List of Rawalpindi & Islamabad Cinemas
List of Rawalpindi & Islamabad Cinemas

Are you planning for watching movie on weekend. Great! I listed down cinemas in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. There are also other cinemas like Ceros Cinema located at Saddar and one more PAF cinema at chadni Chowk , Rawal Road, Pindi. I think these two cinemas are not good place for family, no doubt tickets are very cheap , you can watch movie just in Rs. 100/- but the environment is so bad.[1] List of 4best cinemas in pindi/Islamabad

In Urdu:راولپنڈی اور اسلام آباد سینماز کی فہرست
Location:Location of cinegold cinema is Phase 7, Bharia Town, Rawalpindi
Rawalpindi & Islamabad Cinema:Shaheen Auditorium,Moti Mahal Theatre, KTE XD Cinema ,Capital Cinema,Cinepax,Khurshid Cinema,New Rocky Music Center,Naz Cinema Stop,The Centaurus Cineplex,Shabistan Cinema,Odeon Cinema,Moti Mehal Cinema,JFC Cineplex,Rose Cinema, Cinegold Plex, Ciros Cinema, Cinepax,The Arena, Novelty Cinema,
Website:Website cinegold cinema
Theaters:Movie theater chains
Islamabad:The Centaurus Cineplex Islamabad Club JFC Cineplex, DHA
Rawalpindi:CineGold Plex, Bahria Town Cinepax, Jinnah Park
Theaters :Movie theater chains
Industry by Province :Punjab Azad Kashmir Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sindh Balochistan
Industry by City :Karachi Lahore
Organization :Pakistani Academy Selection Committee Pakistan Advertisers Society National Academy of Performing Arts (Pakistan)
Areena Cinema Tickets Price:3D Glasses (one time cost) 200
CineGold Tickets Price:3D Glasses: Rs. 150
Cinepax:Address: GIGA MALL, Hyperstar, WTC, Islamabad
The Centaurus Cineplex:Located in: Centaurus Mall
Moti Mehal Cinema :Address: 279 R.A.Bazar Rd, Rawalpindi 46000
Novelty Cinema Address:New Mohanpura, Ratta Amral, Rawalpindi, Punjab
Arena Cinema Address:Rd A, Rawalpindi 46000

List of Pindi CinemaFour Best Cinemas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi 2Plaza Cinema in PindiList of Pindi CinemaCinepex

List In Rawalpindi Cinemas


Cinegold Plex


  1. Address: Main Boulevard, Garden City, between Phase 7 & 8, Expressway, Rawalpindi 46000
  2. Phone: (051) 5706442

Ciros Cinema


  1. Address: Haider Rd, Rawalpindi 46000



  1. Address: Airport Rd, Rawalpindi 46000
  2. Phone: (051) 111 246 372

The Arena


  1. Address: Rd A, Rawalpindi 46000
  2. Phone: (051) 5731901

Novelty Cinema


  1. Address: New Mohanpura, Ratta Amral, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  2. Phone: (051) 5772316

Rose Cinema


  1. Address: Fawara Chowk, Ratta Amral, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  2. Phone: (051) 5773588

JFC Cineplex


  1. Address: Club Avenue, Sector E, Phase 2, DHA، Islamabad
  2. Phone: (051) 2311001

Moti Mehal Cinema


  1. Address: 279 R.A.Bazar Rd, Rawalpindi 46000

Odeon Cinema


  1. State-of-the-art chain cinema for blockbusters in 2-D or 3-D format, plus family and student deals.
  2. Address: Peshawar Rd, Rawalpindi 46000

Shabistan Cinema


  1. Address: Rawalpindi 46000

The Centaurus Cineplex


  1. Located in: Centaurus Mall
  2. Address: 4th Floor، The Centaurus Mall، Jinnah Avenue، Islamabad
  3. Phone: (051) 111 626 384

Naz Cinema Stop


  1. Address: Murree Rd, Rawalpindi 46000
  2. Phone: 0316 5888747

New Rocky Music Center


  1. Address: Shop No 3, Kandan Marriage Hall, Hayat Baksh Plaza, Committee Chowk, Rawalpindi, Benazir Bhutto Rd, Rawalpindi
  2. Phone: (051) 2509003

Khurshid Cinema


  1. Address: Raja Bazar, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  2. Phone: (051) 5771955



  1. Address: GIGA MALL, Hyperstar, WTC, Islamabad
  2. Phone: (051) 111 346 272

Capital Cinema


  1. Address: Police Station Rd, Rawalpindi 46000
  2. Hours: Open today · 12AM–12PM, 2PM–12AM

Shaheen Auditorium


  1. Address: Rawal Rd, PAF Base, Chaklala, Rawalpindi, Punjab
  2. Phone: (051) 5591727

Moti Mahal Theatre


  1. Address: Marhir Hasan, Rawalpindi, Punjab

KTE XD Cinema


  1. Address: 7 College Rd, Islamabad
  2. Phone: (051) 2656650



  1. Rates:
  2. 2D Movies  Rs. 500 per person
  3. 3D Movies  Rs. 600 per person
  4. 3D Glasses: Rs. 200
  5. Website:
  6. Phone:  (051) 2701420  7
  7. Location: 4th Floor, Centaurus Mall, The Centaurus, Islamabad.
  8. Snap at Food court beside the cineplex, Islamabad

The Areena Cinema

The Arena Cinema Bahria Islamabad

The Arena Cinema is Located in Phase 4, Bahria Town Rawalpind which is extension to Bahria Town Facilities. The Arena has a state-of-the-art screen with amazing sound to give you the best entertainment experience. The detailing and finishing of the cinema is remarkable. Large embossed glass doors lead visitors inside. As people wait for the show, they can relax on cushy lounge-esque seating. Thick carpeted stairs lead one to the cinema, which has a total of 260 seats with two VIP lounges. It offers 2D and 3D movies with extremely comfortable seats with folding table . It is unique cinemas who have maintained international standards. Its unique blend of the latest high-tech equipment combined with extreme luxury. All together it is set up in a very tasteful and classy manner which distinguishes it from others. All kind of movies are being played at Arena, from Lollywood to Bollywood & Hollywood and are released on the same dates as international release dates. Tasty treats and drinks complete the cinema experience. The atmosphere will leave you wanting more every time you watch a movie there. It is not just a movie theater but a complete entertainment facility of fun & games for the entire family. [2] Arena Cinema

Ticket Rate


  1. 2D Movie (Weekdays) 400
  2. 2D Movie (Weekends) 500
  3. 3D Movie (All Days) 500
  4. 3D Glasses (one time cost) 200
  5. Phone: +92-51-5731901 , +92-51-5731902 ,+92-51-5731903
  6. Location: THE ARENA  Street A, Phase IV, Bahria Town, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  7. The Areena Bharia Town Front View of The Areena A click at The Areena Washroom


Cine gold cinema in Rawalpindi

  1. 3D Glasses: Rs. 150
  2. 3D Show: Rs. 850
  3. Website: ( Lahore based cinema website, soon Rawalpindi project will also added into the site)
  4. Location: Phase 7, Bharia Town, Rawalpindi
  5. One click at Cine Gold while i am sitting at lounge awaiting of midnight show click at cinegold Washroom


List of Pindi Cinema

Kachehri Road,
Rawalpindi Pakistan
UAN: 111-CINEPAX (246 372)
Ticket Prices
Normal seats:500PKR
Recliner seats:700PKR

Centaurus Cineplex

Raees Movies in Pindi CinemaX-men Cinema in Pindi Cinema

Centaurus Cineplex stands out to be one of the top cinemas of Pakistan. If we talk about the cinema it’s one of the top 3D cinemas across Pakistan. Looking at the cinema’s location, its right in the center of the heart of the federal capital Islamabad! Centaurus mall, the biggest attraction in Islamabad has been purpose built with all entertainment outlets in form of food court, shopping arena, top brands and a cinema in form of centaurus cinepax. The cinema has throughout the hours show with all movie genres available for the movie geeks, ranging from Bollywood, Hollywood and Lollywood.
What mainly matters about a cinema is the screen and the system installed in it. This very place has the most amazing 2D as well as 3D experience. The screen is huge and the display of it remains the same no matter what seat you’re sitting on. The best part about the cinema stands out to be the sound system which is Dolby digital sound powered. If we look into the cinema general from the capacity point of view its Pakistan’s biggest multiplex with 5 different screens in it. The total sitting capacity of the cinema is 700. The cinema is the pioneer when it comes to providing the option of a platinum screen as well the facility of the lounge.

Another major attraction at any cinema is the quality of munching’s available. Yes, people want quality snacks which they can consume with the film. The cinema has the best tasting fries, pop corns and burgers available. The nachos taste really scrumptious. Anyone going for a movie definitely wants to have really good eatables available at the cinema because good time calls for quality munching.

The 2D movie at the cinema costs Rs. 500 while the 3D film has a ticket priced at Rs. 600. The 3D glasses cost Rs.200 which is reusable on any next visit. The cinema is in the heart of the city and has been loaded with the best of the technology for a cinema and has the most updated facilities a cinema should have.

So wait no more! Gets your centaurus cinepax tickets right now because they’ve got your favorite films playing right now. Need your tickets on your doorsteps Don’t feel like going to centurus Cineplex? Book your tickets using application and website. Get to know about other cinemas and centaurus cineplax movie timings on the website and get your movie ticket on your doorstep making the trip a much more complete package.[3] Centaurus cineplax

  • Call Now: 0313-7786888

JFC Cineplex

Best Cinema inIslamabad

JFC Cineplex is conveniently located in Sector E, Phase II, DHA Islamabad. We now introduce a perfect Cinema Experience for the residents of DHA and Twin Cities in the most serene and secure environment of DHA. The Cinema is equipped with state of the art equipment and amenities including the world best BARCO 2D/3D Projection and JBL 4K Sound System with 2 x Screens (13x32ft). Complemented with Bowling Alley, Food Court and Children Fun Area along with Lounges and Concession Areas the venue provides excellent environment for your comfort, pleasure and fun.[4] JFC Cineplex

For Booking

For bookings please call
JFC Manager Cinema
+92 323 5511188
+92 51 231100-6 Extn : 2661
Reservation and Ticketing
+92 51 2311001-6 Extn : 2660
JFC Sales & Marketing Office
Club Avenue, Sector E, Phase II, P.O. 1531, DHA Islamabad
UAN: +92 51 111-JFC-DHA(532-342) Extn 2624, Fax: +92 51 2311008.

Islamabad Club

Islamabad Club is an exclusive club whose membership comprises government officials, diplomats and the elite of Islamabad. Spread over an area of 346 acres, the club is located in the vicinity of Rawal Lake. The diplomatic enclave and government offices are nearby.

Main Building

The main club building houses the Reception, Lobby, Main Lounge, Coffee Shop, Main Dining Hall, two Private Dining Rooms, Multi purpose Hall and a multi purpose Auditorium on the ground floor. The basement houses the Bridge Room, Billiard Room, Library, Banquet Room, Family Dining Hall and a Spacious Lawn. There are thirty eight fully furnished guest rooms on the first and second floors. The guest rooms have a full view of the beautiful surroundings.[5] Islamabad

Sports Facilities

Club has a full range of sport facilities including Tennis courts, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, state of the art gymnasium, squash courts, badminton courts, a riding club, and a twenty seven hole golf course.

Poolside Building

The poolside building; surrounded by the golf course, the swimming pool, the dry garden and the back lawn; houses the club café, two conference rooms and a business center.

Shopping Arcade

Shopping arcade consists of a pastry shop, barbershop and bookstore.


The club has a spacious car parking area where the lanes and bays have been numbered for easy location. The cars are parked at owners risk. However, a security guard is always on duty. Valet service is available.
Now our state of the art 3D Cinema enables you to view the latest movies right here in Islamabad Club. With luxurious seating and irresistible snacks for you to munch on, you can enjoy premium movie screening-just like you would at home [6]Islamabad

Contact Information

Main Murree Road, Islamabad Club, Islamabad
Phone:0092 51 9046354, 9046351, 9046000

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