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Our institution believes in inculcating values such as tolerance and empathy in all our students. ‘Comparative religion’ is essentially a ‘history of religion’. It is NOT merely comparing religions; we aim to educate about Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and Hinduism – and their fundamental teachings. Doing so, we believe, will enlighten our students about the importance of ‘peaceful coexistence [1] LGS Information
  • Details
  • Motto:

    Ilm Sai Dil-o-Dimagh Roshan (Knowledge enlightens our hearts and minds)

  • Type:

    Private, Preparatory

  • Urdu Name:

    لاہور گرامر اسکول

  • Aim :

    Educate about Islam

  • Established:


  • Branches:


  • Chancellor:

    ada jaffery

  • Vice Chancellor:

    Navid Shahzad

  • Academic staff:

    Munazza Ijaz Hussain

  • Location:


  • Headquarter:


  • Campus:

    faisalabad campus

  • Nickname:


  • Education system:


  • Language:


  • Colour(s):

    Blue and white

  • School Board:

    ‎CIE‎ and ‎Punjab Education Board

  • Affiliation:

    Cambridge Board of International

  • Schedule :

    Day school

  • Houses:

    Eagle Falcon Kestrel Swift Hawk Peregrine

  • Years offered:

    3–4 to 18–19

  • Classes offered?:

    ‎O‎ and ‎AS/A Level

  • Website:



Lahore Grammar School
Lahore Grammar School
Lahore Grammar School 55 Main was established in 1979. The nationalization of educational institutions had led to an alarming decline in the standards of instruction and facilities being provided in most schools and colleges. Interventions in the realm of education were consequently critical to arrest this abysmal state of affairs.In 1978 , the Pakistani Government announced that it would welcome initiatives in the educational sector. Taking advantage of this, a group of women from varied professional backgrounds, including education, and with the shared objective of contributing in this field, decided to set up a girls school.In 1979, therefore, Lahore Grammar School was established when 55 Main opened its door to a handful of students. We’ve come a long way since then!The school is affiliated with the Cambridge Board of International Examinations for the O and A Level programs. The grading system applied in the senior levels is in line with the specifications of the Board.


In 1979, Lahore Grammar School opened its door to a handful of students with 55 Main established as its first branch. We’ve come a long way since then! From the very beginning, however, the philosophy of the school has been to combine collaborative learning, critical and logical thinking skills and a diverse co-curricular program to help create a more balanced, well-rounded individual, with interests and ideas, a questioning mind and a genuine love for learning. [2]LGS School History

Pre School

Pre School
Pre School
Activities are developed and presented in such a way as to appease the child’s need to explore, choose, work and develop concentration skills. [3] LGS PRE Section                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Junior School

LGS junior
LGS junior
LGS Paragon is not just a regular institution but a renowned platform where the individuals are given every possible chance to learn, grow, progress and ultimately excel, thereby producing distinguishable ranks among the common lot. [4] LGS Junior section

Middle School

LGS Middle
LGS Middle
In Middle School we aim to challenge our students, knowing they will rise to the occasion. We aspire to provide as many opportunities as possible to explore, make choices and learn about themselves and each other. We want them to learn to inquire, reflect and discuss; to think critically, ask meaningful questions, listen with an open mind and to learn the skills needed to find solutions and solve problems for themselves. Above all else, we want them to enjoy themselves and to be involved, responsible, respectful citizens of their class, school and society [5] LGS Middle section .

Senior School

LGS Senior
LGS Senior
We also hope that this website will will be useful to prospective and current parents and allow them the opportunity, along with their child, of understanding and participating in the academic and social life of LGS Paragon. [6] LGS Senior section                                                                                              


The Co-Curricular Programme at LGS JT Activities are an integral part of learning. At the end of the day, admission to universities depends not only on academic performance but on achievements in co-curricular activities also. In a competitive environment, what distinguishes a student is his range of interests and achievements in the practical dimension of knowledge.


Lahore Grammar School Sports Day
Lahore Grammar School Sports Day
Our co-curricular programme is designed to develop skills in students and to equip them with confidence in their own abilities. We strive to provide diverse opportunities for personal growth through the development of the participants’ unique interests and talents. Unlike many other institutions, LGS JT places equal emphasis on both the curricular and co-curricular activities and recognizes the importance of a vigorous co-curricular programme for the holistic development of the students. Our co-curricular programme concentrates on the development of a student’s character, his interpersonal skills, his outlook towards society and induces values which include but are not limited to: responsibility, compassion, moral courage, commitment, cooperation, respect, integrity, self-discipline, hard work, courtesy, honesty, spirituality, trustworthiness, tolerance and teamwork.

Interests and Talents

No matter what you love doing, your interests and talents will find their voice at JT. The co-curricular programme at JT is an integral part of student life. We believe that excellence in and dedication to pursuits both inside and outside the classroom is necessary for the complete personal development of our students. All co-curricular activities are promoted through their relevant clubs and societies, which are headed by A-Level students themselves. Placing of the initiative and creative control directly in the hands of the students serves to enhance their leadership skills and induces a sense of responsibility in them. There are several clubs and societies to choose from, which provide students an opportunity to develop their talents and pursue the activities they feel passionate about.

National and International Events

Excellence in co-curricular achievements is demonstrated through our numerous wins both in national and international events. Amongst these is the LUMS Olympiad, the most prestigious inland mega event, which we have won thrice since 2010, and LGS Grammathon, which we have won four times in a row since 2009. [7]  Programme at LGS JT 

International Exposure

At LGS 55 Main, we believe in learning through a rich diversity of experiences beyond the classroom. With ever increasing technological advances and economic and social interdependence, the world has transformed into a global village. Providing exposure plays an integral part in fulfilling our aim of developing and nurturing global citizens. Whether a Model UN conference, NASA’s Space Competition, camp at the Seeds of Peace headquarters, a cultural exchange, or simply a recreational trip, we facilitate and provide endless adventures and opportunities for our students to travel and gain international exposure. [8]LGS  International  


Our vision is a holistic and dynamic one that appreciates diversity and stresses the importance of opinions based on rational and informed premises rather that on superstition, emotion and insufficient understanding of issues. Emphasis is laid on creating a culture of thinking in the classroom and education is seen as a broad and complex process of acquiring both knowledge and understanding.We aspire to make our students aware of contemporary issues,both national and worldwide, and their personal role not only in developing an understanding of these issues but prompting a desire to translate that knowledge into active commitment and take steps, where possible, to bring about positive change in their environment.We have taken several initiatives in the field of education in Pakistan, including the promotion of the performing arts which we felt were being neglected at great cost to our cultural tradition and a healthier social milieu. LGS also lays great emphasis on the teaching of regional languages so that our students develop an appreciation of their cultural roots and a pride in the rich traditions of literature and music of their province.We take great pride in the fact that community service is a critical element of our program, where our students are encouraged to share their skills and learn from the courage and resilience of those less fortunate than themselves. [9] LGS vision


At Lahore Grammar School we are committed to the development and growth of the whole child through a positive learning environment. We believe in the right balance of control and freedom by the use of a fair reinforcement system, which emphasizes good behaviour, sets high standards of work and creates a friendly atmosphere.Our rewards and consequences system supports achievement in the fullest sense: academic, extracurricular and community service.

Campus Life

A thriving campus and community situated in the heart of Lahore. An environment full of creative, innovative students make everyday extraordinary Inside 55. With seventeen Clubs and Societies, each catering to a different set of passion and interests, you will find a world of possibilities at your fingertips.[10]  Campus Life 

Contact Us

55 Main

  1. Admin Office: +92 42 35877853
  2. Office: +92 42 35712566
  3. Lahore Grammar School
  4. 55 Main Gulberg,
  5. Lahore 54660

Pakistan.Elementary School at 30 Main

  1. Office: +92 42 35777558, 35777783
  2. Lahore Grammar School
  3. 30 Main Gulberg,
  4. Lahore 54660

Pakistan.Primary School at 31 FCC

  1. Office: +92 42 35750205, 35874329
  2. General Inquiries: lgs31fcc@lgs.edu.pk
  3. Lahore Grammar School
  4. 31 FCC Gulberg IV,
  5. Lahore 54660
  6. Pakistan.


  1. General Inquiries: info@lgs.edu.pk
  2. No resume will be entertained at this address.
  3. Please go to the Careers tab and submit your resume and other documents.Accounts Office: accounts@lgs.edu.pk
  4. Examination Department: examinations@lgs.edu.pk

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