Miss Pakistan World
Miss Pakistan World

Miss Pakistan World is a beauty pageant that started the whole pageant industry for Pakistan. This was the first pageant that sent its winners to international pageants. It was conceived in 2002 in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Today Miss Pakistan World has been running successfully for years and has expanded to Mrs. Pakistan World and Mr. Pakistan World. The pageant has moved to several locations like Toronto, Canada and New Jersey, USA.
The pageant was started by Sonia Ahmed who saw this as a movement for bringing together the youth of Pakistanis living abroad as well as from Pakistan a platform parallel to Pakistan in entertainment. Ahmed created Mrs. Pakistan World and Mr. Pakistan World in the years following Miss Pakistan World. The pageant organizers consider their event as a sort of civil rights movements, through which it is hoped that the young and married women of Pakistan are able to gain a voice on the international stage. 

Type:Beauty Pageant (Muqabla Husan)
Motto:Celebrate the woman in you
Headquartered in:Karachi
President:Sonia Ahmed
Official languages:English, Urdu
Formerly known as:Miss Canada Pakistan
Membersips:Miss Earth, Miss United Continents, World Miss University, Miss Asia Pacific World, Miss Globe International
In Urdu:مقابلہء حسن
Location:Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
In 2007:Launched Mr Pakistan
Miss Earth Pakistan:Ramina Ashfaque
Winner of MPW 2016:Ramina Ashfaque
Reality show, Drama, Film, Fashion show: Beauty contest

Sonia Ahmed the president of MPWSehrish Khan With Sash of MP,USAAanzhalika tahirMiss pak and Mr PakistanDia Ali

History of Beauty Pageants

The world pageant means as per Chamber’s Dictionary “a dramatic performance, scene or part, a series of tableaux or dramatic scenes connected with local history or other topical matter, performed either on a fixed spot or in procession.” As per Webster’s English Dictionary it means “a specular procession or parade, representation in costume of historical events; a mere show” . [1] History of beauty pageants
the Miss World Pageant is an international beauty pageant founded in the United Kingdom by Eric Morley in 1951. Presently Morley’s wife Julie Morley is Co-Chairman on the pageant .The event of Miss World is the most widely attended and broadcasted of such events, with over a hundred delegates in competition. Miss World -The Final is the world’s largest live annual television event and the global viewing figures topping more than two billion across more than 200 countries. The rival group which held Miss Universe Pageant by comparison, welcomes approximately 80 delegates, although Miss Universe maintains unrivaled popularity in some parts of the world, notably in Americas. 

Perks of being Miss World

The winner spends a year travelling the globe representing the Miss World Organisation in the various causes, Traditionally, Miss World lives in London (U.K.) during the reign and uses it as her base for world travel.

Broadcasting of Beauty Pageant

Miss Universe
Miss World started as the Festival Bikini Contest, in honour of the recently introduced swimwear of the time, but was allied Miss World by the press. It was originally planned as a one-off event. Upon learning about the upcoming Miss Universe pageant Morley decided to make the pageant an annual event. Opposition to the wearing bikinis led to their replacement with more modest swimwear after the first contest. 

  • In 1959 the BBC started broadcasting the competitions. The pageant popularity grew as the popularity of television grew. 
  • In 1980’s the pageant re-positioned itself the slogan “BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE”. The contest added test of intelligence and personality. 
  • By 1990’s, the pageant was reaching two billion viewers from almost every country in the world.
  • In 21st century, Eric Morley died as the pageant entered the new century. His wife Julie succeeded as Chairwoman of the Miss World Organisation in charge of holding the global pageant. The century saw its first Black African winner in 2001. During that edition as part of its marketing strategy Miss World came up with a “YOU DECIDE” television special, featuring the  delegates behind the scenes and on the beach and allowing viewers to either phone in or vote on line for their favourites. It also sells its talent, “Beach Beauty” and sports events as television specials to the broadcasters.
  • In 2002 Miss Azra Akin of Turkey won the Miss World title. Amongst the best performances by the country Venezuela and India won titles for five times, Turkey twice and Egypt for one time.

Pakistans new pageant industry

Pakistan is growing and developing year after year, and is realizing achievements of which the Pakistani women can truly be proud of. However although social attitudes about women in Pakistan are improving, there is a long way to go. The very idea that the pageant has to be hosted in Canada highlights the role of media for women in Pakistan.
The event under the strong leadership of Sonia Ahmed follows a way towards women empowerment and freedom to choose this industry as a stepping stone for the younger generation of women. Her vision is to promote more women in the media where entry into media could mean a freedom of expression and set a milestone approach towards empowerment of women coming from a fundamentally restricted country. Ahmed has strived, for the need of women in Pakistan media to fill higher positions and provide balanced leadership.
Once the realization hit that Pakistan was being represented around the world in a very one-dimensional way , Ahmed began the creation of Miss Canada Pakistan Inc. which was later renamed as Miss Pakistan World. Because pageants were not allowed to be held on Pakistani soil , Ahmed created the pageant in the Canadian capital of Ottawa  and began by taking delegates of Pakistani descent now living in Canada, USA, Europe and China. The pageant has since been renamed Miss Pakistan World, and takes applications from Pakistani women from around the globe.

  • As of December 2009, Miss Pakistan World winner have gone on to 25 international pageants  and have represented Pakistan in almost every international pageant made available.
  • In 2006, Ahmed created Mrs. Pakistan World and saw the first married women represent Pakistan in the Mrs. World pageant .

Sonia Ahmed brought alive an industry that never existed for Pakistan. Till date Sonia Ahmed has sent the Miss Pakistan World winners to 25 international pageants representing Pakistan in various countries and have won 7 international sub-titles for Pakistan. She is the brainchild and the pioneer for Pakistan’s pageant industry. [2] MPW

About Sonia Ahmed

Sonia Ahmed
Sonia Ahmed (Urdu: سونیا احمد), Kuwaiti born Pakistani, founder of Miss Canada Pakistan Inc. also known as Miss Pakistan World , Miss Pakistan World and Mrs. Pakistan World, is a pioneer in the international beauty and talent pageant industry for Pakistan.  [3] Sonia ahmed


Sonia Ahmed  attended Carmel Convent Catholic School in Kuwait after which her family moved to Ottawa in Canada, where she attended Notre Dame Catholic High School. Always an academic, Ahmed was awarded a medal for being ranked in the top 10 academically at her high school in Canada and also received a $8,000 scholarship to attend the University of Ottawa where she earned a degree in Business. Ahmed continued in CGA (Certified General Accounting) up to the 4th level and then left it to pursue the pageant as full fledged business.


Living in Toronto, Ontario, Ahmed considers herself a driving force for the “progression” and “liberation”  of Pakistani women on a global scale. Working through her pageants, Ahmed aims to build cultural connections to showcase the beauty and talent of what she considers a new Pakistani generation.

Condition to participate

The only condition that one needs to fulfill to participate in the event is a Pakistani passport. Pakistani girls living abroad and having different nationalities are eligible to participate but they are required to show papers proving their Pakistani nationality.


“the participants are judged on the basis of their speaking abilities, overall looks and a good proportionate body. We want a good figured contender, who can represent Pakistan on an international level in international pageants. There are two different panels that judge the contestants. The first panel are on the preliminary interview panel where each contestant is asked about 20-25 questions. The second panel is on the day of the pageant, where they judge the contestants, on the way they speak, the way they look, their talent, and finally on the way they perform”. 


The judges themselves are a motley lot. “ there are lawyers, entertainers, publicists, entrepreneurs, doctors and others, who participate in the judging and become part of the process,”. [4] Judges

Creation of Mrs. Pakistan World and Mr. Pakistan World

Click of Miss and Mr Pakistan
In 2007, Ahmed went on to create Mrs. Pakistan World and in 2011 Mr. Pakistan World all male model competition was launched. Mr. Pakistan World and Miss Pakistan World take place together on stage and both winners are announced together. 

First pageant in USA

The Miss Pakistan World which has completed more than a decade of its existence.! The 10th Annual Pageant event was held on August 24, 2012 in Mississauga. The entire credit for this long and the difficult journey goes to Miss Sonia Ahmed who had a dream to portray a softer image of Pakistan to the world and to create a platform for the young and creative Pakistani women to exhibit their talents which have been dormant due to the lack of opportunities. We must congratulate   Sonia Ahmed for his great devotion, dedication and determination to conduct its fabulous event and also having confidence to achieve her goals. She was very confident and creative to establish the first event at Ottawa, national capital of Canada in 2003 and after this she decided to move to Toronto and since then it is being held every year.
In 2014, Sonia Ahmed, President of Miss Pakistan World, shifted the entire pageant and its team to base itself in New Jersey, US for the year 2014. This was the first time the pageant was held out of its home base in Canada. This not only attracted new local contestants from the US but also got more contestants attracted from different parts of the world.
In 2015, the pageant was back in Toronto, Canada. Sonia not only produces the momentous event here in town but also makes sure that the participants get worldwide projection and rewards.
Miss Pakistan World is a pageant that has represented Pakistan in various International Pageants from North America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and rest of the world. Miss Pakistan World’s participants have won many titles from different parts of the world.

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Zehra Sherazi

Zahra sherazi
In 2003, Zehra Sherazi was the very first winner of MPW. She is from sindh, Pakistan. Host city was Ottawa,Canada. She was Sent to World Miss University 2013.  [6] zehra sherazi

Batool Cheema

Batool Cheema
In 2004, Batool Cheema from Punjab, Pakistan was the winner of MPW hosted in Mississauga, Canada. She was Sent to Queen of the World 2009 and Miss Friendship 2009.  [7] Batool cheema

Naomi Zaman

Naomi zaman
In 2005, Naomi Zaman from Punjab Province of Pakistan was the winner. host city was Mississauga, Canada. she Debuted in Miss Earth & was winner of Miss Dance Queen in Miss Tourism Queen International also.. she was Sent to Queen of the World 2009 and Miss Friendship 2009.  [8] Naomi Zaman

Sehr Mehmood

Sehr mehmood
In 2006,Sehr Mahmood from Sindh, Pakistan was the winner of MPW hosted in Mississauga, Canada. She was Unplaced in the Miss Earth, but won Miss Elegant position  in Queen of the World.  [9] Sehr mehmood

Mahleej Sarkari

Mahleej sarkari
In 2007, Mahleej Sarkari from Baluchistan, was the winner. Hosted city was Mississauga. she was sent to Miss Tourism Queen International. 

Natasha Paracha

Natasha Paracha
In 2008, Natasha Paracha from Punjab won the MPW contest. She Withdrew from Miss Earth and was replaced by Nosheen Idrees and did not compete in international pageants.  [10] Natasha pracha

Ayesha Gilani

Ayesha gilani
In 2009,Ayesha Gilani from Punjab was awarded the title of MPW held in Mississauga, Canada. She was Unplaced in Miss Earth & Beauty of the World, Miss Tourism Queen International.  [11] Ayesha Gilani

Annie Rupani

Annie rupani
In 2010, Annie Rupani from Sindh, Pakistan was titled as MPW held in Missisauga, Canada. She was sent to Miss Diversity Pegeant by Sonia Ahmed.  [12] Annie Rupani

Sanober Hussain

Sanober Hussain
In 2011,Sanober Hussain from Punjab, Pakistan hosted in Mississauga, Canada. She was also titled as Miss Friendship.  [13] Sanober Hussain

Zanib Naveed

Zainab naveed
In 2012, Zanib Naveed from Punjab, Pakistan was titled as MPW hosted in Mississauga, Canada. She earned Silver Medal in Trivia Challenge in Miss Earth.  [14] Zanib naveed

Shanzay Hayat

Shanzay hayat
In 2013,Shanzay Hayat from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the winner of MPW Pageant held in Mississauga, Canada. She was Sent to Miss Grand International, Miss Earth, Miss Asia Pacific World.  [15] Shanzay Hayat

Aatka Feroz

Aatka feroz
In 2014,Aatka Feroz from Punjab, Pakistan was the finalist of MPW that is held in New York City, United States. She was sent to Miss Asianverse 2016. 

Aanzhelika Tahir

Aanzhelika tahir
In 2015, Anzhelika Tahir from Punjab, Pakistan was the winner of MPW held in Toronto, Canada. She was Sent to World Miss University, World Super Model 2016 & Miss Super-talent 2016.  [16] Anzhelika Tahir

Ramina Ashfaque

Ramina ashfaque
In 2016, Ramina Ashfaque was the winner of MPW. She was from Sindh, Pakistan. The event was conducted in Toronto, Canada. She was sent to Miss Earth 2017.  [17] Ramina Ashfaque

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