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Mohsin Naqvi was a famous Urdu poet from Pakistan who was born on the 5th of May in the year 1947. His father’s name was Syed Chirag Hussain who was initially a saddle maker by profession and later started working as a food vendor. Mohsin Naqvi was originally named Ghulam Abbas by his parents. This name was later changed by him to Ghulam Abbas Mohsin Naqvi. He, along with his six siblings spent their childhood in a neighborhood at Pakistan called Muhallah-e-Sadat. It is situated in Dera Ghazi Khan which is a central city of Pakistan.
  • Personal
  • Name:

    Mohsin Naqvi

  • Famous As:

    Poet of Ahl e Bait

  • Nationality:


  • Residence:

    Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, British India

  • Education:

    aqvi graduated from Government College Multan and earned his master's degree from the University of the Punjab, Lahore

  • Religion:


  • Profession:


  • Genre ::


  • Awards :

    He wrote a geet "lahron ki tarah tujhko marne nahi denge" for a film "Husn-e-Bazar" and won the best film award

  • Born
  • Date:

    5 May 1947

  • Place:

    Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, British India

  • Family
  • Parents:

    Syed Chirag Hussain Shah

  • Siblings :


  • Died
  • Date:

    15 January 1996

  • Rest Place:

    Mohsin Naqvi's grave in Karbala Shareef Dera Ghazi Khan .

Education and Career

Mohsin Naqvi
Mohsin Naqvi
Naqvi published several books of poetry during his life time. He had a Masters degree in Urdu from University of the Punjab, Lahore. Along with being a prolific poet, he also flexed his political muscles by working for Pakistan Peoples Party and running in an election but this turned out to be a short-lived venture. Naqvi penned a song titled "Lehron Ki Trha Tuhjy Bikharny Nahi Dain Gy" for Bazar-e-Husn (1988) for which he won National Film Award. Being a prominent member of Shia Muslim minority Naqvi openly expressed his religious and political views in his poetry. He was an open critic of sectarian violence which saw a sharp rise throughout 1980's and 1990's in Pakistan. Unfortunately, Naqvi himself became a victim of same violence. [1] Education and Career  

List of Books

Mohsin Naqvi's Book
Mohsin Naqvi's Book
  1. Band-e-Kbaa
  2. Rida-e-Khwab
  3. Haq-e-Aeliya
  4. Moj-e-Idraak
  5. Taloo-e-Ashk
  6.  Furat-e-Fikr
  7. Azaab-e-Deed
  8.  Khaima-e-Jaan
  9.  Berg-e-Sehra
  10.  Reza-e-Harf
  11. Rakht-e-Shab [2] Books Books  
  12. Famous Poem By Mohsinol

        Qatil Kabhi Maqtool Ka Matam
        Nahi Kertay
        Vo Log Bhala Samjhein Gay Kiya
        Jo Eid To Kertay Hain Muharram
        Nahi Kertay
        Kyun Aap Ka Dill Jalta Hai Kyun Jalta
        Hai Seena
        Hum Aap K Seenay Pe To Matam
        Nahi Kertay
        Kehtay Hain Baray Fakhar Say Hum
        Ghum Nahi Kertay
        Matam Ki Sada Suntay Hain Matam
        Nahi Kertay
        Moshin Ye Maqbool Riwayat Hai
        Jahan Main [3] Poem Poem


          A renowned singer Ghulam Ali sang his ghazal “Ye dil ye pagal dil mera” and made him famous all over the Pakistan. Mohsin Naqvi was awarded by the Pride of Performance award. He also wrote a song “Lehron Ki Trha Tuhjy Bikharny Nahi Dain Gy” for a film “Bazar-e-Husan” and he got National Film award for this song. [4] Award Award

          Death of Mohsin Naqviol

          Mohsin Naqvi
          Mohsin Naqvi
            Mohsin Naqvi was shot to death on the year 15th of January in the year 1996 at his residence, situated at Lahore since he was vocal against Taliban. His funeral prayer occurred at Nasir Bagh and later his body was laid to rest at the town of his birth. [5] Death of Mohsin Naqvi  

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