sindh).[8]  Worsening Law 
The Force is governed by Rangers Ordinance 1959 under the Ministry of Interior while the Government of Sindh requisitions Sindh Rangers for Internal Security duties on yearly basis.

UN Mission

Basic Recruits Passing Out Parade 2016

  1. There are four Formed Police Units operated in various UN Missions.
  2. Presently, 44 x all ranks are performing duties on different UN Missions. The details are :-
1.Haiti – II21
2.Sudan (Darfur)23

Rangers Help Line Numbers

Shah Faisal/Korangi:34494202
Landhi/Bin Qasim:35081200
New Karachi:36493000
North Nazimabad/Gulberg:36365550
Jamshed Town:34941727
Saddar/City Town:99213052


Sports competitions are a regular feature to inculcate spirit of competition and Esprit-de-Corps amongst all ranks. The main sports include Basketball, Hockey, Kabbadi, Football, Volleyball, Tent Pegging and Wrestling.
Recently Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) has attained distinction in the various sports:-

  1. 1 x women player of Rangers was selected for National Women Net Ball Team.
  2. Three Rangers personal are 1st time selected in National Basketball Team.
  3.  Women basketball team of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) also participated 1st time in National Women Basketball Championship and   stood 3rd in the competition.
  4. 1 x player of women hockey team is selected in National women hockey team.[9] Pakistan Rangers Sports
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