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The Ministry of Defence (Urdu: وزارت دفاع‎, abbreviated as MoD) in Pakistan is a Cabinet-level federal ministry. The MoD plays a major supporting role to the Pakistan Armed Forces in drawing up and administering the defence budget, as well as managing personnel matters (including pay and benefits), the defence estate and legal issues. It is also tasked with coordinating with a range of domestic, foreign and inter-governmental bodies on a range of related matters.
  • Details
  • Formed :

    August 14, 1947 69 years ago

  • In Urdu:

    (وزارت دفاع (پاکستان

  • Jurisdiction:


  • Headquarters:

    Calcutta House, Rawalpindi, Punjab Province

  • Ministry of Defence Email:

  • Secretary Defence:

    Lieutenant General (Retd) Zamir Ul Hassan Shah

  • Address:

  • Type:


  • Employees:

    Unknown Civilians ,617,000 (active duty military) 550,000 (reserve)

  • Active Duty Military:


  • Reserve:


  • Senior Private Secretary to Secreatry Defence :

    Ghulam Sarwar

  • Senior Private Secretary to Minister :

    Muhammad Ismail

  • Annual Budget:

    PKR Rs. 860 billion (2016–17)

  • Ministry Executives:

    Khawaja Asif MNA-110, Minister

  • Secretary :

    Lt. Gen Zamir Ul Hassan Shah HI(M)(Retd)

  • SO D-1 :

    Muhammad Anwar

  • Private Secretary to AS-I:

    Muhammad Hanif

  • Child Agencies:

    Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee

  • Pakistan Army:

    Army Command

  • Pakistan Navy:

    Navy Command

  • Pakistan Air Force:

    Airforce Command

  • Inter-Services Intelligenc:


  • Website:

Ministry Overview

Deals with all policy and administrative matters pertaining to all the armed forces engaged in the defence of the country. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for policy and administrative matters pertaining to the Defence of the Federation and three Armed Forces. Please visit the web site of the Defence Division for a more comprehensive and detailed information about its Policies, Publications, Information and Services, Forms, Tenders, Jobs, News & Press Releases, and Related Links.[1]  Ministry Overview 


Ministry Of Defence
Ministry Of Defence
The Defence Division is responsible for policy and administrative matters pertaining to the Defense of the Federation and three Armed Forces. The responsibility in respect of Inter-national negotiation, agreements and purchases of Defence equipment along with allied accessories are also being handled by this Division. This Division has eight Attached Departments and three Autonomous Bodies.[2]  Introduction 

Function of Defence Division as per Rules of Business 1973

Defence of the Federation or any part there of in peace or war including:-
  1.  Army, naval and air forces of the Federation and any other armed forces raised or maintained by the Federation; any armed forces which is not part of forces of the Federation but are attached to or operating with any of the armed forces of the Federation.
  2. Army, naval and air force works; and
  3. Deleted vide Cabinet Division O.M.No.104/17/86-Min-1, dated 17.4.1988.
  4. Civilian employees paid from the Defense estimates.
  5. Defence matters pertaining to treaties and agreements with other Government except those relating to purchase of stores; and
  6. Matters regarding military assistance to foreign countries.
  7. Stores and stationary for the Defence Services, other than those dealt with by the Defence Production Division.
  8. Administrative control of Northern Light Infantry; and
  9. Administration of National Guards.
  10. International Red Cross and Geneva Conventions in so far as they effect belligerents.
  11. Military Awards and decorations.
  12. Welfare and ex-servicemen.
  13. Cantonment areas including-
  14. Acquisition of requisitioning of property for Defence Services; imposition of restrictions upon the use of lands in the vicinity of such property and of works of Defence.
  15. Pardons, reprieves and respites, etc. of all personnel belonging to the Armed Forces.
  16. Survey of Pakistan.
  17. Administrative and budgetary control of Federal Government Educational Institutions (Cantonments / Garrisons) directorate and its Institutions.
  18. Administration of Military Lands and Cantonments Groups.
  19. National Maritime Policy.
  • Matters relating to security of resources of the Maritime Zones of Pakistan Including protection of Human life and property. Maritime Security Agency (MSA). 
  • National Coordination of maritime activities.  
  • National Maritime   Maritime surveys and elimination of dangers of navigation.
  • Promotion of Maritime disciplines.

About Us

Minister of Defence

Minister of Defence
Minister of Defence
  1. Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan MNA  took oath as Pakistan’s thirty-second Minister for Defence on August 4, 2017.
  2. Before assuming his current office, Khurram Dastgir Khan served as Minister for Commerce, Chairman Privatization Commission, and Chairman Federal Textile Board. As Minister of State he held portfolios of Commerce & Textile Industry, Privatization, and Science & Technology.
  3. As Commerce Minister, he revitalized Pakistan’s trade diplomacy and led the successful campaign to obtain GSP+ trade preferences from the European Union and spearheaded vital negotiations to normalize Pakistan’s regional trade.
  4. Minster Khan revived Pakistan’s pursuit of global market access and energized the nation’s engagement at Work Trade Organization (WTO) and other multilateral fora. He was one of the principal sponsors of the initiative “Friends of E-Commerce for Development” at WTO and directed negotiations for free trade agreements with Turkey and Thailand. 
  5. In his leadership, the Ministry of Commerce launched Strategic Trade Policy Framework          2015-18, revamped national trade defence laws, managed Pakistan’s accession to TIR convention, and successfully concluded institutional reforms of the Ministry itself as well as its attached departments. He initiated pioneering legislation on Geographical Indication and on E-Commerce.
  6. He has substantive experience as the Pakistan co-chair for Joint Ministerial Commissions and Joint Trade Commissions with numerous partner countries.
  7. During 2013-17, Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan held the additional responsibility of parliamentary business of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  8. Trained as an engineer at California Institute of Technology, Minister Khan also holds a degree in Economics from Bowdoin College; both in the United States. He is a Life Member of Pakistan Engineering Council.
  9. Khurram Dastgir Khan was elected from his native city of Gujranwala to the National assembly of Pakistan in 2008 and re-elected in 2013.
  10. During the 2008-13 Parliament, he earned distinction as Chair of National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Commerce and as a member of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir as well as of the Public Accounts Committee.
  11. He also served on Finance Committee of the National Assembly, Special Committee on Threats to Journalists, and the Standing Committee respectively on National Regulation & Services and on Millennium Development Goals.
  12. Affiliated with Pakistan Muslim League-N political party, Khurram Dastgir Khan has served as national office-bearer in leadership positions within his party. He served as Special Assistant to Prime Minister in 1999.[3] Ministry of Defence


  1. The MoD is located at "Calcutta House" in Rawalpindi. Other related top-level head offices based in Rawalpindi include the Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP), Joint Staff HQ (JSHQ) and the Army's General Headquarters (GHQ). Air Headquarters (AHQ) and the Naval Headquarters (NHQ) are located in Islamabad.
  2. Following independence in August 1947 the MoD was based in the newly established capital, Karachi. However, in December 1959 the Ministry of Defence shifted along with the rest of the Pakistani government to the temporary capital of Rawalpindi while plans for Islamabad were drawn up by then-General Ayub Khan's military government. The proximity to GHQ in Rawalpindi played a major role in the decision to relocate the capital.
  3. In March 1972, President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in response to criticism over the difficulties in inter-service coordination in previous wars decreed that all service HQs were to move to Islamabad. The Navy was the first to comply, with NHQ moving from Karachi to Islamabad 1974, while Air HQ moved from Peshawar to an adjoining sector in Islamabad in 1983.
  4. Following two failed assassination attempts in Rawalpindi, President Pervez Musharraf mooted plans in 2004 for GHQ, JSHQ, MoD and MoDP to finally follow suit with the construction in Islamabad of a massive new Pentagon-style integrated complex to house both ministries and the four service HQs,but this was subsequently cancelled in 2008 on cost grounds following Musharraf's forced resignation.[4]  Location 

Secretary Defence

Secretary of Defence
Secretary of Defence
Lieutenant General (Retd) Zamir Ul Hassan Shah was commissioned in Army Air Defence in October 1980. He is a graduate of Command and Staff College Quetta, National Defence University Islamabad, Air Defence Force Institute Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Royal War College Jordan. He holds Masters Degree from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad and Mauta University Jordan. He has served on a number of Command, Staff and Instructional appointments; to include General Staff Officer Grade-1 Military Operations Directorate and Chief of Staff Army Air Defence Command. He has commanded an Air Defence Regiment, Air Defence Brigade, Air Defence Division and Army Air Defence Command. He has remained on the faculty of Command and Staff College Quetta and National Defence University Islamabad. He was also part of the team which established War College at Saudi Arabia in 2007. He has served on prestigious appointment of Adjutant General Pakistan Army.In recognition of his excellent professional services, he has been conferred with the high award of Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Military). He was appointed as Secretary Ministry of Defence Government of Pakistan with effect from 25 August 2016.[5]  Secretary Defence 
  • Phone: 9271114 
  • Fax: 9271115 

Policies and Plans

  1. RULES OF BUSINESS, 1973 (As amended upto 22nd July, 2016)
  2. Telephone Policy
  3. Rules /Policy For Monetization of Transport Facility For Civil Servants (BS-20 TO BS-22)
  4. Salaries, Allowances and Privileges ACT, 1975
  5. Internet and email Policy
  6. Instructions on Visit Abroad
  7. Honour & Awards Policy
  8. Rules for the Use of Staff Car 1980
  9. Car Monetization Allowance
  10. Procedure for the Acceptance and Disposal of Gifts
  11. Assistance Package for families of Government Employees who die in Service
  12. Civil Servant (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer) Rules, 1973
  13. Civil Servants (Confirmation) Rules, 1993
  14. Clarification regarding General Age Relaxation
  15. Government Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules, 1973
  16. Esta code
  17. Civil Servants Act, 1973 (Act No.LXXI of 1973)
  18. Office Memorandum Jan, 1983
  19. Office Memorandum April, 1983


  1. Federal Government Education Institutions (C/G):
  2. Inter Services Public Relations:
  3. Inter Services Selection Board:
  4. National Defence University:
  5. Pakistan Air Force:
  6. Pakistan armed services board:
  7. Pakistan Army:
  8. Pakistan Maritime Security Agency:
  9. Pakistan Military Accounts Deptt:
  10. Pakistan Navy:
  11. Survey of Pakistan:


Amended SRO 281:Amended SRO 281 Year Book 2010 - 2011, Defence Division:Ministry of Defence[6]  Publications Year book 2014-2015:Ministry of Defense

Contact List

Ministry of Defence

Defence MinisterEngr Khurram Dastgir Khan          9271107,  92711089221596
Senior Private Secretary to MinisterMuhammad Ismail9271173 -
PROSidra Hussain9271139 -
SecretaryLt. Gen Zamir Ul Hassan Shah HI(M)(Retd)92711149271115
PSO to Secretary DefenceCol Sher Ahmad Khan9271425, 56133610 -
Senior Private Secretary  to Secreatry DefenceGhulam Sarwar9271426 -
AS-I (Army)Maj Gen Muhammad Abid Nazir **92711179271432
Private Secretary to AS-IMuhammad Hanif  -
AS-II (PAF)AVM Hamid Rashid Randhawa SI(M)**92711189271118
PS to AS-IISajjad Hussain56131039 -
AS-III (Navy)Rear Admiral Faisal Rasul Lodhi, SI (M)**92711199271119
PS to AS-III Shahid Raza khan56132093 -
JOINT SECRETARY-IFarooq Hassan9271428, 561302409271428
SNR JOINT SECRETARY-IIIMuhammad Younis Khan9271429 -
SNR JOINT SECRETARY-VIIMukarram Dad9271443 -
JOINT SECRETARY-VAbdul Saboor Nizamani927112056130304
JOINT SECRETARY-IIMasood Hussain92711239271123
JOINT SECRETARY-IVMir Hassan Naqvi9271121, 561304849271121
DEPUTY SECRETARY ARMY-AMuhammad Hayat9271127 -
DEPUTY SECRETARY ARMY-BWajid Ali Khan9271445 -
DEPUTY SECRETARY PACZabihullah Khattak9271136 -
DEPUTY SECRETARY PAFWaqar Ahmad Paul9271124 -
DEPUTY SECRETARY ADMIN Ch Mumtaz Ahmad9272947 -
DEPUTY SECRETARY NAVYKhalid Pervaiz9271131 -
DY CHIEFFiaz Hussain9271436 -
DEPUTY SECRETARY IS-A Muzaffar Saleem9271444 -
DEPUTY SECRETARY IS-Bvacant9271129 -
Dy Chief ProtocolLt Col Ijaz Elahi9271137 -
SO D-1Muhammad Anwar9271433 -
SO D-2Maj (R) Abdul Hameed9271144 -
SO D-3Muhammad Saeed9271140 -
SO D-24Abdul Majeed9272949 -
SECTION OFFICER D-4Zahir Shah9271142 -
SECTION OFFICER D-5M.Nasrullah9272953 -
SECTION OFFICER D-6Azeem Sarvar9272952 -
SECTION OFFICER D-12Asghar  Ali Mayo9271450 -
SECTION OFFICER D-34Asad Naeem9271141 -
DIRECTOR LegalCol Falak Naz9271153, 56133284 -
SECTION OFFICER P&D / ITTahir Pervez9272956 -
SECTION OFFICER D-7 Fahad Suliman9272958 -
SECTION OFFICER D-20Rasheed Shaikh9271147 -
SECTION OFFICER D-30Bilal Ahmad Awan9273394 -
SECTION OFFICER D-23Amir Sultan9271148 -
SECTION OFFICER D-18 Arshad jadoon9271439 -
SECTION OFFICER PP&R            Omer9272957 -
SECTION OFFICER D-31Muhammad Afzal9271447 -
Record OFFRVacant - -
SECTION OFFICER D-9Usman Anwar Goraya9271143 -
SECTION OFFICER D-10Sajjad Ihsan Khan9271449 -
SECTION OFFICER D-13Ghulam Mujtaba9270820 -
SECTION OFFICER D-26Asif Mehmood9271150 -
SECTION OFFICER D-27Shabir Hussain9271427 -
SECTION OFFICER D-32Hafeezullah Memon9271431 -
F&AOMushtaq Ahmad9271177 -
Security OffrSqn Ldr Arshad Ali9271152 -
A/Chief - - -
RESEARCH OFFICERMuhammad Ali Khan9273634 -
SECTION OFFICER D-21Atiqur Rehman9271451 -
SECTION OFFICER D-38Ghulam Farid9270821 -
SECTION OFFICER D-39Khalid Javed - -
SECTION OFFICER D-8Sohail Rasheed9271448 -
SECTION OFFICER D-11Muhammad Altaf9271146 -
SECTION OFFICER D-14Nazish Sami9271146 -
SECTION OFFICER D-22Afsar Khan9272954 -
SECTION OFFICER M-IAbdur Rahim9271185 -
SECTION OFFICER M-IIvacant9271442 -
SECTION OFFICER D-15Muhammad Waheed9271151 -
SECTION OFFICER D-16Nazish Amjad9271437 -
SECTION OFFICER D-25 -56130788 -
SECTION OFFICER D-28 -9272955 -
SECTION OFFICER D-17Vacant9271438 -
SECTION OFFICER D-35Waleed Ayub khan9271154 -
SECTION OFFICER D-36Muhammad Nasir9271175 -

Ministry of Defense.


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