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Noor Jehan played lead actress roles in films Chann Way (1951)Dopatta (1952) Paatey Khan (1955) Chhu Mantar (1958) Koel (1959). Noor Jehan  was the lead vocalist for film songs in all the above listed films.Then,of course, she continued with her film-song singing career in Pakistan until the early 1990s.She sang hundreds of hit film songs in both Punjabi and Urdu languages and became a music icon in Pakistan. She passed away on Dec.23, 2000 in Karachi, Pakistan. [1] Noor Jahan
  • Personal
  • Name:

    Noor Jahan

  • Birth Name::

    اللہ رَکھی وسائی

  • Famous As:

    Singer and Actress

  • Also Listed In::

    Actresses, Classical Singers, Ghazal Singers

  • Nationality:


  • Residence:

    Karachi, Pakistan

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  • Profession:

    Noor jahan was a famous singer of her time

  • Born
  • Date:

    21 September 1926

  • Place:

    Karachi, Pakistan

  • Family
  • Spouse:

    Shaukat Hussain Rizvi, Ejaz Durrani

  • Children:


  • Parents:

    Madad Ali , Fateh Bibi

  • Died
  • Date:

    23 December 2000

  • Rest Place:


  • Years active::


  • Career
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    Playback singer music composer actress director

  • Genres:

    Filmi ghazal classical music qawwali


Noor Jahan Profile
Noor Jahan Profile
Noor Jehan was a famous Pakistani singer and actress who worked both in India and Pakistan. A highly versatile personality, she could sing in several languages including Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Sindhi, and had recorded over 10,000 songs in her career. Born into a Muslim family with a rich musical tradition, in British India, she was exposed to the world of show business at a young age. She began singing at the age of five and received early training in classical singing under Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. He later introduced her to the stage and before long she had blossomed into a talented and confident stage performer. She developed an interest in acting along with singing and made her initial film appearances as a child actor. With time she grew up into a beautiful young woman with a golden voice and played her first role as an adult in the Hindi film ‘Khandaan’ which became a huge hit. She moved to Pakistan following the partition of India in 1947 and struggled for a few years to establish herself. With her determination and hard work she went on to achieve great success in Pakistani cinema and music as well. She was given the title of Malika-e-Tarannum (the Queen of Melody) in Pakistan. [2] Noor Jahan Profile

Childhood Early Life

Noor Old Moive
Noor Old Moive
  • Noor Jehan was born as Allah Rakhi Wasai on 21 September 1926, in Kasur, Punjab, British India, into a large Muslim family as one of eleven children. Her parents, Madad Ali and Fateh Bibi, were professional musicians.
  • Her parents encouraged the children to sing from an early age, and Allah Rakhi especially seemed to have been blessed with a special talent. She started singing when she was around five and her mother immediately recognized the potential her daughter possessed and arranged for her to receive early training in classical singing under Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan.
  • She was instructed in the traditions of the Patiala Gharana of Hindustani classical music and the classical forms of thumri, dhrupad, and khyal by Khan, and displayed considerable versatility in her singing styles.
  • She made her first stage appearance at the age of six in the city of Calcutta for stage director Diwan Sardari Lal with the stage name of Baby Noor Jehan. A few years later she caught the attention of Punjabi musician Ghulam Ahmed Chishti for whom she sang in 1935. [3] Noor Early Life


Noor Jahan with Family
Noor Jahan with Family
  • During the 1930s her entire family moved to Calcutta in the hope that their daughters might get chance to embark on film careers. Theatre owner Diwan Sardari Lal introduced the family to several producers. Noor Jehan, along with her sisters appeared in the K.D. Mehra directed Punjabi movie ‘Pind di Kuri’ in 1935.
  • Film offers started pouring in for the emerging singer cum actress and she next acted in a film called ‘Missar Ka Sitara’ (1936). Jehan also played the child role of Heer in the film ‘Heer-Sayyal’ (1937). All the Punjabi movies she acted in and sang for were made in Calcutta.
  • Noor Jehan moved to Lahore in 1938, and her career touched newer heights. The famed music director Ghulam Haider became her mentor and composed songs for her to sing. This helped her tremendously in establishing herself in her singing career.
  • She was greatly interestedly in pursuing an acting career as well. She played her first adult role in 1942 when she acted as the main lead opposite Pran in ‘Khandaan’. The film became a major hit prompting her to shift her base to Mumbai with director Syed Shaukat Hussain Rizvi who she later mater.
  • When the partition of India happened in 1947, Jehan decided to move to Pakistan and settled in Karachi with her family. The initial years following the partition were very difficult for her though she was determined to rebuild her career. She got her first big break in Pakistan in 1951 when she appeared in the film, ‘Chan Wey’, opposite Santosh Kumar. She also directed this film along with her husband, becoming Pakistan's first female director.
  • She remained busy with her family over the next few years during which her marriage unraveled and ended in divorce. However, her career flourished during the 1950s and she acted in and sang for many hit films, the most notable one being ‘Intezar’ (1956) in which she portrayed a blind singer. It went on to become one of her biggest hits.
  • Noor Jehan married for the second time in 1959.
  • She continued singling throughout the 1970s and 1980s, but the later phase of her career was somewhat disappointing. She gave her final contribution to music with the Punjabi song ‘Ki Dam Da Bharosa Yaar’ in ‘Sakhi Badshah’ (1996). [4] Noor Jahan Career

Major Works

  • Her film ‘Khandaan’, in which she starred opposite Pran was her first major hit which established her as a much sought after actress cum singer. She portrayed the role of Zeenat in the film which was primarily a musical about a man seduced by a gold-digging woman.
  • Her role as a blind singer in the 1956 film ‘Intezar’ was a much appreciated one. She sang some of her most memorable songs for this film including ‘Chand Hanse Duniya Base’, ‘Aa Bhi Ja’, ‘O Janewale R’e and ‘Jis Din Se Piya Dil Le Gaye’. Prominent Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar once said that ‘Intezar’ was one of her favorite Pakistani music scores. [5] Noor jahan Major Works

Awards Achievements

  • She was the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Pride of Performance which was bestowed upon her by the Government of Pakistan in 1965. [6] Noor Awards

Personal Life Legacy

  • Her first marriage was with Shaukat Hussain Rizvi in 1942. The couple had three children and divorced in 1953.
  • She married Ejaz Durrani in 1959. Her second marriage produced three more children and also ended in divorce.
  • She suffered from heart problems and was diagnosed with angina pectoris after which she underwent a surgery to install a pacemaker. She died on 23 December 2000, as a result of heart failure. [7] Noor Jahan Life

List of Movies

1939Gul Bakawli
1940Yamla Jat
1941Red Signal
1942Khandan -Second Highest Grossing Indian Film of 1942
1943Naukar - Fifth Highest Grossing Indian Film of 1943
1944Lal Haveli
1945Zeenat - Highest Grossing Indian Film of 1945
1945Gaon Ki Gori - Second Highest Indian Grossing Film of 1945
1945Badi Maa - Third Highest Grossing Indian Film of 1945
1945Bhai Jaan
1946Anmol Ghadi - Highest Grossing Indian Film of 1946 (with Surendra (actor))
1946food cuisines
1946Maharana Pratap
1947Mirza Sahibaan - Fourth Highest Grossing Indian Film of 1947
1947Jugnu - Highest Grossing Indian Film of 1947 (with Dilip Kumar)
1951Chan Wey - First Film in Pakistan, Biggest Hit of 1951
1952Dopatta - Biggest Hit of 1952 in Pakistan
1955Patey Khan
1956Lakt-e-Jigar (released 17 February 1956)
1956Intezar (released 12 May 1956)
1957Nooran (released 30 May 1957)
1958Choo mantar
1958Anarkali (released 6 June 1958)
1959Neend (released 16 October 1959)
1959Koel (released 24 December 1959)
1961Mirza Ghalib (released 24 November 1961)

List ofSong1951 1960

SongFilmYearSingersMusic DirectorLyricist
Nache jia re chhama chham nache jia reDopatta1952Noor Jehan, ChorusFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi / Arsh Lakhnavi
Baat hi baat mein ji chandni raat meinDopatta1952Noor JehanFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi / Arsh Lakhnavi
Main ban patang urh jaon reDopatta1952Noor JehanFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi / Arsh Lakhnavi
Chandni raaten, sab jagg soyeDopatta1952Noor JehanFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi / Arsh Lakhnavi
Tum zindagi ko gham ka fasanaDopatta1952Noor JehanFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi / Arsh Lakhnavi
Mere mann ke raja ajaDopatta1952Noor JehanFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi / Arsh Lakhnavi
Jigar ki aag se is dil ko jalta dekhte jaoDopatta1952Noor JehanFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi / Arsh Lakhnavi
Sanwaria, tohe koi pukare, aja reDopatta1952Noor JehanFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi / Arsh Lakhnavi
Lo chal diye woh ham ko tasalli diye bagheirGulnaar1953Noor JehanGhulam HaiderQatil Shifai
Bachpan ki yaadgaroGulnaar1953Noor JehanGhulam HaiderQatil Shifai
Ae raat zara tham tham ke guzarGulnaar1953Noor JehanGhulam HaiderQatil Shifai
Sakhi naheen aaye mere balmaGulnaar1953Noor JehanGhulam HaiderQatil Shifai
Chanda ki nagri sey aaja ri nindiyaLakht-e-Jigar1956Noor JehanG.A. ChisthiMushir Kazmi, Nazim Panipati, Hazeen Qadri
Woh khwab sohana toot geyaLakht-e-Jigar1956Noor JehanG.A. ChisthiMushir Kazmi, Nazim Panipati, Hazeen Qadri
Aa haal dekh le meraLakht-e-Jigar1956Noor JehanG.A. ChisthiMushir Kazmi, Nazim Panipati, Hazeen Qadri
Aaj ham be aasro koLakht-e-Jigar1956Noor JehanG.A. ChisthiMushir Kazmi, Nazim Panipati, Hazeen Qadri
Aahen tarap raheen hainLakht-e-Jigar1956Noor JehanG.A. ChisthiMushir Kazmi, Nazim Panipati, Hazeen Qadri
Chanda re ChandaLakht-e-Jigar1956Noor Jehan, ChorusG.A. ChisthiMushir Kazmi, Nazim Panipati, Hazeen Qadri
Rakh sada anjaam parLakht-e-Jigar1956Noor Jehan, Salim RazaG.A. ChisthiMushir Kazmi, Nazim Panipati, Hazeen Qadri
Jis din se piya dil le gaye dukh de gayeIntezar1956Noor JehanKhurshid AnwarQatil Shifai/Tufail Hushyarpuri
O jane wale re thehro zara ruk jayoIntezar1956Noor JehanKhurshid AnwarQatil Shifai/Tufail Hushyarpuri
Chand hanse duniya base roye mera pyar hoIntezar1956Noor JehanKhurshid AnwarQatil Shifai/Tufail Hushyarpuri
Ghazab kiya tere waade peh etbaar kiyaIntezar1956Noor JehanKhurshid AnwarQatil Shifai/Tufail Hushyarpuri
Sanwan ki ghanghor ghattaoIntezar1956Noor Jehan, ChorusKhurshid AnwarQatil Shifai/Tufail Hushyarpuri
Aa gaye ghar aa gayeIntezar1956Noor Jehan, ChorusKhurshid AnwarQatil Shifai/Tufail Hushyarpuri
Chhunn chhunn naachoon giIntezar1956Noor JehanKhurshid AnwarQatil Shifai/Tufail Hushyarpuri
Aankh se aankh mila leIntezar1956Noor Jehan, ChorusKhurshid AnwarQatil Shifai/Tufail Hushyarpuri
Kesa nasib lai thiJaan-e-Bahaar1958Noor JehanRashid AttreQatil Shifai
Na aansu bahe thayJaan-e-Bahaar1958Noor JehanRashid AttreQatil Shifai
Kahaan tak suno ge kahaan tak sunaoonAnarkali1958Noor JehanInayat HussainQatil Shifai/Saif-uddin-Saif/Tufail Hushyarpuri/Tanvir Naqvi/Hakim
Banwri chakori kare duniya se chori chroiAnarkali1958Noor JehanRashid AttreQatil Shifai/Saif-uddin-Saif/Tufail Hushyarpuri/Tanvir Naqvi/Hakim
Bewafa, ham na bhoole tumeinAnarkali1958Noor JehanInayat HussainQatil Shifai/Saif-uddin-Saif/Tufail Hushyarpuri/Tanvir Naqvi/Hakim
Keya jane keya armaan lekarAnarkali1958Noor JehanRashid AttreQatil Shifai/Saif-uddin-Saif/Tufail Hushyarpuri/Tanvir Naqvi/Hakim
Pehle to apne dil ki ada jaan jeyieAnarkali1958Noor JehanRashid AttreQatil Shifai/Saif-uddin-Saif/Tufail Hushyarpuri/Tanvir Naqvi/Hakim
Sada hoon apney pyar kiAnarkali1958Noor JehanRashid AttreQatil Shifai/Saif-uddin-Saif/Tufail Hushyarpuri/Tanvir Naqvi/Hakim
Tumhari aarzoo mein koocha-e-qatilAnarkali1958Noor JehanRashid AttreQatil Shifai/Saif-uddin-Saif/Tufail Hushyarpuri/Tanvir Naqvi/Hakim
Jalte hain armaan mera dil rota haiAnarkali1958Noor JehanInayat HussainQatil Shifai/Saif-uddin-Saif/Tufail Hushyarpuri/Tanvir Naqvi/Hakim
Dil ka diya jalaya main neKoel1959Noor JehanKhurshid AnwarTanvir Naqvi
Mehki fazaein, gaati hawaeinKoel1959Noor Jehan, ChorusKhurshid AnwarTanvir Naqvi
Rim jhim rim jhim pare phawarKoel1959Noor Jehan, Munir HussainKhurshid AnwarTanvir Naqvi
Tere bina sooni soon lage re…Koel1959Noor JehanKhurshid AnwarTanvir Naqvi
Sagar roye lehrein shor machayeinKoel1959Noor JehanKhurshid AnwarTanvir Naqvi
O bewafa main ne tujh se pyar kiyoon kiyaKoel1959Noor JehanKhurshid AnwarTanvir Naqvi
Tere dar par sannam chale aayeNeend1959Noor JehanRashid AttreQatil Shifai/Tanvir Naqvi
Chhan chhan chhan baje Payal bajeNeend1959Noor JehanRashid AttreQatil Shifai/Tanvir Naqvi
Aa geyi raat na aaye sanwariaNeend1959Noor JehanRashid AttreQatil Shifai/Tanvir Naqvi
Akeli kahiin matt jana jamaana najuk haiNeend1959Noor Jehan, Zubaida Khanum, Naseem Begum, ChorusRashid AttreQatil Shifai/Tanvir Naqvi
Jiya Dharke Sakhi RiNeend1959Noor Jehan, Naseem Begum, ChorusRashid AttreQatil Shifai/Tanvir Naqvi
Jo mein aisa jaanti (Title song)Neend1959Noor JehanRashid AttreQatil Shifai/Tanvir Naqvi
Kal nahin paoon mainManzil1960Noor JehanFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi
Aa aa tu mera hai mein teriManzil1960Noor JehanFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi
Soi soi chandni haiManzil1960Noor JehanFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi
Din Dhalte dhalteManzil1960Noor JehanFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi
Nach raha mannManzil1960Noor JehanFeroze NizamiMushir Kazmi
Zindagi Hai Ya Kissi Ka IntezaarSalma1960Noor JehanRashid AttreTanvir Naqvi

Tribute to Noor Jahan

Global search engine Google, as per its tradition of honouring iconic personalities, turned its doodle into legendary Pakistani singer Noor Jehan on the occasion of her 91st birth anniversary. Jehan, who is also known as the ‘Queen of Melody’, was born on this day in 1925 in Punjab’s Kasur. In a career spanning over decades, the legendary singer had reportedly recorded around 10,000 songs. Jehan’s biggest claim to fame was her role in lending her voice to boost morale of Pakistani forces during the 1965 war — for which she was awarded the top-most civilian award ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’. The search engine today on 23rd December 2017 on his death anniversary is shedding light on achievements of the iconic singer and it has also included an image gallery for her in its Google and Arts Culture section. The ‘Nightingale of the East’ breathed her last on December 23, 2000 — though to this day, she still lives in the hearts of her fans who are unwilling to forget her and her mesmerizing voice.  [8] Tribute to Noor jahan

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