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Pakistani pop singer Nazia Hassan was born in 3 April 1965 in Karachi. She is daughter of famous businessman Basher Hassan and Social worker's mother. Her brother Zohaib Hassan and sister Zahra Hassan are also singing. Nazia got business administration degree from Richmond American University and lawyer degree from London University. Nazia Hassan professional singing debut was for an Indian film, Qurbani produced by film producer-director Feroz Khan. Biddu, a UK based Indian music producer, who had had several hits producing hit-songs for acts like Tina Charles, Carl Douglas, etc produced Nazia's first mega hit, Aap Jaisa Koi.[1] Nazia Hassan professional - singing debut
  • Personal
  • Name:

    Nazia Hassan

  • Native name:

    نازیہ حسن

  • Famous As:


  • Nationality:


  • Residence:

    Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

  • Education:

    She held a London University Law (LLB) degree

  • Religion:


  • Profession:

    Singer &songwriter & Lawyer & Political Analyst & Philanthropist

  • Born
  • Date:

    3 April 1965

  • Place:

    Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

  • Family
  • Spouse:

    Ishtiaq Baig (m. 1995–2000)

  • Siblings :

    Zohaib Hassan & Zahra Hassan

  • Died
  • Date:

    13 August 2000

  • Rest Place:

    London, England, United Kingdom

  • Career
  • Occupation(s):

    Singer &songwriter & Lawyer & Political Analyst & Philanthropist

  • Genres:

    Pop disco

  • Instruments:


  • Years active:


  • Labels:

    EMI Records

  • Started Music Career:

    At the Age of 10

  • Nazia Hassan Foundation:

    Decided to open school for street children would help in the grooming and education of working street children


Nazia Hassan nice photo
Nazia Hassan nice photo

Early life

Nazia Hassan early Career
Nazia Hassan early Career
At thirteen, she introduced pop music in the Subcontinent with her first number, Aap Jaisa Koi which broke all records by outselling and eclipsing almost every artist in the sub-continental music scene. She became the sub continent's first true pop mega star with looks to match. An Indian commentator notes that “...Hindustani film music was never the same after Nazia. Thereafter Nazia teamed up with her equally talented younger brother an produced hits after hits . ” Disco Deewane (1981) broke record sales in Pakistan and India and even topped the charts in the West Indies, Latin America, Russia, etc. charts. Further records included Star/Boom Boom (1982), Young Tarang (1984), Hotline (1987), and Camera Camera (1992). Nazia & Zoheb Hassan literally ruled sub-continental music scene for over a decade.[2] Aap Jaisa Koi which -----   broke all records

Musical Career

Nazia Hassan on Stage
Nazia Hassan on Stage
Nazia started her music career at the age of 10 and became one of the most prominent singers in Pakistan, India and abroad. She received numerous national and international awards including Pakistan’s highest civilian award and Pride of Performance.In 1970 she started her career as child singer and sang many songs at PTV programs. At the age of 15 years she started sang for film. In 1980 she sang “Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye to baat ban jaye” for Qurbani film. This song was very popular in India and other countries of the world.In 1981 she released an album “Disco Diwane”. This song was popular not only Pakistan but also in India, West Indies, America and Russia. In this album her brother Zohaib Hassan also sang. After released this album she got offered action for film. But she refused it. In 1982 “Boom Boom” album was released. This album was use for film although film could not successful but album was very popular. Nazia and Zohaib Hassan were liked in Pakistan and India. Their third album “young Tarang” was released in 1984. This was first Pakistani music album. This album was released as a video. This album was very popular worldwide. “Aankhein Milane Wale” song was supper hit song of this album. After this album Nazia Hassan was started sang songs in Hollywood as a play back singer. In 1987 “Hot Line” album released, it was fourth album of Nazia Hassan. [3] At the age of 15 years - she started sang

Nazia Hassan Efforts and Value in Asian Music Industry

Nazia Hassan Amaizing Personality
Nazia Hassan Amaizing Personality
Pakistan’s vibrant contemporary music scene owes itself to Nazia Hassan’s redefinition of pop. In fact, the biggest nineties bands including the Vital Signs and the Jupiter’s got a platform on “Music ’89”. Nazia also had a seismic impact in India. India Today magazine voted her as one of the 50 people who helped change the face of India. She has contributed to the development of the present isomorphism of Bollywood music and pop: “She set – well ahead of its time – the personal album trend in India”, spawning the likes of Alisha Chinai, Lucky Ali and Shweta Shetty.[4] Pakistan’s vibrant ----------- contemporary music

Nazia Hassan Top Albums List

Nazia Hassan
Nazia Hassan
  1. Disco Deewane (1980)
  2. Star/Boom Boom (1982)
  3. Young Tarang (1984)
  4. Hotline (1987)
  5. Camera Camera (1992)

Films Songs Playback Singer

  1. Qurbani (1980)
  2. Dil Wala (1986)
  3. Ilzaam (1986)
  4. Main Bulwaan (1986)
  5. Sheela (1987)
  6. Saaya (1989)

TV Appearances

Nazia Hassan in TV Show
Nazia Hassan in TV Show
  1. Kaliyon Ke Mala (1975) – Appearance as a child artist – Nazia Hassan sung Dosti Asa Naata
  2. Sang Sang Chalien (1977) – Appearance as a child artist
  3. Disco Deewane (BBC Show 1981)
  4. Disco Deewane (DD 1 1981)
  5. BBC News (1981)
  6. Zia Moh-u-Din Show (Channel 4 1981)
  7. David Sole (1981)
  8. David Essex (1981)
  9. Young Tarang Show (DD 1 1984)
  10. Aap Ke Liye (PTV 1985)
  11. PTV Election Transmission (1985)
  12. Show Time (PTV 1986)
  13. Yes Sir No Sir (PTV 1987)
  14. TV Hits (1987)
  15. BBC Show (1987)
  16. PTV Awards (1988)
  17. Then He Kissed ME (1988)
  18. Music ’89 (1989)
  19. Dhanak (1989)
  20. PTV 25 (1990)
  21. Mehman-i-Khasosi (1990)
  22. Studio 2 (1990)
  23. Eid Show (1992)
  24. Eye Witness (1993)
  25. Kaliyan (1990 – 1991)
  26. Pro Audio Show (1995)
  27. Sawaire Sawaire (PTV 1997)
  28. PTV World (1998)
  29. Zee TV (1999, Nazia Hassan’s last TV appearance)

Awards List

Nazia Hassan
Nazia Hassan
1 Filmfare Best Female Playback Award 4 Double Platinum 5 Platinum 15 Golden Discs 1 Pride of Performance


Nazia Hassan died of cancer disease. Nazia Hassan died on August 13, 2000. Nazia was buried in London. Nazia Hassan parents made a foundation in 2003, which was named Nazia Hassan Foundation.

Google Honours on 53rd Birthday

Nazia Hassan immortalised on 53th birthday Google Doodle
Nazia Hassan immortalised on 53th birthday Google Doodle
Google is celebrating the 53rd birthday of legendary pop singer Nazia Hassan, with a doodle. Nazia Hassan, who together with her brother Zoheb Hassan ruled the 80s and 90s, is being remembered by fans across the world on her birthday.The undisputed queen of pop in India and Pakistan is credited with bringing the disco and indie-pop music to the Sub-Continent. The duo was regarded as youth icons and were adored by masses for their unique brother-sister act comprising music composition, singing and performing.Exactly at midnight, Google started displaying this brand new doodle paying tribute to Nazia Hassan. Google honours prominent personalities and occasions with special logos that it calls ‘doodles’. This doodle is not only being showed to users in Pakistan but also to those in Canada, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand.[5]  Google Honours on 53rd Birthday 

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