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Oxygene is a one of its kind youth engagement platform and a leader in presenting this genre. From music to books, current social affairs pertaining to youth as well as their tremendous capabilities and outstanding talent. [1] About Oxygene Pakistan

Title Description
Launched: 24 January 2009
In Urdu: آکسیجن
Owned by:
twitter profile: https://twitter.com/oxygenepakistan
Type: musical, lifestyle and entertainment
relaunched: March 4, 2013
Hall of Fame: Asim Azhar , Young Stunners (group) , Ali Saad , Mirza Omer
Famous Program’s of Oxygene Music TV Channel Pakistan:: Go West , Music Unlimited , Mangta Hai Kya , Vaat izz? Kahin Beete na Yeh Pal , Subha Hogai Maamo
Address: Classic Broadcasting (Pvt) Ltd. #88, Ataturk Avenue, G-6/3, Islamabad.
Tel:: +92 51 2829157
Fax:: +9251 2829158
Email:: info@classic.com.pk
Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/oxygenepakistan
Slogan: Let's breath young!
Language: English & Urdu
Headquarter: 5C, 2nd Floor, Prime Point Building, Khayaban E Itihad, Phase VII, DHA, Karachi
Country: Pakistan
Broadcast area: Bosnia, U.A.E and Europe.
8xm: First Pakistani Copy Righted Channel to Broadcast Indian Music
Promoting: Arts, Music and Lifestyles
Products: Music, Lifestyle and Entertainment Unique, trendsetting programming!
Website: http://oxygene.tv.com.pk/


Oxygene is a one of its kind youth engagement platform and a leader in presenting this genre. From music to books, current social affairs pertaining to youth as well as their tremendous capabilities and outstanding talent.


  1. Music, Lifestyle and Entertainment
  2. Unique, trendsetting programming!

Launching of oxygene

In the year 2009 Oxygene was launched in Pakistan as a premier music and lifestyle channel. The journey of Oxygene is not very old but we actually have come a long way promoting arts, music and lifestyles. We believe that arts and entertainment are vital as the air we breathe, it’s as vital as OXYGENE. Keeping this in mind we play music from across the globe and have a variety of programmes covering different aspects of music and lifestyles, thus appealing to a broad spectrum of audience. At present apart from being shown in Pakistan it is being broadcasted in Bosnia, U.A.E, Europe and accessible across the world via web streaming. Our special emphasis is placed on promoting the Pakistani youth and to provide them a platform to showcase their talent to the world. [2] In the year 2009 Oxygene was launched


Oxygene is famous Music, Lifestyle and Entertainment Television Channel of Pakistan. Launched on January 24, 2009, by Classic Broadcasting Oxygene exudes infinite energy. It is Music & Lifestyle based television channel that is all set to provide quality entertainment on a continuous basis through superior song selection and placement to its viewers. Oxygene is truly a platform where the music lovers have the prerogative to voice its opinion and speak the mind. The viewer of Oxygene is no ordinary viewer, it is the one that has the courage to “question” and also find answers. Oxygene is exclusively and essentially Music & Lifestyle based television channel with a target audience ranging between the ages 15 and 45. However, age does not become an impediment; Oxygene also grips those young at heart! The viewer of Oxygene stands out!   Oxygene is the space for high-spirited people who have the audacity to discover themselves by taking up challenges, bonding with the fraternity, and being real, while forming a strong community of people with a passion that is relentless. [3] Oxygene is famous Music, Lifestyle and Entertainment Television Channel

Company Overview

Roughly 63% of the population of Pakistan is youth and we know what you are interested in. Entertainment is ONLY a part of what we do.We believe in being young, energetic, optimistic and full of life. Oxygene is a team of highly talented young people just like yourself, who quite frankly, are a little crazy too. Our transmission is very diverse and includes education, entertainment, music and youth affairs. At Oxygene, it’s all about YOUth. Oxygene – Let’s breathe young ! [4] Oxygene – Let’s breathe young !

Pakistani Music Channel Oxygene

oxygeneis most watched Pakistani Music channels but both these channels have opposite content to broadcast. 8xm is the first Pakistani copy righted channel to broadcast Indian music, this channel is full of colours and fun. 8xm concentrates on fresh Indian music alot or famous near past songs. The channel has been designed as full of life by including the funny skits like like Mr.D, Cool cats, Google Gang and Motu bhai bysuray. 8xm famous programs areTop on Ramppage, Mr.D investigate, Bollywood extra juice, 8xm top 7 and celebrity bharam sy. Most of the youth tune in to 8xm because of the selection of songs that are played on colour full music channel specially those who are bollywood music lovers. The channel has gained its name in a very short time period. The mash up different songs introduced by this channel has been appreciated alot. While on the other hand Oxygene is a Pakistani channel that only plays pure Pakistani music and it mostly plays music of Pakistani bands. The reason behind success of Oxygene is youth based programs like Funkari, Naujawan, Hot or Not and Tazadum. Oxygene also promotes up coming  talent as new faces are often seen on Oxygene. In short both these channels have concentrated on youth and have gained name in a very short period of time. [5] Pakistani Music Channel Oxygene


List of shows that air on Oxygene:
  • Mangta Hai Kya
  • Music Unlimited
  • Vaat izz? 
  • GO West
  • Kahin Beete na Yeh Pal
  • Subha Hogai Maamo
  • Heart 2 Heart
  • Wish List
  • Leakage
  • Classics
  • Beat Box
  • Oxydized
  • Music Unleashed
  • Moonlight with Mahly
  • Taaza Dum
  • Naujawan
  • Ao Quran Kholen (only in Ramadan)
  • Watch It [6] Shows of oxygene tv

Hall of Fame

List of singers who unleashed their talent on Oxygene:
  1. Asim Azhar
  2. Young Stunners (group)
  3. Ali Saad
  4. Mirza Omer

Oxygene Office Contact Details

  1. Oxygene Head Office Address:  5c, Prime point building, Phase VII, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan
  2. Oxygene Head Office Phone Number: +92 21 35311744
  3. Oxygene Head Office Fax Number: +92 21 35311745
  4. Oxygene Official Website: www.oxygene.com.pk

Social Profiles

  1. Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/oxygenepakistan
  2. Twitter Handler: twitter.com/oxygenepakistan

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