Munawar Zareef
Munawar Zareef

He came and conquered. This phrase is very true for the legendary comedian Muhammad Munawar a.k.a Munawar Zareef. He worked in 300 films almost and one can not decide which is the better one. He died in very early age due to serious illness but his name will always be remembered in the hearts of his fans. May his soul rest in peace.

Name:Muhammad Munawar
In Urdu:محمد منور
Famous As:Munawar Zareef
In Urdu:منور ظریف
Also known as:King of comedy
Education:Muslim league high school, Empress road, Lahore,
Profession:Film acting
Awards :3 times Nigar Awards winner
Date:25 December 1940
Place:Gujranwala, British Raj, now Punjab, Pakistan
Spouse: Bilquis Khanum
Children:2 daughters 1 son
Parents: Father: Chaudhary Abdul Haq; Mother: Barkat Bibi,
Siblings :Brother of Muhammad Siddiq (Zarif), Munir Zarif, Majeed Zarif, Rasheed Zarif
Date:29 April 1976
Cause of death:Cirrhosis of liver
Rest Place:Bibi Pak Daman s.a Cemetrry, Lahore, Pakistan,
Occupation(s):Actor, Comedian
Serial & Movies
Name:Malangi, Bharia mela, Pyar ka mausma,
Professional Work
Years Active: 1961-1976
Famous Acts:Heer ranjha (film)

Click from Film RangeelaKing of comedyMunawar died at very young age-35 only


A multi -talented artist
Munawar Zareef gained fame for his hilarious style of comedy with a typical body language. His style was widely followed in the cinema and the theatres of the country.  He was a multi-talented artist who worked in numerous Punjabi and Urdu films and kept his audience laughing their hearts out to the brink of collapse with his subtle jokes and hilarious gestures. 

Birth and Education

Aat khuda da vair-Munawar zareef as bao jee
Munawar Zareef was born on 2nd February 1940 at Gujranwala. Munawar’s father was a government officer. He obtained his early education from Muslim league high school, Empress road, Lahore. Muhammad Munawar pursued a career in the entertainment industry under the pseudonym Munawar Zarif, after his brother Zarif passed away in his prime age. Hence, Muhummad Munawar became Munawar Zareef. [1] education  

Debut on silver screen

Munawar, naghamana and ijaz at shooting site
He debuted in the 1961 Urdu film Dandiya. After performing mediocre roles for a brief period, things took a turn for the better when he got a role in the Punjabi film Hath Jori. Hath Jori proved to be the film that catapulted him to national fame and established him as a prestigious actor. Owing to his brilliance and acting skills, Zareef was able to carve out a place for himself among the numerous comedians who were quite popular in the Pakistani film industry at the time. Munawar Zareef was the leading comedian and actor at a time when the industry had famous comedians such as Nirala, Sultan Khosat, M.Ismail, Zulfi, Khalifa Nazir and Diljeet Mirza. Munawar and comedian Rangeela formed a duo which is till this day, considered as one of the best comedy duos to ever emerge from the subcontinent. [2] debut   

A Natural artist

Film yaaran nal bhaaran starring munawar zareef and rangeela
Munawar was a natural artist and would seldom pester his directors with multiple takes since he had a sharp memory and would usually need to read the script only once. Munawar Zareef was the second generation of the comedians and belonged to a rare breed of this art, which is extinct these days. His comedy had a unique combination of decency and simplicity yet he would manage to engage almost all the segments of society in his antics. Common people loved his crude street style of dialogue delivery and gestures while the sophisticated audience enjoyed his controlled and cultivated humour. Munawar Zareef stayed miles away from vulgarity and would strictly refrain from a third rate double speak, an order of the day in our present day comic style particularly in the theatres. Annually, 20 to 25 films starring Munawar Zareef used to be released.  [3] Natural  

Personal life

In his personal life, Munawar Zareef was a responsible father, a loving husband and a complete family man.  He  belonged to a noble family and caste Kumhar/Rehmani(کمہار) and he married in Tehsil Kamoniki .Surprisingly, he was a very serious chapter in his personal life as his family revealed. Unlike his silver screen image, he  seldom indulge in any non-serious activity at home. 


Grave of Munawar zareef
Owing to liver complications, Munawar Zareef wasn’t able to live a longer life and passed away at the age of 36. At such a short span of life, he starred in over 300 films. Munawar Zareef, Pakistan’s celebrity comedian and film actor, breathed his last on 29th April 1976 in Lahore.His fans named him ‘Shehenshah-i-Zarafat’ or the ‘King of Humor’. [4] death 


He was awarded three times with the Nigar Award on his out-standing performance in Bharo Phool Barsao, Zeenath and Ishaq Deewana.


Bharia MelaPunjabi1966
Imam Din GohaviaPunjabi1967
Diya Aur Toofan (1969 film)Urdu1969
Banarsi ThugPunjabi1973
Manjhi Khitay DhanwanPunjabi1974
Baharo Phool BarsaoUrdu1972
Heer RanjhaPunjabi1970
Dil Aur DuniyaUrdu1971
Naukar Wohti DaPunjabi1974
Jeera BladePunjabi1973
Janu KapattiPunjabi1976
Rangila Aur Munawar ZarifPunjabi/Urdu1973
Ajj Da MahinwalPunjabi1973
Sheeda PastaolPunjabi1975
Haath JoriPunjabi1964
Parde Min Rehny DoUrdu1968
Shaukan Mele DiPunjabi1975
Hasday Aao Hasday JaoPunjabi1974
Sharif BadmashPunjabi1975
Chitra Tay SheraPunjabi1976
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