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2017-04-12 05:03:13List Of Karachi Cinemas
The history of world movies goes back to the end of the 1800’s. It is now more than 200 years that the world of cinema has had the chance to develop through many experiments and innovations. Technology has been one of the major contributing factors to the development of world cinema. From the very start of world cinema the hearts of millions have been captured by its magic.
The world cinema journey began in silence. Movies were created without sound as the technology of sound was not available at the beginning. A device did not exist that could synchronise sound with the picture. Cinema remained silent for the first thirty years until sound technology was developed late in the 1920’s.
The world of cinema was quite unorganised in the first ten years of its life although gradually over a short time the industry established itself. Movies that contained one shot and produced by just one person began to be taken over by movies that were a few minutes long, had various scenes and were produced by larger companies with professional methods.[1] Cinema About
Probably the most successful movie making company was in the USA. They had the largest production group until 1900. This company produced a lot of peep show kind of movies which was done with the help of a machine called Mutoscope. France was the next country to show it’s calibre in the world cinema field. France was home to one of the first companies to shoot scenes for a movie outside of the studio and they also sent cameramen to shoot films all over the world. The biggest producer in France was Georges Meilies who started to use trick effects in 1898.
The first camera used in movies were tied or fixed to a tripod. All the early movie cameras were completely fixed whilst taking film shots. Camera movements were done by mounting the movie camera onto a moving vehicle.
The history of world cinema has undergone a long course of research, creation and application of new techniques. Numerous methods have been tested and applied to give film making a place in the finest of performing arts across the globe.[2] Karachi Cinema History
  • Information
  • Details
  • Founded:

    30 August 2013[Nueplex Cinema]

  • [Nueplex Cinema] Type:

    2D & 3D

  • [Nueplex Cinema] Capacity :

    1200 seats

  • [Nueplex Cinema] Architect:

    Mesbur Smith

  • [Nueplex Cinema] Address:

    The Place, Khayaban-e-Shaheen, Phase-VIII, DHA Karachi Pakistan

  • Atrium Cinema Opened:

    31 December 2010

  • [Atrium Cinema] Owner:

    Nadeem H. Mandviwalla

  • [Atrium Cinema] Operator:

    Mandviwalla Entertainment

  • [Atrium Cinema] Address:

    Atrium Cinemas, 3rd Floor, Atrium Mall, 249 Staff Lines, Zaibunnisa Street, Saddar Karachi Pakistan

  • [Mega Multiplex Cinema] Address :

    Millennium Mall, Rashid Minhas Rd, Karachi

  • [Mega Multiplex Cinema] Phone:

    +92 21 34596616

  • [Cinepax] Address:

    4th Floor, Ocean Tower, 2 Swords, Clifton, Karachi

  • [Cinepax] Phone:

    +92 21 35212357

  • Bambino Cinema Opened:


  • [Bambino Cinema] Type:

    Movie theater

  • [Bambino Cinema] Owner:

    Sheikh Kashif Imtiaz

  • [Bambino Cinema] Architect:

    Naqvi & Siddiqui Associates

  • [Bambino Cinema] Address:

    Bambino Cinema, Garden Rd, Saddar Town, Karachi, Sindh

  • 4D Cinema Type:

    Movie theater

  • [4D Cinema] Address:

    University Rd, Karachi

  • [4D Cinema] Phone:

    +92 336 3048892

  • Cinepax City Auditorium Type:

    Movie theater

  • [Cinepax City Auditorium] Address:

    Ayesha Manzil, Shahrah-e-Pakistan, Karachi

  • [Cinepax City Auditorium] Phone:

    +92 21 111 246 372

  • Capri Cinema Type:

    Movie theater

  • [Capri Cinema Type] Address:


  • [Capri Cinema Type] Phone:

    +92 300 5005284

  • Total Number of Cinemas:


  • Name:

    List of Karachi Cinemas

  • In Urdu:

    کراچی سنیما کی فہرست

  • Location:


Cinemas in Karachi

Talking about cinemas in Karachi had its golden days in 1960s when some of the cinema houses were located in Karachi, making the film for a large and working class population. The movie viewership is still among the young and old karachities. However the interest has shifted towards Hollywood and Bollywood Movies. Watching movies with friends and family is the most enjoyable time. Unlike other cities in Pakistan Karachi have few cinemas, some of which have been around for decades.[3]  Cinemas in Karachi 

Major Cinemas In Karachi

  1. Atrium Cinemas
  2. The Place - Nueplex Cinemas
  3. Bambino Cinema
  4. Mega Multiplex Cinema
  5. Capri Cinema
  6. 4D Cinema
  7. Cinepax City Auditorium
  8. Cinepax
  9. Shabana Cinema
  10. Sangam Cinema
  11. Nafees Cinema
  12. Cinegold Plex Cinema
  13. Delight Cinema
  14. Saba Cinema
  15. Gulistan Talkies
  16. Parcokar
  17. Zeenat Cinema
  18. Regal Trade Center Ex Regal Cinema
  19. Naz Cinema
  20. Afshan Cinema 

Nueplex Cinema

Housed on the second floor of The Place is the completely first of its kind, built from the ground up and designed by world renowned cinema Architects Mesbur & Smith of Canada, the cutting edge, the state of art cinema complex, Nueplex Cinemas. Comprising 5 theaters, totaling 1100 seats and home to the 3 largest silver screens in Pakistan, Nueplex Cinemas is set to change the face of the Pakistani cinema business forever. Boasting top end 4K Digital projection systems custom designed by Christie Digital Canada, Nueplex Cinemas has been outfitted by Asia's top cinema integration company, Eugenetek Corporation and is the crowning achievement of years of planning and implementation. Boasting the latest 3D technology, custom designed sound systems and complete digital control of all theater functions, Nueplex is years ahead of any other cinema nationwide. Nueplex Cinemas will bring about a revolution in the way films are viewed and enjoyed, it will create an immersive digital 2D and 3D experience complemented by 10,000 watt sound systems and automated screen systems designed by the top European and American manufacturers. The theaters posses the first custom designed theater acoustics in Pakistan that have been designed by world beating acoustic designers, Valcoustics, Canada.No expense or effort has been spared in ensuring the comfort of patrons. The seats are custom made and our gold class cinema has its own waiting lounge and leather recliners with attendants on call. The Nueplex experience is a one of a kind experience. From the grandeur of our expansive cinemas 1, 2 and 3, to the intimacy of cinema 4 and the luxury of the gold class cinema, Nueplex is one of a kind and will be for years to come. It is the first true Digital Mutliplex experience in Pakistan.Nueplex Cinemas will not only change the cinema business, it will have far reaching effects on the film and media business of Pakistan. Being at the pinnacle of technology, design and art, Nueplex Cinemas will be the standard by which all visual and aural presentation is judged. Our mission is simple, to provide the most amazing cinema experience in the world right here in Karachi. Nueplex Cinemas is a revolution, an ambitious and challenging idea bought to life and a film lover's paradise, the entertainment capital of Karachi, Pakistan.
  Name Of City  Karachi
 Location Khayaban-e-Shaheen DHA Phase 8
 Phone NO     +92 021 111 683 683
 Official Website
 Email Address
 Cinema Timing   10am to till late night
 Ticket Reservation   +92 21 111 683 683
 Halls  3 largest Halls
 Sitting capacity   1200 seats
 2D Ticket Price   Rs600 per person
 3D Movie Ticket Price  Rs 700 +3D Glasses Charages

Atrium Cinema

The first 3D Cinema in Karachi, Atrium, has been a runaway success ever since it opened. Due to its prime location it is convenient for both Defence / Clifton and the KDA side of town  to make  Atrium as premium choice when they plan to watch movie. Atrium has roomy seats and large screens. It has excellent 3D, a great ambience. Last but not least, it has the best popcorn in town. Atrium Cinemas, has presented the newest D-cinema or Digital Cinema technology with 3D capability in Pakistan along with offering the persons behind this altruistic project.[4] Atrium Cinema About
Name Of City  Atrium Cinemas In Karachi
Location  249 Staff Lines, Ghazanfar Ali Rd, Saddar, Near Avari Tower
Phone NO  +92 21 111 626 384
Official Website
Email Address Info@mecinemas
Cinema Timing 10:00am to 12:pm
Ticket Reservation  +92 21 111 626 384
Halls Largest Hall
Sitting Capacity 370
2D Ticket Price PKR 500
3D Ticket Price PKR 750

Mega Multiplex Cinema

It is beyond doubt that our incredible Mega Multiplex Cinemas are the second name of comfort, entertainment and luxury. We strive to provide you sublime services and convenient online booking so that you can have an exquisite experience with us. We aim at indulging you in a cinema where movie seems real and worth watching. The comfy chairs, delectable eatables and extraordinary sound system would leave you mesmerized. Our air conditioned cinemas are opulent and lavishing thus delivering an incomparable state of relaxation.[5] Mega Multiplex Cinema About
Name Of CityKarachi
LocationMillinium Mall, Top Floor, Main Rashid Minhas Road
Phone NO   +92 21 34596616
Official Website
Email Address
Cinema Timing 10:45 am to till late night
Ticket Reservation +92 21 34596616
Halls Two VIP Halls
Sitting capacity 250 seats each halls
2D Ticket Price Rs650/- per person
3D Movie Ticket Price Rs 850/- per person

Universe Cineplex

UNIVERSE CINEPLEX was founded in September 2003. It is a modern state of the art Cineplex, housings five CINEMAS, with an expansive lobby catering to families & couples only. The facility has been designed to cater specially to families who have shied away from going to present & existing cinemas in Karachi. UNIVERSE CINEPLEX is located on the prestigious beach avenue, right across the Arabian ocean in Phase VI of Defence Society. The facility has been designed by overseas interior planners & designers and all aspect of modern cinemas i.e. proper seating, air-conditioning, projection, sound equipments have been installed. UNIVERSE CINEPLEX is a direct overseas investment & is designed & destined to develop as a chain in Pakistan shall be offering other venues in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore & other cities of Pakistan. Our staff is courteous, Bilingual, speak English & Urdu. Security provision is something we take pride in.[6] Universe Cineplex cinema About
 Address 55-C, Khayaban-e-Muslim, Phase VI, DHA, Karachi.
 Phone No +92 21 35840996, 35840997, 35846604

Capri Cinema

Capri Cinema is one of the oldest cinemas of Pakistan which was designed to enjoy quality time with friends and family. It is located in the old area of Saddar at M. A. Jinnah Road, Gazdarabad, Karachi as this area is known as the central business district of Karachi. Capri Cinema has big screen with inexpensive tickets which is affordable for everyone to enjoy movies at a low price. Capri cinema is clean and maintained as it has Parking Lot also. Mostly scenes from the movies are painted in the most vivid detail on the large billboards at Capri cinema and the boards are covered in sheets for advertising the movie. Capri cinema is known Cinema is known for its largest seating capacity of all the cinemas in Karachi as the cinema has big lobby and halls. Capri cinema provides a wide range of variety of Pashto, Punjabi and Urdu language films as well as the Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters. Cinema has air conditioned environment with big projector screens  and good sound system.[7] Capri Cinema About
Name Of City Karachi
Location Gazdarabad M.A Jinnah Rd. Karachi
Phone NO   +92 312 5004578
Official Website
Email Address
Cinema Timing 10:45am to till late night
Ticket Reservation +92 021 32259904
 Screen Single screen cinema
Sitting capacity 809 seats
2D Ticket Price Rs400 per person
3D Movie Ticket Price Rs 600 per person

4D Cinema

4D Cinema Karachi is located on University Rd, Karachi.The 4D Cinema in Karachi 3D and 4D cinema has two screens & a seating capacity of 290 people equipped with Silver & Gold class seats.4D Cinema in Karachi ticket movies Rs price is Rs:650 per person.[8]  4D Cinema and you can also book tickets on phone by calling +92 336 3048892.
Name Of Cinema  4D Cinema in Karachi
Location University Rd, Karachi
Phone NO  +92 336 3048892
Official Website Not Available
Email Address Not Available
Cinema Timing 10:50am to 12:00pm
Ticket Reservation  +92 336 3048892
Screen  One Largest Sceeen
Sitting Capacity 230
2D Ticket Price PKR 500
3D Ticket Price  PKR 790

Cinepax City Auditorium

 Address Ayesha Manzil, Shahrah-e-Pakistan, Karachi
 Phone +92 21 111246372


 Address 4th Floor, Ocean Tower, 2 Swords, Clifton، Karachi
 Phone No +92 21 111246372
 Official Website
 Time 12:45PM to 5:00PM 

Shabana Cinema

 Address Malir, Karachi, Sindh

Nafees Cinema

Nafees Cinema is located in Karachi. Nafees Cinema is working in Movie theaters activities.[9]  Nafees Cinema 
 Address Malir, Karachi, Sindh
 Categories Motion picture projection activities
 Administrative region  Sindh

Delight Cinema

 Address M-10, Karachi

Cinegold Plex Cinema

Delight Cinema

 Address M-10, Karachi

Saba Cinema

 Address Sector 5, North Karachi,

Gulistan Talkies

 Address Quaidabad, Landhi Industrial Area, Karachi, Sindh


 Address Manghopir Rd, Karachi

Zeenat Cinema

 Adress Landhi Road, Korangi, Karachi

Regal Trade Center Ex Regal Cinema

 Address Saddar, Karachi, Sindh
 Phone No +92 344 2985546

Naz Cinema

 Address Saddar, Karachi, Sindh

Afshan Cinema

 Address Marston Rd, Saddar Town, Karachi, Sindh
 Hours  2–10PM
 Phone +92 336 3048892

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