Ministry Of Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics And Privatization (Ministry)

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2017-01-24 02:13:16Ministry Of Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics And Privatization
The Ministry of Finance, Revenue, and Economic Affairs or Ministry of Finance (Urdu: وزارت مالیات‎, abbreviated as MoF) is a cabinet-level department of the Government of Pakistan which was formed on 15 August 1947. The ministry is primarily concerned with promoting economic growth and activities throughout Pakistan.[1] Ministry of Finance

The executive and political head of authority at the ministry is the Minister of Finance who must be an elected member of the Parliament of Pakistan. The most recent Minister of Finance was Mohammad Ishaq Dar, who was forced out of office on July 28, 2017 after being convicted by the Pakistani Supreme Court of corruption charges related the Panama Papers scandal.
  • Details
  • Formed :

    August 14, 1947; 69 years ago

  • In Urdu:

    وزارت مالیات‎

  • Jurisdiction:

    Federal Government of Pakistan

  • Headquarters:

    Islamabad, ICT, Pakistan

  • Type:

    Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs,Statistics & Privitization

  • Annual Budget:

    4,438 Rs in million (2015-2016)

  • Ministry Executives:

    Ishaq Dar, Minister

  • Seceratary :

    Waqar Masood Khan

  • Finance Minister:


  • Section Officer (Coordination-I) Phone No:

    +92 51 9206382

  • Section Officer (Coordination-I) Address:

    Room # 514, Block-'Q', Finance Division, Pak. Sectt. Islamabad

  • Publications:

    Year Book 2015-16, Year Book 2014-2015

  • Federal Secertary of Statistics:

    Rukhsana Yasmeen

  • Federal Minister of Statistics:

    Kamran Michael

  • Finance Secretary:

    Shahid Mahmood

  • Minister for Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics and Privatization Email:

  • Secretary Email:

  • Statistics Division Complaints Name and Address:3:

    Syed Hasan Sabeeh, Director (Admn):Statistics House 21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad +92 51 9106551

  • Statistics Division Complaints Name and Address:2:

    Syed Hassan Raza, Chief Statistical Officer-Statistics House 21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad +92 51 9106533

  • Statistics Division Complaints Name and Address:3:

    Syed Hasan Sabeeh, Director (Admn):Statistics House 21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad +92 51 9106551

  • Website:


Finance Minister
Finance Minister
The Finance Division deals with the subjects pertaining to finance of the Federal Government and financial matters affecting the country as a whole, preparation of annual budget statements and supplementary/excess budget statements for the consideration of the parliament accounts and audits of the Federal Government Organization etc. as assigned under the Rules of Business, 1973.[2] Overview Moreover, Finance Division maintains financial discipline through financial advisors organization attached to each Ministry/Division etc.


Finance Secertary
Finance Secertary
To pursue sound and equitable economic policies that put Pakistan on the path of sustained economic development and macroeconomic stability with a view to continuously and significantly improving the Quality of life of all citizens through prudent and transparent public financial management carried out by dedicated professional.

Economic Affairs Division

Economic Affairs Division is responsible for assessment of requirements, programming and negotiations of external economic assistance related to the Government of Pakistan and its constituent units from foreign Governments and multilateral agencies.The issues regarding external debt management and matters relating to technical assistance to foreign countries, credit to friendly countries on lending / re-lending of foreign loans and monitoring of aid utilization are being handled by this division.[3]  Economic Affairs Division 


The functions and responsibilities of the Economic Affairs Division as listed in Schedule II of Rules of Business 1973 are:
  1. Assessment of requirements, programming and negotiations for external economic assistance from foreign governments and organizations.
  2. Matters relating to IBRD, IDA, IFC, ADB and IFAD.
  3. Economic matters pertaining to Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, Governing Council of UNDP, ESCAP, (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific) Colombo Plan and OECD (DAC)
  4. Negotiations and coordination activities etc., pertaining to economic cooperation with other countries (excluding RCD and IPECC)
  5. Assessment of requirements, programming and negotiation for securing technical assistance to Pakistan from foreign governments and organizations including nominations for EDI courses.
  6. Matters relating to technical assistance to foreign countries.External debt management, including authorization of remittances for all external debt service, compilation, accounting and analysis of economic assistance from foreign governments and organizations.
  7. Review and appraisal of international and regional economic trends and their impact on the national economy. Proposals concerning change in international economic order.
  8. Matters relating to transfer of technology under UNDP assistance.
  9. Matters relating to Islamic Development Bank.

About Us



Information Services

  1. Admission under PTAP
  2. Pakistan Development Forum 2010
  3. Pak Italian Debt Swap Agreement (PIDSA)
  4. 3rd Regional Economic Cooperation Conferene on Afghanistan
  5. World Islamic Economic Forum - 2006
  6. Pakistan Development Forum 2006 Agenda - Inaugural Speeches
  7. Press Release - Pakistan Development Forum 2006
  8. Pakistan 2005 Earthquake Preliminary Damage and Needs Assessment
  9. Pakistan Development Forum 2006 Conference Report
  10. Donors Conference Pakistan-2005
  11. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ministry Officials Telephone Directory and E-mail Addresses

  1. Address: Block-C, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
  2. Feedback at Email:
S.No.DesignationE-Mail AddressessTelephone (+92-51)
1.Minister for Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics and Privatization
9103959, 9213204
3.P.S. to Secretary
9212769, 9210629
4.Additional Secretary - II  9205327
5.A.P.S. to Addl. Secy - II 9205327
6.Additional Secretary - I    9203815
 7.P.S. to Addl. Secy - I 9203815
Administration Wing / CF&A's Org.
8. J.S (Admin) 9210085
9.D.S. (Admin) 9103819
10.S.O. (Admin-I) 9202121
11.S.O. (Admin-II) 9223979
12.S.O.(B&C) 9203305
13.S.O. (Protocol) 9202742
14.S.O. (General) 9208047
15Superintendent (R & I) 9209769
16.DS (COORD) 9201867
17.S.O.(Coord) 9205245
18.S.O.(Council) 9202249
CF& F. A's Organization
19.CF&AO 9201682
20.S.O. (F&A) 9202050
21.F.A EAD 9202100
22.D.F.A EAD 9202116
ADB/Japan Wing
23. JS (ADB/Japan) 9210085
24.DS (ADB-I) 9201520
25.S.O. (ADB-I) 9201900
26.S.O. (ADB-II) 9207254
 27.D.S. (ADB-II) 9203176
28.S.O. (ADB-III) 9202249
29.S.O. (ADB-IV) 9212861
Japan Wing
30.D.S. (Japan) 9202010
31.S.O. (Japan-I) 9201805
32.S.O. (Japan-II) 9206167
China Wing
 33. Joint Secretary (China)  9203258
34.D.S. (China) 9203258
35.SO (China-I) 9203343
36.SO(China-II) 9205204
37.SO (China-III) 9212860
UN Wing
38.J.S (UN)   9203215
39.D.S. (UN)  9203215
40.S.O. (UN-II) 9206318
41.S.O. (UN-III)9204169
42.S.O. (UN-IV)9201706
World Bank Wing
 43.J.S (WB)  9202056
44.D.S. (WB) 9202020
45.S.O. (WB-I) 9201437
46.S.O. (WB-II) 9206556
47.S.O. (WB-III) 9202061                 
PMU for TDP ERP Project
 48.Program Manager 9103829
 49.Operation Coordinator 9103829
Economic Cooperation Wing
50.Joint Secretary (EC) 9205973
51.Deputy Secretary (EC-I) 9206020
52.S.O. (ECO) 9201786
53.SO (ME-I) 9207194
54.S.O.(ACS) 9206429
55.S.O. (CARs) 9222422
56.D.S. (EC-II) 9202084
57.SO (ME-II) 9202602
58.SO (SEA) 9202084
59.SO (PTAP/FS) 9201868
IDA  Wing
60.J.S. (IDA) 9202417
61.DS (IDA) 9201779
62.S.O.(IDA) 9209260
INGO / NGOs Wing
 63.J.S.(INGOs/NOGs)  9203215
64.D.S.(INGOs/NOGs) 9201779
65.S.O.(INGOs) 9201789
IDB Wing
 66.J.S. (IDB) 9202417
67.DS (IDB) 9202093
68.S.O. (IDB/OPEC) 9202894
Representative IDB
 69.Representative (IDB) ikhan@isdb.org9222249
Paris Club Wing / US Wing
PC Wing
70.J.S. (Paris Club /US)9202429
71.D.S. (PC) 9103820
72.S.O. (Eur.I) 9214914
73.S.O. (Eur-II) 9201884
74.S.O. (Eur-III) 9205342
US Wing
75.D.S. (US) 9103854
76.S.O. (US-I) 9201629
77.S.O. (US-II)  9206503
Debt Management / Research & Statistics/ Computer Centre
78.JS (DM/R&S) 9203569
Research & Statistics
79.Chief (R & S)
DM / Rescheduling
80.D.S. (DM) 9201374
81.S.O. (DM) 9209759
82.D.A. (Budget) 9201374
83.D.A. (Payments) 9206905
84.D.A. (Account) 9201718
85.A.O. (Recovery-I) -9206048
86.A.O. (Recovery-II) - 9206046
87.A.O. (DM C&B) - 9205974
88.A.O. (DM-I) - 9206787
89.A.O. (DM-II) - 9208625
90.A.O. (DM-III) - 9206787
91.A.O (Export Credit) - 
92. - -
93.D.C. (R &S) 9103842
94.A.C (Coordination) -9207960
95.AC (Disbursement)
96RO (Coordination) -9214437
97.RO. (Budget) -9221972
98.DC (Projects & Progress) - 
99.SO (Progress/Project) -9206275
Computer Centre Fax.No. 9205975
100.System Analyst -9207960
101.Network / System Administrator -9219445
102.Assistant Programmer -9202486
103.Data Processing Officer -9202439
EAD's Fax No 9210734

Feedback and Suggestions

Send your feedback, complaints, queries and suggestions to below given email address.

Economic Affairs Division

  • Email:

Ministry of Statitics

Federal Minister of Statistics
Federal Minister of Statistics
The Statistics  Division deals  with  the  subjects   assigned under the  Rules of Business, 1973. Under Rule 3(1(Schedule I) & 3 Schedule II ), Statistics  Division’s aim  is  to provide  solid  data  base to the planners,  policy & decision makers in  the  government,  researchers  and  other data  users  in various   socio-economic  sectors. Statistics  Division  strives to produce reliable, comparable, authentic, timely and transparent statistical data inline with the international standards. As per decision of the CCI, Statistics Division with the help of its attached department Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has condcuted 6th Population and Housing Census 2017 in the country during March to May, 2017. This gigantic task completed in collaboration with Armed Forces and provincial departments like education, Revenues etc. The data collected from Population & Housing Census provides basis for political representation to National Assembly, distribution of funds to the Federating units, allocation of quota to civil posts in the Federal Government department and for general researchers.[4]  Ministry of Statitics 

Mission Statement

To provide timely, relevant, reliable, authentic and transparent statistics consistent with international principles and standards for effective decision making and monitoring.

Action Plan for the Financial Year 2017-18

  1. Consolidating and finalizing of 6th Population and Housing Census results.
  2. Finalization of National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS).
  3. Holding of meetings of the Governing Council.
  4. Computation and release of SPI, CPI & WPI on weekly & monthly basis.
  5. Collection, compilation and dissemination of external trade statistics on monthly/ quarterly and annual basis. 
  6. Compilation of the Quarterly National Accounts (QNA).
  7. Change of Base National Accounts from 2005-06 to 2015-16.
  8. Preparation/ updation of National Health Accounts. 
  9. Pilot Survey for combined Agricultural Census. 
  10. Combined Agricultural Census, 2016.
  11. Global Adults Tobacco Survey.
  12. Labour Force Survey, 2017-18.
  13. Construction Survey completed in 2016.
  14. Household Integrated Income and Consumption Survey (HIICS), 2015-16
  15. Survey on Small Scale and Household Manufacturing Industries (SHMI), 2015 completed however, report is awaited.
  16. Study on Hotels and Restaurants 2016-17.
  17. Study on Forestry
  18. Census of Manufaturing Industires 2015-2016.
  19. Quantum Index Number (QIM) and Large Scale Manufacturing Industries.
  20. Census of Electricity Establishments.
  21. Census of Mining & Querrying Industries.
  22. Producer’s Price Index
  23. Publicity campaign of Census.
  24. Construction Survey Completed in 2016.
  25. Rent Survey is completed and report published.
  26. Study on Forestry
  27. Census of Exploration Companies
  28. Preparation/ Updation of Business Register
  29. Change of Base of Trade Statistics
  30. Social Indicators of Pakistan 2016
  31. Block updation review
  32. Extension of Frame of contraceptive performance data sources.
  33. Contraceptive Performance Annual Reports
  34. Other Price Services.


About Division

Federal Secertary
Federal Secertary
Pakistan’s Central Statistical Office (CSO) was established in 1950 as an attached department of the Economic Affairs Division. The primary aim of the office was generation and dissemination of timely and reliable data commensurate with the requirements of the Government and other users. The status of CSO was raised as Statistics Division in 1972 making it fully responsible for formulation of policies and plans in the statistical fields and their implementation. In 1978, the Population Census Organization (PCO) and the Agricultural Census Organization (ACO) were also transferred to the Statistics Division. In 1981, the Technical Wing of this Division was reorganized as the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS). However, a Planning, Evaluation and Research Cell was created in the Division for providing technical backstopping. Later on, these organizations were merged in the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). The PBS now works under the Statistics Division as an attached department.[5] About Division

Functions of Statisitcs Divsion

  1. Preparation of an overall integrated plan for development and improvement of statistics in Pakistan and to estimate the budgetary requirements thereof.
  2. Preparation of annual programmes in accordance with agreed priorities and to assign responsibilities for the execution of their component items.
  3. Examination and clearance of budgetary proposals for annual programmes for statistical improvements and developments.
  4. Formulation of policy regarding general statistics for Pakistan and implementation thereof by suitably adapting the statistical system of Pakistan to conform with the policy.
  5. Coordination with the Provincial and Federal Governments, Semi-autonomous bodies and international organizations on statistical matters bearing directly or indirectly on such subjects as trade, industry, prices, expenditure, input-output accounts, flow of funds, balance of payments, etc
  6. Evaluation and introduction of standard concepts, definition and classification pertaining to national statistics series.
  7. Preparation and implementation of in-service and foreign training programmes in the fields of statistics.
  8. Evaluation of efficiency computerized methods for statistical estimation.
  9. Clearance of statistical projects undertaken by different organizations on a contract basis.
  10. Preparation, printing and release of publications on national statistics.
  11. Undertaking of national census and surveys.
  12. Industrial Statistics Act.
  13. Administration of the General Statistics (Reorganization) Act, 2011.
  14. Agricultural Census.
  15. Population Census.
  16. National Quinquennial Livestock Census.
  17. Collection, mainenance and analysis of demographic and population statistics.
  18. Omitted vide SRO1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.
  19. Omitted vide SRO1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.
  20. Omitted vide SRO1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.
  21. Omitted vide SRO1088(I)/2011, (4-14/2011-Min-I) dated 09.12.2011.
  22. Vital health statistics.
  23. Compilation of labour statistics for national and international consumption.
  24. Compilation of manpower and employment statistics for national and international consumption.
  25. Periodic assessment, review and analysis of manpower resources and requirements with reference to the employment situation in the country.




Statistics Divsion/Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) collects the data on various socio-economic sectors of the economy through primary as well as secondary sources and through Government records and disseminates the same as per data dissemination policy of PBS which is available at Statistics Divsion's official website For the purpose, necessary instructions have been issued to all the concerned sections to supply the requested data. However in case of any non-response, complaints can be lodged through following procedure:
  1. What information/material is required when they lodge a complaint?
  2. When was the data request sent?
  3. What type of data requested and for how many years?
  4. Any response from Statistics Division / PBS.
  5. Either you have deposited the required dues of the data as per data dissemination policy available at Statistics Division/PBS web site.
  6. Either you have completed all codal formalities regarding supply of data. 
  7. What is your complaint now?
  8. How to complain?
  9. Complaint can be lodged either through writing a letter or through e-mail:
  10. Where to complain?
The complaint can be sent to the following officers:
Sr. No.Name & DesignationAddress/Contact Nos.
1.Syed Hasan Sabeeh, Director (Admn)Statistics House 21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad +92 51 9106551
2.Syed Hassan Raza, Chief Statistical OfficerStatistics House 21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad +92 51 9106533
3.Mr. Vinjhraj Gomani Section Officer, Statistic DivisionStatistics House 21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad +92 51 9106510
  • How the complaint should be processed within the department and communication of final decision or advice and monitoring the progress.
  1. The complaint cell will contact the respective section of complaint and will ask for the action that have taken so far regarding data supply and will facilitate for rectification of complaint.
  • What assistance is available to the people who want to complaint?
  1. Complaint cell will cooperate completely and assist them in acquiring the data.
  • Information regarding the facility of filing of complaint in Federal Ombudsman Secretariat along with its contacts numbers.
  1. Litigation section is designated in Statistics Division / PBS to facilitate the public to file the complaint in Federal Ombudsman Secretariat. The detail of concerned officer is as under:Mrs. Ayesha Khaliq, Chief Statistical Officer (Litigation), Statistics House, 21 - Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad. +92 51 910657

Contact Us For Complaints

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics
  1. Syed Hassan Raza
  2. Chief Statistical Officer
  3. Statistics House 21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad.
  4. +92 51 9106533

Statistic Division

  1. Mr. Vinjhraj Gomani
  2. Section Officer, Statistic Division,
  3. Statistics House 21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad.
  4. +92 51 9106510


  2. Statistics House, Plot No.21, Mauve Area, G-9/1, Islamabad
  3. FAX Nos. +92 51 9106512, +92 51 9106502
Designation NameOffice No.Cell No.E-Mail Address
Federal Minister for StatisticsMr. Kamran Michael - - -
PS to MinisterAbdul Razzaq 03135350468 -
SecretaryMs. Rukhsana Yasmeen9106500 9106502 (Fax)
PS to SecretaryMr. Gul Khail Din9106506 9106502 910650003435785861  -
Joint SecretaryMr. Muhammad Yaqoob Chaudhry9106503 910650403345579582   -
APS to Senior Joint SecretaryMr. Shamsul Qayyum91065030323-5499174  
Deputy SecretaryMr. Khalid
Section Officer (A-I)Mrs. Afshan
Section Officer (A-II)Mr. Zohaib Hassan Sheikh  91065130320-9995000 -
Section Officer (F&A)Mr. Vinhraj Gomani+92 51 9106509  -
Superintendent (F&A)Mr. Khalil-ur-Rehman Abbasi910650903215693155 -
Section Officer (A-IV/ Gen.)Mr. Abdur
Statistical Officer (Council)Dr. Arshad
DDOMr. Allah Nawaz Jasra910650803465226629   -
Assistant GeneralMr. Muhammad Tariq910651203135233560 -

Ministry of Privatization

  1. Company Name: Ministry Of Privatization and Investment (Privatization  Division)
  2. City/Province: ISLAMABAD
  3. Country: Pakistan
  4. Address: EAC Building, 5-A Constitution Avenue, Islamabad
  5. Product List: Ministry Of Privatization and Investment Privatization Divison, Ministry Of Privatization and Investment
  6. Area: Islamabad

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