Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association

Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association (Company)

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PIFFA, The Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association is having more than 500 Freight Forwarding Companies as Members, aims to provide effective representation and support for Pakistan freight services industry to observe the highest standards of professional competence. [1] Summary Summary

Title Description
Type: Non- profitable organization
In Urdu: پاکستان انٹرنیشنل فریٹ فوورڈ ایسوسیشن
Founded: It is established in 2005
Role: The role of the Association includes support for the Pakistan trade worldwide, the development and the maintenance of healthy international freight services industry within Pakistan
Companies: More than 500
Headquarter: Karachi
Aim: The Association aims to achieve standardization in the industry and to promote a high degree of professional conduct among its members, including ethics and financial viability.
Secretary General: Habibullah A.Latif
Local Representative: FIATA and Member Association of Pakistan
Secretary Regional Office: Muhammad Rizwan
Number of employees: Minimum Employees




PIFFA (Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association) is a non-profitable organisation representing more than 500 companies based in Pakistan providing Land, Air, Ocean Combined Transport and other Logistics services. PIFFA established in 2005 and became the sole representative body of Pakistan Freight Forwarders. The role of the Association includes support for the Pakistan trade worldwide, the development and the maintenance of healthy international freight services industry within Pakistan. Making sure for  the achievement of a level playing field for the efficient movement of freight worldwide by all modes transport. PIFFA promotes the freight / logistics service industry as a whole. The Association aims to achieve standardization in the industry and to promote a high degree of professional conduct among its members, including ethics and financial viability.PIFFA has also been instrumental in establishing and continuously updating the industry's S.T.C (Standard Trading Conditions). The Association plays an important role in representing the Pakistan freight forwarding and logistics industry on an international level. PIFFA represents its members' interests at meetings of  FIATA and other forums, ensuring that Pakistan's Freight Forwarding industy voice is heard at international industry conferences and seminars. [2] About About  

Code of Conduct

Every member shall comply with this code of conduct .


The objects of the Association and the intensions of the Association’s Code of Conduct are to:
  • Ensure a fair business relationship between the Members and their clients, and between Members themselves. 
  • Maintain and enhance the reputation, standing and the good name of the PIFFA and its members. 
  • Generally watch over, promote and safeguard the credibility of the PIFFA and its members by establishing, maintaining and promoting professional behaviour of high standards with the object that Membership in the PIFFA shall be an indication of high standards and quality of service. 
  • Generally promote public confidence in the profession particularly through prevention or correction of any abuses and malpractices that might undermine this confidence. 
  • Promote the interest and welfare of freight forwarders and logistics providers, improve their professional status, and secure high standards of professional conduct and practice. 
  • Promote and develop the general interests of all Members of the PIFFA in their relations with clients, with operators of all forms of transport and with one another. 


Signing of MOU between PIFFA and Bahria Foundation

Signing of MOU between PIFFA and Bahria Foundation

  • The Board of Directors (BOD) of the PIFFA has the power to appoint a sub-committee to deal with issues relating to the conduct of members. 
  • Members, clients and all other concerned shall refer all disputes to the above sub-committee. 
  • The Sub-committee is empowered to consider any complaint made by a member of the public or a dispute arising between Members. The Member against whom a complaint has been made shall, upon request by the sub-committee, provide information and document(s), and within such period as may be reasonably required by the sub-committee. The sub-committee is not entitled to apply or recommend the application of any action against the said Member without giving the said Member an opportunity to make representation (in writing or in person) in connection with the said complaint.  [3] Code of Conduct  


Uphold a high standard of business ethics and professional conduct among freight forwarders;
  1. Promote a high level of professional education and experience, essential to provide services;
  2. Encourage operation of financially sound and stable freight forwarders;
  3. Contribute to combating fraud by ensuring improved services by better qualified freight forwarders, and
  4. Provide guidelines to PIFFA in establishing and maintaining a freight forwarding system.

For the purpose of these Standards

"Freight forwarder” is one who undertakes forwarding of goods on behalf of his customer, including if necessary, procurement and coordination of one or more modes of transport. He may also undertake to perform more modes of transport. He may also undertake to perform other functions connected with the main contract such as warehousing (including storage in transit) groupage or consolidation, packing, documentation, weighing and measurement of cargo container leasing, insurance, foreign exchange transaction etc

Minimum Staff Requirement and Professional Qualifications

  1. To be considered professionally qualified the freight forwarder must:
  2. Employ two full-time competent persons qualified in the services and handling functions described in Article 5;
  3. Two such persons should have completed PIFFA approved freight-forwarding certified course or hold IATA or FIATA Introductory Course Diploma or equivalent, and
  4. One of these persons shall have completed a PIFFA approved training course in the handling of dangerous goods where such cargo is handled.  [4] Standards Standards      

Executive Committee

Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members
S. No. Name Company Name
1 Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Chairman M/s. News Logistics
2 Mr. Mirza Jahanzeb Baig Senior Vice Chairman M/s. Wagnoers Worldwide Pvt Ltd
3 Mr. Shiraz Qureshi Vice Chairman M/s. Seagold Pvt Ltd
4 Mr. Muhammad Ilyas Immediate Past Chairman M/s. Freight Manager Pvt Ltd
5 Mr. Moin Ahmed Malik M/s. Agility Logistics Pvt Ltd
6 Mr. Abdul Majeed Paracha M/s. Ravian International Agencies
7 Mr. Muhammad Javaid M/s. Sea Master Shipping & Logistics
8 Mr. Asim Saeed Khan M/s. General Maritime Pvt Ltd
9 Mr. Munir Ahmed M/s. MR Traders Pvt Ltd
10 Mr. Zahid Razzaq Chaudhry M/s. Experience Express Services Pvt Ltd
11 Mr. Mohammad Asif Khan M/s. Excel Freight Systems Pvt ltd
12 Mr. Muhammad Qadeer M/s. Mac-Nels Agencies Pakistan
13 Col. Muhammad Amin M/s. Translog Worldwide Logistics
14 Mr. Faisal Sohail M/s. Cascade Logistics
15 Syed Rehan Rizvi M/s. RIL Logistics Pvt Ltd
16 Mr. Farhan Saleem M/s. Marine Logistics Service
17 Mr. Tariq Hussain M/s. Prime Cargo International
[5] Committee Committee

PIFFA Events

Diploma Certificate

Diploma Certificate

  1. 4th PIFFA Cricket Cup Tournament 2017
  2. 3rd PIFFA Cricket Cup Tournament 2016
  3. PIFFA YIFFY awards 2015
  4. FIATA Diploma Award Ceremony
  5. PIFFA Excellence Award and Galla Night 2015
  6. 2nd FIFFA Cricket cup Tournament 2015
  7. PIFFA YIFFY Award 2015
  8. YIFFY Award 2013
  9. FIATA Diploma Award Ceremony 13th Batch
  10. Seminar on FIA Queries
  11. FIATA World Congress 2013
  12. 4th Short Course
And many more [6] Event Event  

Contact Details

  • Address: 257-C, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S. Karachi-75400, Pakistan
  • Tel: + 92 21 343 22671-3
  • Fax: + 92 21 343 22670
  • Email:
  • URL:
  • GMT: + 5
  • Country IATA Code: PK [7] Contact Details

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