Lawrencepur Textile Mills
Lawrencepur Textile Mills

Lawrencepur, the producer of premier worsted fabrics, is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan. Pakistan is located at a crossroads of history where cultural (many different kinds of people or things) of Central Asia, Greece and South Asia fuse into one another.

In Urdu:لارنس پور ٹیکسٹائل ملز
Traded As:Formal wear , Casual Dresses
Headquarter:Lahore,Karachi and Islamabad
Address:Dawood Center, M. T. Khan Road, Karachi 75530 TEL: 021- 5686001-16
Five Units:Top making, Dying, Spinning, Weaving and Finishing
Fabrics:Wool/Cashmere, Wool/Silk, Super 100’s, Super 70’s, Cool wool, Wool/Cotton and other
Location:Khyber Pakhtonkhuwa
Took Over the Mills:In 1960, Dawood Group

Tweed - Durable FabricCool Wool Italian SuitingLYLA - Exclusively for womenTropical - FabricSuperior Light weight Suiting


Worsted Tweed
The mysterious beauty and power of the Indian Subcontinents useful things/valuable supplies attracted (white non-Jews) and Powerful people/ski slope bumps from Central Asia to Alexander the Great from Macedon, Greece. They all entered through the Khyber Pass and left their cultural hit/effect in these areas.A fabric piece woven around 3000 BC was unearthed from   Taxila, which is a  testimony to the skills and craftsmanship of these areas.Lawrencepur fabrics area tribute  to the  aesthetic  and creative spirit of these people.

Late 19th Century

Lawrencepur Brand Fabric

During  the late 19th  century these areas came under British rule.Sir John Lawrence, the military commander of the frontier province established a military garrison, christened Lawrence, to protect British India borders from fierce Afghans. Two years after independence from the British in 1947, this garrison became the Lawrencepur Woolen and Textile Mills and became operational in 1954.Lawrencepur, the largest and the most established worsted textile mills in Pakistan, is a fully integrated unit with in house facilities to handle anything from raw wool to finished fabrics.

Initially Produced

Initially, Lawrencepur produced yarn for hand knotted carpets, blankets for the armed forces, woolen over coatings, tweed and worsted for the local consumer market. In 1960, however, Dawood Group took over the Mills and it was incorporated as public limited company.

Consist of Five Units

Premium Quality Fabric

Lawrencepur mills consist of five units – Top making, Dying, Spinning, Weaving and Finishing. From 1949 to date with the mills have undergone evolutionary changes and now prestigious fabrics like Wool/Cashmere, Wool/Silk, Super 100’s, Super 70’s, Cool wool, Wool/Cotton and other blends are being produced , which are designed by a famous Italian designer.[1] History


  1. Pure Wool / S100
  2. Pure Wool / S70
  3. Poly Wool
  4. Tweed
  5. Lyla

Plant Location

Plant Location
Lawrencepur Textile Mills, Dawoodpur.

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Contact Information


  1. Address: 35 – A, Empress Road Lahore,54000
  2. Phone No :+92 42  6301601-7


  1. Address:Dawood Center, M. T. Khan Road, Karachi 75530
  2. Phone No: +92 21 5686001-16


  1. Address: House No. 24, Street NO. 20, Sector F-7/2 Near Rana Market Islamabad
  2. Phone No: +92 51  5686001-16

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