Multan Cantt (Area / Town / Colony)

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Multan Cantt  or Multan Cantonment is a cantonment in the Multan District, adjacent to Multan city, in Punjab province, eastern Pakistan. Multan cantt is located in the city's southwest, having coordinates 30.18°N 71.46°E.

The cantonment contains Bazaars including Sadar Bazaar for shopping having many shops, commercial buildings and super markets and restaurants. It have railway station and international airport. The cantonment have the biggest park of the city, Cantonment Garden, also called Cantt Garden or Company Garden. The Jheel (lake) at Fort Park is also located in Multan Cantt. There are also many villas and housing schemes started in the city. It have schools, colleges and many educational institutions.

Multan Cantt is one of the most populous area in Multan same as Gulgasht Colony, Qasim Bela, Gulshan Market and Hussain Agahi. Sohan Halwa is the famous food of the cantonment
  • Information
  • Location:

    Multan (Pakistan)

  • In Urdu:

    ملتان کینٹ

  • Nickname:

    Multan Cantt

  • Local Language Name:

    Udru, Saraiki, Punjabi

  • Distric:


  • Coordinates :

    30.18°N 71.46°E.

  • International Airport:

    Airlines and destinations

  • Railway Station:

    Named Passenger Trains

  • Flyovers and Roads:

    Flyovers , Roads

  • Educational Institutions:

    Schools , Colleges, Universities

  • Churches:

    Mary's Cathedral & Bishop's House , Multan Cathedral

  • Gardens:

    Cantt Garden ,Fort Park , Lalak Jaan Shaheed Park

  • Bazaars:

    Sadar Bazaar , Chodi Bazaar , Sarafa Bazar

  • PIN:


  • Time Zone:


  • Mosque :

    Cantt Eid Gah Mosque, Nusrat Road Laal, Masjid/Jamia Masjid Cantt ,Ghousia Majid Allama Iqbal Town ,Masjid Fatimat-ul-Zahra, Bohra Street Masjid Abu Muhammad ,Mall Road Masjid Anujuman ,Nusrat Road Masjid Ibraheem ,Madina Masjid

  • Garden:

    Fort Park ,Lalak Jaan Shaheed Park

  • Bazar:

    Sadar Bazaar ,Chodi Bazaar ,Chodi Bazaar ,

  • Sadar Bazaar:

    She Shop Mehboob Bakers, Rays Garments Multan, Mehfooz Pan Shop Salman Brothers, Army Shield Maker

  • Linking Roads:

    Tipu Sultan Road, Ghani Bukhari Road, Opal Shaheed Road

  • Languages:

    Udru, Saraiki, Punjabi

  • Website:


Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar is the second most eminent market of Multan Cantt after Hussin Agahi. This bazaar holds premium products which are not obtainable someplace in Multan. It holds about all the possessions of everyday use, therefore containing all sorts of shops like cloth houses, electronic shops, perfume shops etc.Sadar Bazaar road is a one way road extended from Tipu Sultan Road to Mehfooz Chowk. Things on Sadar Bazaar:
  •    She Shop
  • Mehboob Bakers
  •   Rays Garments Multan
  • Mehfooz Pan Shop
  • Salman Brothers Army Shield Maker [1] Sadar Bazar multan cantt
Linking Roads:
  •    Tipu Sultan Road
  • Ghani Bukhari Road
  • Opal Shaheed Road

Chodi Bazaar

Chodi Bazaar, also an eminent market of Multan Cantt, known for the street of bangles, and also refers as Sadar Bazaar. It also contains many shops including shops of bangles, clothes, jewelry, laces and earrings.

Sarafa Bazar

Sarafa Bazaar started at the end of Sadar Bazaar. It is also a One-way road extended from Mehfooz Chowk to Bomanji Chowk. Sarafa Bazaar is also known as "Dahi Bhalla Bazaar" because it have many Dahi Bhalla shops there. It also have shops of canvas, shoes, sports and medical stores.


Cantt Garden Night view of a fountain at Cantt Garden Cantt Garden also known as Cantonment Garden or Company Garden is the biggest and most beautiful garden in Multan. It is located on club road near Service club, called MGM.It is contains jogging tracks for jogging, canteens for light foods and kindergartens rides, slides and swings for children. The garden has fountains, trees and mini zoo. A Flower show holds every year in the month of March and April for the welcome of spring season. It includes exhibition of beautiful and colorful flowers. Live singing and dancing concerts also hold at night during flower show.

Fort Park

Fort park, also known as Chaman Zar Askari Lake or Jheel is located on Sher Shah road in Cantt. It also one of the beautiful park in Multan. It contains lake for boat riding, rides for children and elders, canteens and mini zoo

Lalak Jaan Shaheed Park

Lalak Jaan Shaheed Park is located at Emperial Chowk near Cantonment Multan Hospital. It is the smaller park than Cantt Garden and Fort Park in Cantt. It holds for a tribute to Havaldar Lalak Jan Shaheed, the last and most recent recipient of Nishan-e-Haider.


  1.    Cantt Eid Gah Mosque Nusrat Road
  2. Laal Masjid/Jamia Masjid Cantt
  3. Ghousia Majid Allama Iqbal Town
  4. Masjid Fatimat-ul-Zahra Bohra Street
  5. Masjid Abu Muhammad Mall Road
  6. Masjid Anujuman Nusrat Road
  7. Masjid Ibraheem
  8. Madina Masjid

Commercial Buildings and Markets

  1.    Bomanji Square
  2. Service Club Multan/Multan Garrison Mess
  3. Radio Pakistan
  4. Khan CenterKhawar Center
  5. Mall Plaza
  6. Khan Plaza
  7. Fashion Mall
  8. City Center
  9. McDonald's

Educational Institute

   Army Public School
  1.    FG Boys High School No.1
  2. FG Boys High School No.2
  3. FG Girls High School
  4. FG Public High School
  5. FG Public Junior High School
  6. Nusrat-ul-Islam Girls High School
  7. Nusrat-ul-Islam Boys High School
  8. Zaib Foundation High School


  1.    Army Public Degree College for Boys
  2. FG Degree College for Boys
  3. FG Degree Women College
  4. Nusrat-ul-Islam Girls College

Towns of Multan

  1. Shah Rukn-e-Alam Town
  2. Sher Shah Town
  3. Bosan Town
  4. Musa Pak Shaheed Town
  5. Shujabad Town
  6. Jalalpur Pirwala Town

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