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2017-01-21 21:19:16Ministry Of Defence Production
The Ministry of Defence Production (Urdu: وزارت دفاعی پيداوار‎, abbreviated as MoDP), is a Cabinet-level ministry of Pakistan government concerned with the development and production of the full range of equipment and stores for the Pakistan Armed Forces ranging from platforms such as main battle tanks and multi-role combat aircraft to guided weapons, small arms, uniforms and unguided munitions of all calibres.[1]  Ministry of Defence Production 
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  • Abbreviation:


  • In Urdu:

    وزارت دفاعی پيداوار

  • Formed :

    1972 by President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

  • Motto:

    Primary Responsibility of this Division is to provide a coordinated base for self-reliance in the production of defence stores and materials.

  • Jurisdiction:


  • Founded:


  • Headquarters:

    Rawalpindi, Punjab Province

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  • Type:

    Defence Production

  • Fax :

    +92 51 9270944

  • Phone :

    +92 51 9270928, 9270929

  • Address:

    Pak Secretariat No-II, Rawalpindi

  • Agency Executives:

    Lt Gen Tanvir Tahir HI(M) (Retd), Secretary, Ministry of Defence Production Maj Gen Raza Muhammad HI(M), Additional Secretary, Defence Production

  • Minister responsible:

    Rana Tanveer Hussain, Federal Minister for Defence Production

  • Annual Budget:

    900 Rs in Million

  • Ministry Executives:

    Lt Gen Tanvir Tahir HI(M) (Retd), Maj Gen Raza Muhammad HI(M)

  • Secretary, Ministry of Defence Production :

    Lt Gen Tanvir Tahir HI(M) (Retd)

  • Defence Production, Additional Secretary, :

    Maj Gen Raza Muhammad HI(M)

  • Agency overview
  • Formed:

    1972 by President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

  • Headquarters:

    Rawalpindi, Punjab Province

  • Jurisdictional Structure
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  • Formed:



  • At the time of independence, there was hardly any industrial base in Pakistan. The contribution of the industrial sector to the GNP in 1949-50 was only 5.8%, out of which, 4.8% was attributed to small scale industries. With virtually no defence industry, the entire needs of the Armed Forces were met through purchases, mostly from U.K. 
  • As an immediate step towards meeting the requirements of the Armed Forces, Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POFs) was established at Wah in 1951. Initially it was assigned the responsibility of manufacturing small arms/ammunitions for British Weapons Systems. But with the induction of US weapons systems, it had to switch over to the production of related ammunition. The Ordnance Factories gave a fine account of themselves in supporting the Army in the field during 1965 war. 
  • The suspension of all types of military aid and embargoes during and after the 1965 War, made the nation conscious of the fact that it must strive towards achieving greater self-reliance in production of military hardware and also of diversifying sources of purchase of military equipment. Diversification, however, consequently made the task of ammunition production relatively more difficult because of the large variety of weapon systems that had been inducted. 
  • After 1971 war the Government decided to initiate a programme of relatively greater self-reliance and Defence Production Division was created in 1972. The mandate given to this Division was to lay-down policy, formulate plans, coordinate between procurement and developmental activities and to accelerate the pace of technological development to achieve greater self-reliance through indigenization. In 2004, the Division has been re-designated as Ministry of Defence Production. Over the years, the MoDP has worked towards this assigned goal and we can be proud of our achievement in this field. There is an increased self reliance in all defence fields. The Armed Forces are not only being supported and kept in a high state of readiness through our indigenous means, but we have also been exporting our defence equipment and munitions to some of our friendly countries.


Minister_Of_Defence_Production.jpg To meet the requirement of the Armed Forces through a prudent combination of procurement (local and import) and indigenous production with a continued effort to enhance the component of indigenous production and in the process export surplus capacity of our defence products to regional and friendly countries.[2]  Mission 

Functions of MODP Under Rules of Buisness 1973

The functions of the MoDP under Rules of Business 1973 have been reviewed and revised in the light of its expanded activities in 2003 and are shown below:
  1. Laying down policies or guidelines on all matters relating to defence production.
  2. Procurement of firearms, weapons, ammunition, equipment, stores and explosives for the defence forces.
  3. Declaration of industries necessary for the purpose of defence or for the prosecution of war.
  4. Research and development of defence equipment and stores.
  5. Co-ordination of defence science research with civil scientific research organizations.
  6. Indigenous production and manufacture of defence equipment and stores.
  7. Negotiations of agreements or MOUs for foreign assistance or collaboration and loans for purchase of military stores and technical know-how or transfer of technology.
  8. Export of defence products.
  9. Marketing and promotion of activities relating to export of defence products.
  10. Coordinate production activities of all defence production organizations or establishments. 

About Us

Minister of Defence Production
Minister of Defence Production



Secretary Ministry of Defence Production

Lt Gen (R) Muhammad Ijaz Chaudhry HI(M)
Lt Gen (R) Muhammad Ijaz Chaudhry HI(M)
Lieutenant General (Retd) Muhammad Ijaz Chaudhry, HI (M) joined Pakistan Army in 1978. He is graduate of Command and Staff College Quetta and National Defence University Islamabad.General has held various command, staff and instructional appointments. He has varied experience of conducting counter terrorism and internal security operations. He conducted “Operation Rahe Nijat” in South Waziristan Agency while commanding Infantry Division. As Director General Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) he initiated internal security operation in Karachi. He has commanded Karachi Corps. He remained on the faculty of Command & Staff College Quetta as Chief Instructor. His last assignment was Inspector General Arms at General Headquarters.Presently he is serving as Secretary Ministry of Defence Production.[3]  Secretary Ministry of Defence Production 

Rana Tanveer Hussain

Rana Tanverer Hussain
Rana Tanverer Hussain
Rana Tanveer Hussain is the incumbent Minister of Defence Production in the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's led cabinet. He was elected from NA-132 Sheikhupura-II as a member of National Assembly from Pakistan Muslim League (N).[4]  Rana Tanveer Hussain 

Personal Life and Politics

He was born on 1st October, 1949 in Sheikhupura Punjab Province. He did his MA Economics from Punjab University, Lahore. He is an industrialist, economist, Law maker and politician from PML (N). He started his political carrier in 1983 as Member District council. He elected as MNA in 1985, 1990, 1997, 2008 & 2013. Rana Tanveer Hussain previously served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister/Ministry of Finance and Federal Minister for Defence Production. He again appointed as Federal Minister for Defence Production in June 2013. He is married and has one daughter. His older son died in a tragic car accident. He has two brothers, Rana Afzal Hussain and Rana Zahid Anwar. He is the son of Haji Muhammad Anwar who died in the year 2011.

List of ex-Secretaries

1Mr.Abdul Hamid SQA, TPK22.07.197230.11.1973
2Mr. Masood Hasan30.11.197301.12.1977
3Mr. Tariq Mustafa, Addl Secy Incharge01.12.197719.04.1981
4Vice Admiral Ahmed Zamir, HI(M), SJ19.04.198128.08.1982
5Mr. Abdul Majid Mufti29.08.198216.07.1985
6Maj Gen (R) Anwar Masood, A/Secretary01.08.198522.02.1986
7Mr. Tariq Mustafa, Addl Secy Incharge23.02.198612.04.1986
8Mr. Tariq Mustafa13.04.198626.06.1988
9Lt Gen (R) Talat Masood, HI(M), S Bt.26.06.198811.10.1990
10Maj Gen (R) Riaz Ahmed Chaudhari, A/Secretary12.10.199017.12.1990
11Dr. Akhtar Hasan Khan17.12.199020.05.1991
12Mr. F.I. Malik21.05.199126.12.1992
13Mr. Mazahar Rafi27.12.199228.02.1997
14Lt Gen (R) Lehrasab Khan, HI(M), SJ, SBt.01.03.199728.02.2001
15Air Marshall (R) Zahid Anis, Secretary01.03.200128.02.2005
16Lt Gen (R) Ali Muhammad Jan Orakzai01.03.200523.05.2006
17Lt Gen (R) Shahid Siddiq Tirmizey09.06.200608.06.2009
18Lt Gen (R) Israr Ahmed Ghumman09.06.200908.06.2011
19Lt Gen (R) Shahid Iqbal, HI (M)23.06.201122.06.2013
20Lt Gen (R) Tanvir Tahir, HI (M)04.07.201303.07.2015
21Lt Gen (R) Syed Muhammad Owais, HI (M)08.07.201507.07.2017
22Lt Gen (R) Muhammad Ijaz Chaudhry, HI (M) 17.07.2017 to-date

Targets Achievement

MoDP's activities and achievements remain obscure from public and media eyes due to confidentiality and sensitivity of its functions.[5]  Targets/ Achievement 

Contact List

  • Government of Pakistan
  • Ministry of defence Production
  • Fax:   0092-51-9270944, 
  •  e-Mail:
S.NoDesignationNameContacte-Mail ID
1Federal Minister for Defence ProductionRana Tanveer Hussain9270929
2PSO to MinisterMr. Mukhtar Ahmed9270928
3Secretary (DP)Lt Gen (R) Muhammad Ijaz Chaudhry HI(M)9270930,
4SO to Secretary   APS to SecretaryMaj Rizwan Zafar   Mr. Zahoor Ahmed 9270685   9270930, 561-32434
5Addl Secretary (DP)Maj Gen Tariq Ghafoor, HI (M)9273334
6PS to Addl SecretaryMuhammad Bashir9273334 
7Joint Secretary (Admin)Mr. Ehsan ur
8OSD-I/ Joint Secretary (Org)Brig M. Zakir
9OSD-II/ Joint  Secretary (FC)Cdre Naveed
10Deputy Secretary-I (Admin)Mr. Muhammad
11Deputy Secretary-II / Focal Person under the freedom of Information Ordinance 2002  Mr. Naeem Akhter  9270984
12Deputy Secretary-IIIMr. Khan
13Deputy Secretary-IVMrs. Nasira Batool
14Deputy Secretary-VRana Muhammad Yousaf9270932
15Deputy Secretary-VI Mr. Habib
16System Analyst (Computer Centre) Mr. Zareen
17Assistant Director (Media)/ PROMrs. Sidra
18Section Officer (DP-1) (General / Protocol)Mr. Waheed
19Section Officer (DP-2) (Admin)Mr. Muhammad
20Section Officer (DP-3) (Civ Budget)Mr. Ahmad Buz
21Section Officer (DP-4) (Coord)Syed Zulfiqar
22Section Officer (DP-5) (DAC/PAC)Syed Arif Hussain
23Section Officer (DP-6) (Council)Mr. Muhammad
24Section Officer (DP-7)             (POF Board) Mr. Muhammad
25Section Officer (DP-8)  (HIT Board)
26Section Officer (DP-9) (DGMP)Mr. Shoukat
27Section Officer (DP-10) (KSEW & NRTC)Mr. Mumtaz Ali
28Section Officer (DP-11) (Def
29Section Officer (DP-12) (Def BudgetMr. Basharat Ali
30Section Officer (DP-13) (FC-1 PACB)
31Section Officer  (DP-14) (FC-2)
32Section Officer (DP-15) (Export/ DEPO/ Exhibitions)Mr. Suhail
33Section Officer (DP-16) (FC)Rana Zulfiqar Ahmad9270935-
34Section Officer (DP-17) (FC)Mr. Amir
35    Section Officer                               (DP-18) (FC)Mr. Muzaffar Iqbal       9271078     -
36Security Officer-I GSO-I 9271102 -
37Security Officer-II -9273219-
38OC FS Team -9271540 9270994 -
39CR Section/ Night Duty Clerk-9270943 -

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