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Noman Ijaz (Urdu: نعمان اعجاز)is a Pakistani film and drama actor as well as a very talented anchor-person (host). He is famous for his famous performances on Pakistan Television Network (PTV). Noman Ijaz is considered to one of the most senior and experienced actors in Pakistan showbiz industry.[1] Noman Ijaz Dramas He is very mature in his work.Noman is still working in Pakistani Dramas and is very popular for many of his famous television serials.[2] Noman ijaz wedding
  • Personal
  • Name:

    Noman Ijaz

  • Famous As:

    Method Acting in TV Dramas

  • Nationality:


  • Residence:

    Lahore, Pakistan

  • Education:

    LLB University of the Punjab, Lahore

  • Religion:


  • Profession:


  • Height:

    1.7 m

  • Awards :

    Government of Pakistan Pride of Performance by President of Pakistan in 2012 PTV Awards Best TV Actor 2012 Lux Style Awards Best Actor 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 Hum Award for Best Actor 2012, 2013 Hum Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role Best Actor 2013

  • Born
  • Date:

    14 February 1965

  • Place:

    Lahore, Pakistan

  • Family
  • Spouse:

    Rabia Noman

  • Children:

    Zaviyar, Shameer and Rayaa

  • Siblings :


  • Career
  • Occupation(s):

    Actor, Presenter

  • Professional Work
  • Years Active:


bNoman Ijaz Early Lifeb

Noman Ijaz with son
Noman Ijaz with son
Noman Ijaz is inhabitant of the heart of Punjab, the Lahore. He used to live in a very small house with his small family including his siblings, one elder brother Awais and a younger sister. The father of Noman Ijaz was a manager at a movie theatre. Noman got his early education from Lahore as well and he was brought up as a young child in a very humble and friendly environment which helped him gain more confidence upon himself which proved to be very helpful in his upcoming practical life.


Noman Ijaz started his education at Cathedral High School in Lahore.Later Nauman Ijaz also attended Divisional Public School in Model Town, Lahore with his brother Awais. Then in Forman Christian College and then in Quaid-E-Azam Law College.[3] Noman ijaz Biography

bPersonal Lifeb

Noman Ijaz marriage pic
Noman Ijaz marriage pic
His wife name is Rabia and has 3 children,Zaviyaar, Shameer and Rayaan . Noman Ijaz started his work in Pakistan Television. But now he is also working in films. He is much liked by Pakistani fans due to his natural acting, body language and his wonderful eyes. Ijaz got more recognition when his drams Rihaee (TV series) and Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi did extremely well. Ijaz played a negative role in both these dramas. After the proclaimed fame, Ijaz got after these dramas Ijaz reached his peak in his career. Ijaz also was well received for his role in the Ramchand Pakistani where he romanced Nandita Das.[4] Noman ijaz


Noman Ijaz Show Mazaak Raat - 22 February 2016
Noman Ijaz Show Mazaak Raat - 22 February 2016
Noman Ijaz started his career journey with PTV as there were no other prominent TV channels in the country. PTV has always been a motherland for many actors and actresses and PTV has provided many young talented and genius artists. Noman Ijaz acting attitude and natural body language along with his beautiful and charming eyes helped him to be more successful and famous among his fans. Later, along with working in dramas, he also started focussing in films as well and became a great actor.He was raised in a very humble enviornment. He has achieved a lot from where his family started.[5] Noman Ijaz Dramas,Wife, Wedding pics,Biography

bList of Moviesb

Meena Bazaar Monday MASTI Awards 2009
Meena Bazaar Monday MASTI Awards 2009
  1. 2008 Ramchand Pakistani Urdu[6] Noman Ijaz Films Ramchand Pakistani
  2. 2008 Small Voices Urdu
  3. 2010 hijrat Punjabi[7] Noman Ijaz hijrat Punjabi movie
  4. 2016 Hijrat Urdu[8] Noman Ijaz hijrat Urdu movie

bList of TV Dramasb

  1. Aansoo,
  2. Main mar gaee Shokat Ali,
  3. Chhat,
  4. Dasht,
  5. Eendhan,
  6. Fishaar,
  7. Geeli Lakri,
  8. Gumshuda,
  9. Rascal,
  10. Jannat,
  11. Mera saaein,
  12. Jeena isi ka naam hai,
  13. Jhumka Jaan,
  14. Kaghaz ki Nao,
  15. Khamoshian,
  16. Khataa,
  17. Lahasil,
  18. Man-o-Salwa,
  19. Nigah,
  20. Nijaat,
  21. Noorpur ki Rani,
  22. Pyar naam ka diya,
  23. Sard Aag,
  24. Jeena tou hai,
  25. Taqdeer,
  26. Malangi Yeh Zindagi,
  27. Shanjha,
  28. kuch khawb thay mere,
  29. Ik nazar meri taraf.


Noman Ijaz at 1st Hum Tv Awards 1621
Noman Ijaz at 1st Hum Tv Awards 1621
  1. Best TV actor award  Lux Style Award 2009[9] Lux Style Awards ,
  2. Best Actor Award  (Jury Choice) PTV Awards for Dil Behkey Ga,
  3. Best Actor Award (terrestrial) Lux Style Award 2012 For Aao Kahani Buntey Hain by PTV,
  4. Best Actor Award  Lux Style Award, Mera Saaein,
  5. Best Actor Award Hum Awards, Bari Aapa[10] Hum Award For best Actor ,
  6. Best Actor Award Hum Awards, Rehaai[11] Hum award  ,
  7. Best Actor negative roll Award Hum Awards, ullu baraye farokht nahi.

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