Orya Maqbool Jan
Orya Maqbool Jan

    Orya Maqbool Jan is a Pakistani Writer, Columnist and Poet. He is also CSS Officer. He was born in Gujrat, Pakistan. He belongs to Gujjar Family. He did L.L.B from Balochistan. He wrote a column in Jang newspaper named Harf-i-Raaz. He wrote five Pakistani Dramas for Pakistan Television. He received Best Playwriter of the Decade.[1] Orya Maqbool Jan Short Title 

Name:Orya Maqbool Jaan
Famous As:Columnist
Residence:Gujrat , Pakistan
Education:L.L.B , M.A
L.L.B from:University of Balochistan, Quetta, Pakistan.
MA from:University of the Punjab Lahore (1978)
Profession:Columnist , Poet , Writer
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.75 m)
Weight:68 kg
Maritial Status:Married
Born:January 07, 1952
Wrote five dramas:Roazan in 1991 , Gardbad in 1993 , Shaharzad in 1994 , Qafas in 2000 , Qafla in 2004
Books:Qamat(Poetry) , Harf e Raz (Columns) , Mujhey hey Hukme Azan (columns) , Gard Bad (Drama)
Languages:English , Urdu , Punjabi (Excellent) , Pashto , Persian , Arabic (Functional) , Balochi
Columnist of Pakistan:Four Years (2001,2002,2003,2004.)
Television Award for Best playwright:1987-97,( Received at Quetta centre). 1998 and 2000.
Well known columnist:Daily Jang , Nawa-e-Waqat and Express


Orya Maqbool Jan is a columnist, writer, poet and civil servant from Pakistan. He has written many Urdu columns for various Urdu-language newspapers in Pakistan. He has received vrious national awards including the best Urdu columnist award in 2004.
He has also served as director general to Sustainable Development of the Walled City Project in Lahore and as executive director ECO, Cultural Institute, Tehran and information secretary to the government of the Punjab. Jan is also a member of the National Academic Council of the Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad. He wrote five dramas for Pakistan television. Following is the list of his dramas

  1. Roazan in 1991
  2. Gardbad in 1993
  3. Shaharzad in 1994
  4. Qafas in 2000 and
  5. Qafla in 2004[2] Orya Maqbool Jan Introduction


L.L.B from University of Balochistan, Quetta, Pakistan.
MA in Social Work from University of the Punjab Lahore (1978)[3]Orya Maqbool Jan Education


He was the deputy commissioner and district magistrate of three districts for about five years and assistant commissioner and sub divisional magistrate of three sub divisions for about three years. This involves an overall responsibility of law and order, monitoring of development activities, welfare of people, revenue collection personnel management and public relationship of a very sensitive nature. He has contributed to various researche papers including one titled “Comprehensive plan for Improvement of Quetta water Supply and Sewerage System”. He worked as a managing director of Baluchistan water & sanitation authority.[4] Orya Maqbool Jan Career

Areas of Experience


Enjoyed the status of a Higher-level policy maker and Manager in the bureaucracy of Pakistan. Worked as Managing Director of Balochistan Water & Sanitation Authority; responsible for efficient Water Supply and Sewerage system in the urban centers of Balochistan. Worked as Director, Social Welfare, Human Rights & Women Development which entailed the responsibility of monitor and facilitator of Community Development projects, Welfare of Disadvantaged, Women, Children, Poor & Disabled.. Worked as Director General Archaeology, Punjab, having the responsibility of managing World Heritage sites, conservation and preservation of Monuments, archaeological surveys and management of Museums. Supervised the prestigious project of restoration of Sheish Mahal in collaboration with UNESCO Held various positions of middle level policy making in the Provincial Government of Balochistan. Possess a Multi-facet experience in the fields of Budget making, Establishment matters and monitoring of Development activities.[5] Orya Maqbool Jan Management  


Worked as Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate of three Districts for about five years and Assistant Commissioner and Sub Divisional Magistrate of three Sub Divisions for about three years. This involves an overall responsibility of law and Order, Monitoring of Development Activities, Welfare of People, Revenue Collection, Personnel Management and Public Relation responsibility of very sensitive nature. Planned designed and implemented mega projects of roads, schools and Libraries by involving community support and participation.[6] Orya Maqbool Jan Administration


Have three years teaching experience as Director(studies), National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA), Quetta. The Institute is responsible for imparting training to higher level policy makers and civil servants in Pakistan Have five years’ experience of teaching at Masters level in Social Work Department, University of Balochistan. The main subjects taught were, Social Case Work, Social Policy & Planning, Development Economics and Human Growth & Behavior. Being regularly invited by various universities and forums of National level to deliver lectures.[7] Orya Maqbool Jan Teaching

International Experience

Worked as Executive Director, ECO, Cultural Institute Tehran, An International body responsible for promotion of Arts, Culture, media and Sports in Central Asian region. Worked as Project Director and counterpart with UNICEF’s Projects on CRC (Child Right Convention) & CEDAW (Convention for elimination of Discrimination against Women). These projects were aimed on advocacy and awareness of rights of children and Women for the years 1999,2000 and 2001. Project Director of Sheish Mahal restoration project and Master plans of Lahore Fort and Shalamar Gardens in collaboration with UNESCO.[8]Orya Maqbool Jan International Experience

Literature Poet Play-Writer

Collected works of Urdu Poetry named “QAMAT” published in 1988. Author of five popular Drama Serial of Pakistan Television named “ROAZAN” (7 episodes) telecast in 1991, “GARDBAD” (13 episodes) telecast in 1993 “SHAHARZAD” (13 episodes ) telecast in 1994and Drama Serial “QAFAS” Telecast in 2000,and “Qafla” (13) episodes) telecast in 2004 . Besides this, wrote a number of tele-films and assorted plays. The play “GARDBAD” was published in 1997. Have the honour of being nominee of Best playwright for two times. Received PTV award of BEST PLAYWRIGHT OF THE DECADE (1987 – 97)[9] Orya Jan Maqbool Literature


A well known columnist of Daily Jang , Nawa-e-Waqat and Express all three leading Urdu dailies of wide circulation throughout Pakistan as well abroad. Columns are also picked up by other Urdu weeklies and monthly magazines published in Pakistan and abroad. Columns are available on internet especially on website www.express.com.pk. Recipient of APNS (All Pakistan News Paper Society) Best Columnist Award for Four years i.e. 2001,2002, 2003, 2004.[10] Orya Maqbool Jan Columnist



Collected Works of Urdu Poetry. A Book named QAMAT was published by Books & Literacy Sounds, Lahore, 1988.


Drama Serial GARDBAD telecast by Pakistan Television, published by Kalat Publishers, Quetta. 1997.


  • A selection of columns titled “ HARF E RAZ “ was published in 2004
  • A selection of two volumes of columns named “Mujhe He Hukam-e-Azan was published in 2007. TELEVISION PLAYS[11] Orya Maqbool jan Publications

Drama Serials


A Drama Serial of 7 episodes written for Pakistan Television andtelecast in 1990. Theme was based on psychoneurotic illness andtherapeutics.


A Drama Serial of 13 episodes written for Pakistan Television and telecast in 1993. theme was based on Tribal intricacies


A Drama Serial of 13 episodes written for Pakistan Television and telecast in 1994. Theme was based on Urbanization and Social upheaval.


A Drama Serial of 13 episodes written for Pakistan Television and telecast in 2000. Theme was based on Bureaucratic and Political corruption.


A Drama Serial of 13 episodes written for Pakistan Television and telecast in 2004. Theme was based on nomads of Afghanistan and Pakistan.[12] Orya Maqbool Jan Drama Serials  

Assorted Plays

Author of about 15 assorted plays televised by Pakistan Television including the only single character play of Pakistan Television’s history, which got PTV Award[13] Orya Maqbool Jan Assorted Plays


  • A Comprehensive Plan for improvement of Quetta Water Supply and Sewerage System: The plan was prepared on the basis of research findings and presented before Provincial Cabinet of Balochistan and was published by B-WASA,1998.
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Rehabilitation Unit for Schizophrenics in Pakistan. “A Comparison Group Study”. Published in “International Social Work” Vol. XXII No.1, 1984.
  • Drug Abuse Among Students, Comparative Findings of Two Studies on Extent Nature and Pattern of Drug Use/Abuse Among Students: Presented in Mass Media Conference on Drug Abuse Prevention at Karachi and published by Pakistan Narcotics Control Board, 1984.
  • Rehabilitation of the Mentally ill. A Follow-up Study of the ex-residents and Day Participants of Fountain House Lahore. A research completed as partial fulfilment of the requirements of Masters Degree in Social Work. (Published by University of Punjab)
  • Introduction on History taking of the Mentally ill. A Booklet in Urdu, Published by University of Balochistan.
  • Access of Social Services to the Poor and Disadvantaged (country paper), presented in UNESCAP seminar in Bangkok held on18-20 December, 2001.[14] Orya Maqbool Jan Research


  • Best Columnist of Pakistan for four years i.e 2001,2002,2003,2004. Won the prestigious Award Of APNS ( All Pakistan News Paper Society) consecutively.
  • Pakistan Television Award for Best playwright of Decade 1987-97, Received at Quetta centre.
  • Pakistan Television Award Nominee for Best Playwright in 1998 and 2000.[15] Orya Maqbool Jan Awards
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